The Thing That Is Wanted Along With The Beautiful Scenery 1

It goes a little bit back in time.
It was something that happened after we strengthened our coordination until it turned dark and came back to the camp area.

“Egil-san, please have this if you’d like”

Immediately after we came back. I was given by Hart, a bottle of alcohol.

“Nn, what’s with this?”
“I was given by my parents when I returned home. It’s shochu1 that’s produced in my village, and it is quite delicious”

I knew immediately at that time that this, that’s in the bottle, is shochu.

“Uh, is that fine?”
“Eeh, I still have some, I will go and drink with Micaela and the others, so Egil-san, please go and drink with the two of them”

Hart said and hurriedly head towards the tent where Micaela and the others are staying.

It’d have been great if I didn’t accept it at that time, but I also fancy alcohol quite a bit and I’d been drinking with Gossendorf and Habrik in the store before I live with Eleanor and Serina.
However, I stopped drinking completely ever since I started living with the two of them.
It’s been a while so I wanted to drink alcohol, and furthermore, I wanted to drink with the two of them, so I brought this back to the tent.

“Huh, Egil-san, what’s with that?”
“Nn, I got it from Hart over there. He says it’s shochu”
“Eh, how nice. We produced shochu back home as well, so I know a bit about alcohol”
“Is that so. You guys were producing everything huh”
“It’s because my parents were the type to set their hands on everything. So, rice, barley, potato, which is it?”

I don’t know that much just from the bottle.
Thereupon, Eleanor stood beside me while tilting her head.

“……I have never drunk alcohol before, is this delicious?”
“Un, it’s delicious! But……”

Serina, who placed her hand on her mouth, inflates her cheeks and starts laughing p.r.i.c.kingly.

“To think that you’re already 2〇 years old and yet you’ve never drunk alcohol before, Eleanor is still a child huh”

What a terrible way to say it even though they’re similarly 2〇 years old.
And then Eleanor sweetlyーーmade a slightly displeased-looking smile.

“……Fufu. Although I do not know alcohol’s taste, I know the adult’s taste of being loved by Egil-sama, so it does not particularly matter. Ah, oh right……Serina is still a virgin huh. You do not know an adult’s taste huh”

What’s an adult’s taste……?
Serina, who I guess is losing her cool even from such a simple question, turned away while laying bare her anger.

“Humph! Whatever……something like an adult’s taste, I can taste such a thing whenever I want!”
“Now, now, please do not put up a strong front. It has already been two weeks since Serina is living together with us and yet you still have not even kissed yet, no?”
“……Th, that’s”
“Fufu, I do not think that a person who made no progress even though she is peeking on the s.e.x of Egil-sama and me numerous times, can taste it whenever she wants, you know……?”
“Wai, didn’t you promised to keep that a secret from Egil-san!?”
“Oh my, sorry”

Serina who panics and Eleanor who places her hand on her mouth like a high-class lady, and laughs loudly.
Serina is probably going to cry if it carries on like this, so

“Both of you, leave it at that, why don’t we quickly have a drink?”

and I put an end to the pair’s trivial squabble.
If the two of them drink, they will probably want to go to sleep right away and this trivial squabble will also come to an end.

ーーAt that time, I was simplistically thinking in that manner.

However, the pair’s quarrel didn’t come to an end even after they started drinking.
Both of them carried on drinking like they’re competing with each other and their drinking paces were obviously speeding up.

“…..This alcohol, it’s strong huh”
“Fufu, the world is somehow like it is spinning round and round”
“Are you guys alright?”

After an hour since they started drinking, they’re raising the bottle of shochu up in the air and glaring at the light on the ceiling with crimson red faces; it was like they’re losing focus.

They’re completely drunk. I’ve got to quickly put them to sleep.

“Now then, it’s about time to sleep……”

I tidy up the place and was about to secure a place to sleepーーbut, Serina grabbed my hand tightly and embraced me towards to her.
Her pink eyes that stare upwards from below, was staring straight at me.

And thenーーit arrives at now.

“……Egil-san. Won’t you, have s.e.x with me?”

Eleanor, who was holding onto me behind, lost to the alcohol and is snoring and sleeping soundly.
Serina’s bewitching figure that’s approaching on all fours before my eyes.

“……Why, did you suddenly become like this?”
“You, don’t get aroused by me?”

Serina who’s opened the b.u.t.ton on her chest because of the heat inside the tent.
I’m able to check out her showy black and red bra from her arousing cleavage, and it’s a little, no, it’s quite bad.
I swallow my saliva and answer.

“I’m aroused. Of course, I am. But……it’ll be troubling if I have s.e.x with the drunk you, and you become sad when you remember about it the next day”
“I am not drunk! It’s true that my mood is rising because of the alcohol. But I properly have my awareness. Besides, I won’t be sad”
“……Are you, bothered by what Eleanor said to you?”

Serina nods and switches from being on all fours to a posture where she sits on her b.u.t.t.

“It’s as Eleanor has said, I slept with both of you the whole time for these two weeks. But……Egil-san and I only held hands and slept, we didn’t do anything else”
“It’s because Serina hates men so I thought you’ll recall some unpleasant memories if I did something. I wanted you to get used to it, little by little”
“It’s inevitable for me to recall the unpleasant memories. It’s because those are the past that won’t ever disappear……however, it’s precisely so, that I want Egil-san to overwrite it”

As Serina once again moved closer to me slowly, she faced her back to me and sat on top of my lap.
Her body, it was slightly trembling.

“Right now, I love Egil-san. I’m extremely blissful when Egil-san is close to me. Even so……even so, my body inadvertently trembles on its own”
“It’s strange, isn’t it. It’s contradicting, isn’t it. I also know that I’m saying something weird. However, I don’t understand it very well either”

Serina, who doesn’t whine usually, just for now, she borrows the strength of alcohol and lets out her true thoughts.
And then, Serina, who took my hand, raised her face and stared at me.

“Please. All of me, my worst past, my memories of the worst men, please overwrite it through my lovemaking with Egil-san. I am not drunk, I will not regret it, soーーI want to be strongly embracedーーby you, whom I love”

Hearing those words, I hugged Serina tightly from behind.

“Say if you get scared, alright?”
“I won’t say. Because I’m not scared”
“Egil, san……nn”

I sought for it intensely; the lips that I wanted to steal the whole time.
The lips that I sought for as though I’m trying to devour it, is soft; the slightly squishy texture and the body that has a tinge of heat because of the alcohol makes it feel even better.

“Egil, sann……amuu, chu”

Serina opens her own mouth by herself and seeks for me.
And then when I invade my tongue inside her, as though to accept it, her warm sticky tongue entangles with mine.
Our warm breaths go back and forth. Her hands that are on my shoulder, as well as my hands that hug Serina’s slender waist, we involuntarily put strength into them.

And when I let go of her lips, Serina happily gives a bashful look.

“It is, my first kiss. How is it, are you happy that you got to steal it?”
“Of course”
“I am glad. But, it is a pity I couldn’t get Egil-san’s first kiss”
“It can’t be helped, right?”
“Eeh, it cannot be helped”

Serina, who was facing her back at me, faces my direction and straddles me this time.

“Please don’t say you’ll stop or whatnot anymore, alright?”
“I can’t say such things. I’m already so aroused after all”

I slightly shift Serina’s slender waist and rub her crotch.
Thereupon, she leaks a sweet moan faintly and whispers by my ear.

“It’s becoming big huh. Shall I calm it down?”
“Even if you calm it down, what are you going to do if it becomes big again?”
“If that’s the case, I shall continue to calm it down so that it doesn’t become big”

Serina points at her own mouth and crotch,

“Both with my mouth, and with this place, alright?”
“What an erotic way to say it”

I say laughingly and she turns her face that became crimson red towards the outside.

“I, I’m also, embarrassed……. But, I want you to be aroused even if it’s just a little……for two weeks, I’ve been shown you guys’ s.e.x the whole time, so although I may not be as erotic as Eleanor, I want you to feel that I’m the one who arouses you more, that you’re starting to want me more than Eleanor”
“Is it competitiveness?”
“I will not s.n.a.t.c.h you or whatnot. Because Eleanor is my best friend. But, as I thought, I think I want to be the number one. I think Eleanor is actually thinking that way as well……”

Thereupon, my lips were aggressively plugged.
Our teeth slightly b.u.mped and it hurt. When she felt that, she let go of my lips and stroked it with her finger with an expression like she’s apologising, ‘I’m sorry’.

“Egil-san doesn’t have to say who’s number one. It’s the feelings of wanting to be number one that motivates Eleanor and me. I won’t be number two. I won’t lose to you. I’m sure that if those feelings are gone, our competitiveness will not ignite and we’ll become boring women”
“I don’t think you’re boring though?”

Serina shook her head when I said that.

“I think that it’ll surely change. It’ll change from a pair who competes with each other to a pair who resigns themselves to the position they were given, you know”
“Well, I love the both of you the same so I won’t prioritise either of you though”
“Fufu, I’m glad. That’s the person whom we love. Ah, however, I don’t have the fetish of being tied up, alright?”

She’s even seen that huh.
I take a quick glance to check out Eleanor, who’s snoring disorderly, and she’s laughing half-opened eyes.

Eleanor, you deliberately stirred up Serina huh…….

When my eyes meet with her, whose eyes are half-opened, she immediately closes her eyes and snores.
It looks like she intends to continue pretending to sleep to the end.

Eleanor who’s been worried about Serina the whole time.
Eleanor who’s wishing for Serina and me to get together, wishing for Serina to be happy.

“Serina, let’s do it outside, shall we”
“Eh, outside……?”
“There’s a lake nearby. There’s probably n.o.body who’s bathing anymore, besides……you’d hate it if Eleanor wakes up and gets in the way, right?”

In response to those words, I heard a soft clicking of the tongue from behind, but let’s ignore it. In any case, It’s the clicking of the tongue of a pervert who wanted to watch Serina and I have s.e.x.

“Furthermore. Hart was saying, apparently, stars reflect on the lake when night falls and it’s a beautiful scenery. So……it’s nice to have your first time while looking at a beautiful scenery, isn’t it?”

Serina nodded several times with sparkling eyes when I say that.

“Un, un un. I like romantic things. However……was Egil-san a romanticist?”
“Oi, that’s rude. It’s my gentleness of making it so that Serina can be at ease, even if it’s just a little, you know?”
“Sorry. Alright then, although it’s a little embarassing, let’s do that, shall we?”
“Aah, alright then, let’s go”

I held out my hand, and Serina grabbed my hand.
Our fingers intertwined and we left the tent.

焼酎: Shochu. A type of alcohol which is typically distilled from rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, or brown sugar