Cebu City, Philippines. 15th August 2011 - 23:30

At the outskirts of the metropolis, 50 kilometers from the heart of the city of Cebu, outside an abandoned building, noise has just gotten louder as the night got deeper, the whirls of the siren's light became too much to bear for the unaccustomed eyes. And as the disturbance continued, the more one can notice that the noise were more than just the wailing sound of the patrol cars... gunshots, the heavy breaths and screams of pain were mixed within it.

At the foot of this abandoned building the police officers and other medical staffs unit were taking out the wounded and trying to administer first aid to the wounded personnel who have been carried out from that same abandoned building. There was not a single officer who was stationary as they tended to their comrades screaming in agony.

Although distracted by the noise it would be strange not notice that something was quite peculiar from the scenery, one could easily observe that even though the fallen officers who were screaming in pain, no visible wounds or a pint of blood oozed from where they have crunched their bodies as if covering holes and deep wounds that seemed none existent...

The attending Chief of Police a.s.signed to oversee the case brought by this weird battle, found himself shaking his head, as he tried to bring to light the seemingly odd situation that completely eluded him, or the other dozen so officers who had just arrived at the seemingly gory scenes.

'Just what was happening inside that abandoned building?' The chief of police kept on repeating these words on his head.

Gunshots and screams continue to echo as the night got older.


Inner Sanctum, Iudicium Castle 15th August 2011 - 23:35

The sound outside this pa.s.sageway to the inner most chambers of the castle seemed like a distant dream, while a certain couple was walking deep within these secret hallways. The red carpet marked the path to the center of this building. The person behind who was male seems to posses a youthful glare as he lifted his gaze from the carpeted floor, and directed his attention to a certain young lady in front of him.

The young man's companion just kept moving forward, as if nothing was holding her from the path she has already decided. This lady's pet.i.te figure and appearance betrayed those who would think she was a mere child, despite her being 22 years old, with her frail slender figure which did not show much of her age. Her jet black, and waistline hair endlessly swayed as she walked towards the end of the hallway. As she continues to walk, the light reflected and completely illuminated the lines of her body with her white summer dress that also completely described her perfectly: pure and a seemingly untainted soul... just watching her made the youth calm.

As the youth continued to gaze at the maiden from behind, he had wished that it could have continued for an eternity... and he would have done anything to make it last... or so he thinks he can, but the voice that came out from that same frail maiden, would make his decision waver.

"Thank you for escorting me to this point..."

The young lady's calm and sweet voice instantly stopped the youth's tracks. It was as if an electric shock triggered his mind to instantly react to that voice.

This young lady who has turned to face the youth was inch from the youth but he could feel the distance between them was much further; even within the reach of his arms. The youth continues to gaze upon this frail maiden. Though she gave off a pet.i.te figure despite her age, she was exhausting an allure of a mature lady; her waistline silky black hair continued to sway even with the stagnant air that was locked within the castle.

His eyes followed the seemingly endless sways of the maiden's hair... but that it self was not eternal, as if to realised that this was the end, he closed his eyes for a moment; as he was about to call her name.

"This is as far as we should go together."

Just with that phrase the youth could only curse himself as the young maiden was not as frail as he or the other people had thought she was, her mind was clear and made up. Her voice filled with certain conviction, but somehow one could definitely feel a slight fear from that same voice.

"Elena, I..."

The young man's guilt bore hesitation to his next set of words. The name of the girl is Elena, for along time this young man has been captivated by this innocent young girl, he wanted to claim her for himself: those jet black eyes that could almost see right through the darkness. That fragile body that might crumble the moment he might touch her... Those lips, red as crimson...

He wanted her to know he loved her. He wanted to just grab her and take her somewhere, a place where she does not have to carry a burden which has been placed upon her... the cross she choose to bear.

But before he could even finish his words, Elena inched closer to where he has dozed off; she softly lets her soft index finger touch the youth's lips and gently swayed her head sideways. It was foolish of him, of course she already knew.

"Take care of Jin." Elena's calm and straightforward eye locks on the young man's eyes.

Silence could only escape the youth's mouth.

Right it his fault... "JIN". If he had not chosen to commit that crime, Elena wouldn't have to...

"No I will definitely kill him" the youth showed no sign of remorse while saying these words in front of her to hear. As if, by letting her hear those words would bring upon a change in her mind, to make her waver on her decision. Those words might bore anger that would linger within her and she may come to hate the youth instead... that might have been better, it would become her new "raison 'd etre"... but, his wishful thinking was naïve...

Those jet black eyes that could pierce to the darkness, those eyes which has seen right through his intention. Elena just gave him her usual meaningful, soothing and sweet smile.

"I have to go now."

Inside the door in this secret hallway was a chamber. It was the chamber that could be said the heart of the "Dream Drive System", a system that was created to give birth that of "IUDICIUM's" very Ideals, was now the same system that would take away the youth's fair maiden, Elena.

Elena lays herself inside that very empty chamber as the memories of a distant past play in her head.

The King of Illusion... Jin, for whatever whimsical reason have endlessly summoned hordes of creatures made of illusion using the DD System and are now on the rampage seeking exit from that very castle, thankfully they have yet to leave the premises of the 'IUDICUIM's' castle as they are somehow being obstructed by the other people who have joined Elena's camp to stop the insanity brought by the king of Illusion.

The creatures born from the DD System are indeed mere illusions, they are nothing but fragments of the unconscious, but... even though they are but mere illusions, as long as the human mind perceived it as real, the pain will be there... Death will be there...

Normal means was out of the picture. After all, you can never kill something that never existed. The last hope for these hopeful heroes was for someone to calm the creatures and stop them from sp.a.w.ning continuously. In this very room was a system separated from the one that is being used by the 'King'. But not just anyone can do it, it needed someone with a considerably high intelligence, someone who can control multiple creatures in one go... Yes, someone like... Elena.

Summoning multiple, no thousands of creatures was Elena's forte, therefore when the plan was made known, she was the first to be picked and she immediately consented. But that was not the only reason why she has volunteered herself to become this plan's sacrificial lamb.

It might have been better if they had time to create a perfect system to match the King's, but because of the system's complexities it was made incomplete, and the fatal flaw to this plan was that the person who was bound to control the creatures, can only live within the support of the chamber... meaning, Elena would have to remain there... for eternity...

'How could we have let this girl succ.u.mb to this kind of fate?' the youth repeated that question over and over his head. But the answer might have been there already.

With Elena settled in the DD System chamber the sensor which has recognized a life-form has entered its confines immediately creates an automated sequence to lock the door. Once the chamber completely closes no one can... no, 'no one must open it', forcing it to open will cause a major break to the system and the creatures that usually sp.a.w.n on a regular basis will instead become unstable and will completely go on a rampage, that and the person who choose to enter the chamber will have their minds broken.

'I can still make it! If I just force her to run... stop her...' but the young man's body just won't move... 'Am I really that drunk to the idea of our so called IDEAL WORLD... our UTOPIA...?"


He couldn't move... no, the youth wouldn't move...

As the door of the chamber closes, a glint of light runs from Elena's eyes became visible; her precious tears slowly run down her pale white cheeks. She was saying something, it seemed audible.

"...Thank You"

Guilt immediately rushed through the very embers of the youth's being. And as soon as the girl named Elena was now out from his sight, anger filled it... He needed to find 'him'... He needed to kill Jin....


Great Hall, Iudicium Castle 15th August 2011 - 24:15

Screams and war cry echoed endlessly in this very great hall, the carpets were smeared with crimson as the blood of allies and enemies alike spilled. The scene reminisce a view that of the medieval era, where knights of old would clash in a certain battlefield.

Sounds of gunshots piercing though flesh... Swords clashing... arrows pa.s.sing... these noises become only common as the battlefield continued to develop.

The battle seemed endless as the creatures just kept on re-sp.a.w.ning from within the distant hallways... no not just that, the creatures were also learning from the defeated ones, they become stronger as a great number of them falls down, as if to fight for their very own existence.

Amidst the confused and desperate few, stood a gallant figure, from his height and flocks of golden hair, one would indefinitely deduce that he's either a complete foreigner or someone who is mix, a half blood. Well for this man he was the latter. His English had a slight French accent mixed to it.

"What? Is that all that you're made off!?"

This mans greatness was not just because he stood unfazed by the sheer number of the creatures that continued to increase. It was also because of his unparalleled skills with the sword. Not only was he leisurely waving a great sword in his right hand which would normally be needing both, but up until that very moment he took down the first three waves all by himself and still continues to fight in the same battlefield.


He swings his great sword violently at the side as if to remove the stains of blood which has coated his sword through continuous use. He sighed to himself; a bore look on his face gave off an arrogant feel.

"What a bore..."

Just when he was about to exit the battlefield...



He searched as he looked up and found the source of those eerie sounds. Two human sized gargoyles hanged upside down in the chandelier. The two gargoyles gave this half-French, half-Filipino fierce look, a gaze as if to look down on him...

A nerve must have been twitched as the young man carelessly close his eyes and gave off a smirk

"How interesting"

As he saw those two human sized gargoyles mocking him, he wiped that bored look on his face, kick the ground and with a single CLICK, the young man was now in front of the two tough looking gargoyles.

With a single sweep from his two handed sword, he cut down the chandelier from where it hanged on the roof and sent it on the floor.

"Are you trying to kill us, Sylvan!?" a voice shouted below at this youth named Sylvan.

"Sorry, sorry" Sylvan gestured apologetically to his two subordinates as soon as he landed on his foot.


But the two gargoyles, now without the chandeliers to rest on, were using their wings to hover on top, as they continued to give those shrieks as if trying to provoke Sylvan.

Sylvan on the other hand was now readying himself for the next round with the two, and with another CLICK he leaped through the air and continued to battle the two.

"Whoa! ...Sweet! Mid-air battle...!"

"As usual, he's so obsessed with being the t.i.tle of the 'strongest'..."

"Everyone seems to be holding their ground" A short haired girl cut the conversation of the two young men who were more obsessed with the t.i.tle of 'strongest' than their leader.

"Karina..." the two was dumbstruck at the beauty, entering a battlefield who clearly did not match her. She was short for an 17 Year old, but her means of speech was that of an old lady, although none of those present there ever said that to her face.

"Of course, we're geniuses, after all..." the younger of the two males answered nonchalantly.

True enough for people to use a system they were just given a couple of hours ago, they were pretty much holding their grounds.

Wielding weapon like swords or guns that are made of illusions... casting magic... summoning creature... normally, people would be skeptical of the very idea, and a single moment of hesitation would render their attacks to become useless. But the ones in this great hall (a hall made of illusion itself) were open to the fact that an ideal world does exist here... even if that world is but a mere illusion.

"Well, the police officers aren't so hot though." Karina pointed to the officers who were pointlessly shooting their guns at the beast that were trying to attack them. But to no avail... after all you cannot kill something that does not exist...

The police officers frantically kept shooting even those that were summoned by the ones who were trying to protect them and end up being bitten or slashed by the creatures.

As the old saying goes Only Magic can destroy magic, an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth, and an Illusion besting another illusion.

"Just how are we able to hide these turn of events..." Karina worries on how the government would react over these sudden circ.u.mstances.

"Just leave that to me."

The three watched as the elderly man stride his way towards them as if the monsters would not dare attack him.

A mixture of shock and detest floated on faces of the three. They continued to remain silent. But as if to be polite Karina spoke on their behalf "If it is you, then that might be possible" Karina did not bother to look at the old man a second time as he by them.

The man's face showed a cunning smile.


Throne Room, Iudicium Castle 15th June 2011 - 23:55

*Heavy footsteps

"Looks like we have a visitor"

The young man sitting in his makeshift throne plays with his words bearing a bored look on his face as he continues to brush the hair of his female companion resting on his lap.


The young intruder gave out a voice bursting with furious emotion, towards the young king sitting high and mighty on his makeshift throne. Yes, this young man's name is Jin; he is the very reason for this outrageous rebellion. Although his body built was that of a young man, his bored expression did not show any sign of it, a seemingly lack of vigour made him older than he really looks.

"You traitor...!"

The young lady who was in Jin's lap a while ago kicked her ground and jumped mid-air instantly inching closer to the young intruder, as if to add a certain hostility, she performed a double round house in mid-air aiming her attack towards the young intruder.

"I have no business with you!"

Without removing his eyesight from Jin, the young intruder executed a single slash, towards the young lady and rendered his a.s.sailant unconscious to the side

Jin's face turned sour as he looked at the girl, lying in the floor; the same young lady who has chosen to stay by his side despite what he has done and knowing what he is about to do. Jin redirects his gaze towards the man who he thought would be the first one to understand his decision.


"Did you finally defile that girl?" Jin removed himself from his throne and walked closer towards the intruder, his words harsh, and his gaze cold.

"Was she any good in bed?" Jin, continues to mock him.

With just those words the young intruder could not contain his fury, how could this man, the same man who Elena showed her utmost affection to, to the point of becoming the sacrificial lamb; be made a mockery... and right in front of him no less.


With a furious scream, the young intruder unsheathed his blade and dashed towards Jin. Their swords instantly meet and a clash between the same two ideals begun.


The sound of steal echoed as the young intruder and the King of Illusion sword meet.


Despite Jin's arrogance awhile ago, it was evident that the young intruder's swordsmanship was above his, he was now bent on simply guarding from the attacks and unable to counter. But in any battle coolness is a virtue one must treasure, for a moment of hesitation would be fatal, true that the young intruder's skills with the swords was higher compared to Jin's, but fury blinded and dulled the young intruder's sword...

"Do you know what the greatest weakness of a swordsman?" Jin mocked a question.

Despite the lack of DEVICE (which was usually in a form of a cellphone that acts as a terminal to access the DD System), Jin summoned a gun at his left hand and shot a bullet right towards intruder's right hand, which instantly made the young intruder to lose his grip and drop his sword to the floor.

"That's right, the strength of a swordsman is unparalleled when a sword is by his side but when that very same sword is no longer... you are completely defenceless."

The young intruder without his sword on his grasp, fully steps back from the still armed king. Jin inched closer to the young intruder, he was sure of his victory, he smiled an evil smile as he was about to strike a fatal blow.

*shhk... shhk... shhk...


Without any realization of what just happened, Jin who was sure to have been granted with absolute victory was now lying on the floor, coughing out blood from his mouth.

"Jin, Jiiiiin."

Jin searched for the voice calling his name towards his right, there he saw his lady companion who has regained consciousness and was now calling out to him.

"...You were always weak against women." He laughed thinking about it, as he was now a.s.sured that her companion was alive and well.

*step... step... step...

Jin could hear someone's footsteps inching closer to him as footstep stopped above him. He then looks up, and saw the young intruder's face drafted by the light coming from the ceiling.


"No, don't look at me with such empathy." no words come from Jin's mouth.

The young intruder remained silent.

"How are the ones outside, I wonder?" Jin was now losing consciousness.

As his consciousness faded he saw a figure smiling and calling him...