There are rumours of beautiful white Sampaguitas that blooms only in the dead of the night.

There are rumours of some castles that stand erected when the clock strikes at midnight.

And rumours of 8 kings, who congregate, influence and rule the streets of the city

These are rumours that have run amok in the old city of Cebu.

... Where there is SMOKE, FIRE surely EXISTS....

Part 1

Mambaling-SRP Road, Cebu 6th January 2013 - 23:30


The deep silence of the night was dispelled as the sound of two swords clashed. There were no onlooker that could stop this battle nor were there any obstacles that could stop their blades. The roof of the buildings in the streets just near the Mambaling-SRP road had turned into a battlefield by only two individuals.

Using the rooftop of the buildings as footholds, the two individuals continued to attack the other as it seem like an endless action of attack and counter attack, and that of parrying and riposte. They were moving in a motion that far exceeded the speed of sound; only a glimpse of shadow could actually be seen from this battle.

One of the two individuals is Ace, a Knight who is currently protecting the borders of their kingdom, the one hailed as the strongest: 'Land Born by Magic and its Kingdom Built by its Great Swords', The Kingdom known as ALBION.

'As expected the King of the Jade Empire is strong.' Ace thought as he matched his speed with his more agile opponent, he kept parrying and defending against all attacks directed to him.

For what seemed like an eternity, the two who had crossed their swords finally had lengthened their distance, the unexpected stop of the battle, seem to have stemmed from the fact that both had met their current objective and eventually rested opposite the other.

Ace's opponent was a young girl, who for those who did not know her personally, would immediately mistake her as a child who has yet reach the age of p.u.b.erty, because of her small body feature, but in reality this young maiden is a full blown teen. The same young girl was now eyeing Ace with her fierce crimson eyes through her golden dragon mask while she firmly clutched her two purple un-identical 9 Huán dàdāo1, Chinese broadswords on both her hands.

This pet.i.te girl is the young King of Jade Empire, the kingdom bearing the t.i.tle of the "Forbidden Kingdom in the Land of Solitary Will". As of the moment she is bent on saving some of her kinsmen who had fallen after their failed encroachment with their adjacent kingdom, where Ace is currently affiliated. Now that they have fully retreated to their own territory she has successfully aided in their escape.

"Diànxià... dàoqiàn"

*My lord... sorry...



With a simple order, her kinsmen completely retreated carrying the wounded with them, her fearless visage and the t.i.tle 'KING' kept her opponents from acting which helped in the process of the retreat. And as soon as she has sensed that her people were out of danger, the young girl gave off a weird sigh of relief and rested her swords on the roof as she placed her hands on both of the swords handle shaft.

"As to be expected from the kingdom hailed as the strongest ... even their foot soldiers are on par with that of a King."

Ace, who was the recipient of the message could only interpret this as a sign of mockery, although it could not be seen, but under this young man's white-faceless-stone mask, cold sweat had continuously flowed from his temple, he could even feel and see death inching near.

"I must say, you give me such a strong compliment your highness..." Ace slightly bowed his head to try and pacify the King's compliment. "But, if you were to go all out, none of us present here would be spared..."

Even though he could only reply calmly to a King's intimidation, he did completely solidify his defensive stance, as it was evident that a moment of weakness would be their downfall. True, the one in front of him may look like a mere child, but... she is still crowned king and if the heir to the Jade Empire were to strike with her full strength, they, the border patrol knights would definitely and instantly get annihilated.

"...true to the oath of the Knights, modest." The young Jade Empress, though her expression hidden behind a mask was clearly smiling; this can be discerned by her lack of hostility and calm voice.

'Her highness seems to be seriously backing down' as soon as the young border-patrol knight realized the lack of hostility emitted by the Jade Empress; he too lowers his guard in response to the Jade Empress' stance.

The Jade Empress after a moment of silence locked her crimson eyes on the young man in front of her, as there was one thing she wanted to do before completely leaving.

"Knight, state your name?"

A question from a king was absolute, may it be from another kingdom it must be answered. This was one of the rules that all of the inhabitants of the Midnight Congregation must abide with out fail... no, it is something they can't disobey even if they wanted to...The young man knows this and could only sigh as he was about to show the world his ident.i.ty.

'If our lives will be spared... with just a foot soldiers name, then...' the young man could only think this way and removed his white-faceless-stone mask as he answered the Jade Empress' question.

"Ace... Ace Chronilius Bloodforte, a border patrol knight who has sworn a solemn oath to protect this place with life itself"

And with a hint of a smile, the young empress disappears.


The young border patrol knight, Ace, gave off a heavy sigh as soon as the Jade Empress was out of his sight... that night he felt that he just lost half of his ethereal life. It could not be help though, the King of Albion has entrusted the protection of their border against encroachments from any kingdom. And as one who has sworn a blood of fealty to the same king, he has promised to protect it even at the cost of his life.

"That was close Sir Ace."

It was one of his subordinates a young girl who as soon as she was visible from the blue moon's grace was about to removed her own mask to release the discomfort of wearing it... but was instantly stopped by another border patrol knight the same age as her, who was still crouching at one end of a certain building.

"Be careful Kia." It was the name of the young border patrol girl with a knack of adventure. "Sir Ace removed his mask... no, he was forced to remove his mask because 'A King' has asked him his name. Of course, as a knight it would be disrespectful if Sir Ace did not remove his mask as he was about to say his name, right Sir Ace."

Ace was glad for the accurate observation of this young bespectacled knight. As the reason has been made known, he then thanked the young knight.

"Right, right... you're always right GeNerd."

"It's Gerard!"

Gerard continued to pace towards where his comrades are currently resting, although he too was quite uncomfortable with the mask he chose to kept wearing it.

Ace can only sigh as his subordinates, Gerard and Kia continued their usual arguments in front of him... but as soon as he noticed that the blue moon was fading, he then signalled the two using his two fingers to withdraw, and with just that the three disappeared leaving only the stillness of the night...

As the blue moon began to wane, the life in the city was restored to that of a bustling metropolis from which it truly was. The cars that were not there were now busy blowing their horns, the pedestrians busily crossing the traffic.

The empty streets from when the blue moon was at its reign was a mere illusion, an illusion made possible by the Dream Drive System, it is a system that was created to fulfil the dreams of those Cebuanos who for so long, longed for an Ideal world with which their government could never provide.

In the sight of the ordinary eyes the fight earlier never happened... it never existed ... such is the strength of the DDS, completely sealing off and deceiving the five general senses. Only those who bear the 'CREST' of any of the 8 Kingdoms could see this UTOPIA.

Part 2

Shop: 'Grimoire Atelier' 7th January 2013 - 15:45

In this modern city of Cebu also called as the "heart of the city", 8 kingdoms stood. These are kingdoms created by those who share the same ideals congregate and realize there very ideals. These same kingdoms are secret societies that only those who believed in its existence can see. A UTOPIA in this overcrowded city whose people have long forgotten to dream...

These Kingdoms that stood proud and tall in the night are realized with the power of the Dream Drive System (DDS). Each has its own distinction, each has its own goal, and each has its own ideals. Although they all converge and congregate, true unison has yet to be realized, and because of that, skirmishes just like tonight can hardly be avoided... no, you might even say that it was necessary... not only does this kind of skirmishes prove the kingdoms strength, it also proved whose ideals were strongly manifested. This was the world the people who longed for it, lived in. but of course the world they have created is nothing but a mere illusion.

And since they are kingdoms made by illusions and are at constant battle with other kingdoms, its inhabitant had to protect their ident.i.ties in a way by means of wearing masks. These masks protect the one living in the darkness (for the ones living in the kingdoms the real world was here in the world created by illusions, and the one in the we live in during the day was darkness). By doing this when they resume their so called 'dark ident.i.ty', their family or friends who are not part of the kingdom will be safe from any a.s.sault. By removing ones mask, you have risked your family and friends to be involved in a battle you do not wish for them to be involved.

"Do you understand Kia?" the Team leader of the Border Patrol Knights, Ace gave his newly acquired subordinate, Kia a full course of the basic knowledge of their current world. Since, they have only been with his unit for a month.

The short busty haired with the pair of light-brown eye girl could only seat silently in the chair inside the 'Grimoire Atelier', Ace's shop where the border patrol hosted their usual meetings. Ace who sensed that the girl named Kia has repented her actions, patted the girl's head which instantly gave her energy and recovered her mood. (Girls are indeed amazing creature)

"But it's still amazing that I can hold on a sword made from nothing... no, I even slashed someone with this." Gerard, another member of the Border Patrol who was eyeing his own weapon, an ornamented one-handed sword, directed his amazement to his senior.

The DDS is a system that creates illusion... no, since these images are properly conceived by the five general senses it can be discerned to be called REAL ILLUSION. These real illusions are the walls and framework that build the existence of the UTOPIA now known as the KINGDOMS. Tools, weapons, magic, servants, monsters, wounds and even death can be reproduced by the DDS. But of course your body has not been altered in anyway... like for example 'eating' real food is still a necessity and a must for its inhabitants, even if you continue to deprive your self of physical food by just deceiving the brain into thinking that you have eaten, will toll the body and eventually a physical death would be inevitable.

And in order for the DDS to work, one must have the crest of each of the kingdoms and a transmitter.

"Hmmm, so that is what the DEVICE is for..." Kia took a device which took on a form of an ordinary cellphone in her pouch and examines it like a child who has found a new toy.

The device that Kia was examining was an item in the 8 Kingdoms, which let its inhabitants access the DDS and store or summon their weapons and other effects, like casting magic and summon creatures to fight in their stead. It was a generic item which is possessed by any member of the 8 kingdoms. It can also be said that the Device acts as a transmitter for DDS main system, which is, for the lack of information well hidden.

Ace who is leader and a veteran knight to the kingdom of Albion explained these facts to his newly found members, Kia and Gerard who enlisted just recently. Ace, who judged from his own personality, was sure he could not handle them (especially the age gap, teenagers were a bit too rash for him), but the two were self proficient so he did not need to tell them anything until there was a need to. He was really glad that Kia and Gerard were a.s.signed to him as his subordinates.

"So have you gotten used to life, in Albion and other things?" Ace asked the two a simple enough question in a familiar and refreshing tone.

The two looked at each other with interested faces, and answered him with enthusiasm, where the "Yes" and "of course" overlapped with each other, made the young team leader smile again.

"Ok you two we'll guard the border again tonight."

"Yes sir!" and "Okay", the two overlapped their voices with extreme enthusiasm.

Ace was amazed that the two could never synchronize with each other, but Ace never retorted about it, Albion's ideal was individuality; every man's uniqueness was their strength.

The "Land Born by Magic and its Kingdom Built by its Great Swords", the Kingdom of Albion is one of the 8 Kingdoms that controls the night, of the 8, it has the smallest fighting force counting only 87 retainers. But even with its small number of fighting force, it has been hailed as the strongest when it comes to strength. The 13 houses of knights are its protectors and each of their heirs is strong, seconded only by their king, Arthur Pendragon. But even with that strength, Albion still stayed neutral and has not even once encroached any of the other kingdoms, nor do they entice war.

Was Albion's lack for l.u.s.t to invade other kingdoms because they lack hostility or is it because they lack ambition? No one could tell, but to Ace it was enough that he could live in a world free from the limits of the darkness he once lived in. Even if that world could only exist in the night, a world made by fragments of the unconscious, a world of illusions.

Ace's life was that of any normal person, he works to obtain money needed to pay for his and his family needs ... his income coming from the proceeds from his own shop: the 'Grimoire Atelier' was enough for that. There was nothing more he could ask... unlike many who wished to become rich and live life with luxury, Ace had only one wish... to realize his own ideals... to live in a world away from the darkness of being a mere existence, away from a world which has lost it means to dream...

When this ideal world was presented to him by those 'two', he found himself doing something he has not done in his entire life... to endeavor... to put everything he has, to do his best and help these 'two' realize the world they... no, he himself wished.

" is the world you longed for... it still has a long way to go, but..." Ace stretched his gaze towards the unimaginable sky from the window as he rests his head on his hands.

*Tingling... The sound of the chimes on the doors brought Ace back to reality.

"Welcome to the 'Grimoire Atelier', where you can get everything from anything." Ace welcomes his guest as he removes himself from the window.


Part 3

Border between Albion and Jade Empire 7th January 2013 - 21:00

*heavy breaths

Two individuals were running in the dead of the night, wet in the cold rain. With their speed and worried look, it was evident that they were being chased. The young man was holding the hands of a certain young lady as they sped through corners of the seemingly empty alleys.

These two individuals were on their way to the border overlaying Albion and the Jade Empire's. To reach there they had to cut their way across alleyways that could undermine the description narrow.

The young lady had clasped for air as she has spent most of her stamina and was about to give up, but the male took grab her hands and urge her to push forward.

"No, I can't take it anymore... Kyle"

"We're almost there... we're almost there, Eliza"

After a few slips from the wet ground, b.u.mps from the almost invincible signage, the two with vigor and resilience finally stepped in their goal. But that was their only luck, as the border guards that were supposed to confront them upon entering someone else's territory did not appear.

The young lady, named Eliza was out of breath and fell to her knees; they had been running in this weather for quite some time now. They have succeeded on their destination but failed to flee their pursuers, the time to run was no longer an option, the time to defend was now necessary. Kyle took a defensive stance as he closed his fist.

"You made us go through all this trouble!" the men who have been chasing these two had finally caught up.


"Don't worry Eliza; I won't let them do anything to you."

"Are you trying to be cool, Mr. Knight." Kyle could not in any way retort with their mockery; he knows well that with his present condition he won't be able to last; out of breath, fatigued body, it was a miracle that he was still able to stand in that condition.

The men mocked an evil laugh as they approached the two; the three pursuers have SLATES with them, judging from their arrogance they must be unable to summon... as for magic... it still useless... even if they just swing those weapons they were still at an advantage. Kyle thought of any means to escape their current predicament. If he fails, Eliza will be taken, memory erased... or worst she would be...

"I won let you..."

With his remaining energy Kyle went on a preemptive strike against his opponents. The only way for him to win was not to go on defensive but strike on an offensive this might send the enemy on a confusion, and he was right on this strategy.

Kyle's weapon were pair of knuckled gloves and his combat boots, although they were mere SLATES, he was at least confident with his martial art.

BLANK SLATES or more commonly known as SLATES are the terms the inhabitants of the Midnight Congregation use to call the lower cla.s.s weapons created through the DDS, they are ordinary weapons made of illusion that can be bought in the shops of any Kingdom or forged by blacksmith system using the DEVICE... the durability of the SLATES are a bit low (depending on the skills of the blacksmiths) compared to that of an HEIRLOOM which is created directly from the DDS.

However, since these SLATES are blank from the start and nothing is written on them, they have the potential to grow together with its' wielder to become HEIRLOOMs. Only those who are designated as officers of their kingdoms can wield HEIRLOOMS, these HEIRLOOMS are named and branded with the CRESTs of their kingdom and are only given to worthy individuals who have mastered their weapons.

A battle ensued between Kyle and their pursuers. Kyle directed the a.s.sault and turned the three into confusion, although there were three of them, they were not really attacking as a team. When one falls the other two would just shout at the other how useless they were.

Divide and conquer that was the name of Kyle's strategy, with the enemy's overconfidence in number they had failed to see that they have been overwhelmed by a greater skill (Quality over Quant.i.ty). Clearly he was able to turn the table because compared to the three, Kyle's martial arts was above higher and of course he had a reason not to be defeated, now If he could only withstand until then...

"...Just a little more and..."



There was an intense pain that stroked Kyle's left leg, as he looked at it, an arrow was stock deeply onto it.

"Argh!" the pain could not be denied... a 1 meter long, with a diameter of 2 inches arrow was stock on his leg... blood oozed rapidly at the wound.

"Kyle!!" Eliza, the girl who was immobile until that moment went rushing to his side and clasped as she saw blood seeping from the wound. How can there be a wound this is just an illusion. "Kyle said this is just an illusion... is the wound also an illusion...?" As if to confirm her disbelief, she examined the wound, she could feel it, the blood was thick and smelled like rusted iron... no this was not an illusion, Kyle was shot, and was now bleeding... she needed to do something... but what...

The time was up for both Kyle and Eliza...

"Hahahaha" voices heard around an alley. It was enemy reinforcement that was probably sent to recover both of them one was holding a arbalest and would seem that was the SLATE that shot Kyle; it was over... with a wounded leg added to his already fatigued body he was unable to fight even if he wanted to.

"Come here!" the man who held the arbalest earlier violently grabbed Eliza's hair forcing her to stand up... not even anger would permit Kyle's body to stand up... it was over... Eliza will be... Eliza will be...

Just when all hope was lost...

"...woman's enemy!"


The man who was violating Eliza a moment ago was sent to the next building and became a wall decoration. A young girl was tending to the now unconscious Eliza. She had short bobbed hair, knuckled gloves worn on both her hands and an evil smirk on her face.

"What are you doing, this place is not our territory!" a second voice came rushing behind her

"What are you talking about, are you saying to leave them be!" the girl who came to their rescue was all hyped and didn't bother to hear the rest of his companions rebukes.

"I did not know you were that heartless..." the girl imitated a damsel about to cry as she continues to mock her companion

"Stop that... you idiot" her male companion was clear on one thing, there was no way to reason with her.

And with the argument done, the battle continues with an overwhelming victory to the new comers.

Part 4

A short Distance from the Border overlying Albion and the Jade Empire


Ace, saw a signal flares lit up in the sky, he confirmed the color, red, a call for reinforcement it was the flare that he had given to Gerard and Kia before they went on a separate patrol routes.

"Not again... don't they every quit..." Ace tried to bury his anger as he thought that another encroachment from the Jade Empire had begun near where he had left his fresh subordinates, he performed two short SENKOUs towards the direction of the flares.

"I hope that at least THE king does not join the fray..." he subconsciously prayed from the bottom of heart, as he remembered last night's encroachment.

But... as soon as Ace arrived, the scene he saw was something he did not want to see, it was worst than having the Jade Empires King present, no he might have thought that it would have been better scenario... Sure, he was quite proud that his two fresh subordinates had an overwhelming victory against 15 veteran fighters... but they were fighting outside their territories, their battle was engaged inside the territory of the Jade Empire...

"This is... this could be bad."

"You're late Sir Ace..." the energetic Kia standing proudly in a pile of bodies

"Sorry Sir Ace, I could not stop her..." Gerard the bespectacled young boy could only lower himself as he apologizes for his and Kia's action.

"What are you talking about!?" Kia still as proud as ever tried to retort but...

"No, you listen!" Kia was so surprised that she did not have time to be angry; this time around Gerard was intent to saying what was in his mind this time.

"We are currently standing outside our borders... What do you think will the Jade Empire think of this action?"


Kia finally noticed her mistake... their action would definitely be considered an act of encroachment and deemed hostile. In short she, by herself, has declared war on the Jade Empire.

"...but..." She wanted to defend herself as she changed her gaze from the wounded boy and girl to their leader Ace, but... no words would come out her mouth... the usually bright girl was now meek and instantly lost her confidence...

*sigh, 'I'm really weak against this kind of thing', Ace thought to himself.

"For now we should not worry about that, let's deal with what's at hand" Ace directed his fingers to the wounded young man and the unconscious young lady lying next to each other.


Kia answered in another meek voice, although Gerard was concerned about his lady friend, he needed to prioritize taking care of the wounded boy first, and administer healing spells. The boy lying there was about his age [must be somewhere around 14 - 16] his face is contorted must be pain from being shot by that arrow... hmmm? That face where could have I... ... ...


"Kyle!" Gerard's voice brought back Kia's spirit in an instant... just hearing the name made her jump from where she was standing.

"GeNerd, what are you talking about!" a fl.u.s.tered Kia shouted back.

"It's Gerard... now is not the time for that..." Gerard holds up the young man's face so that Kia can look closer... Gerard was right; the wounded boy was someone the two knew all to well, he's name is Kyle de Guzman their childhood friend.

"Kyle, is it really you?" Kia now showed a worried look.

"Yeah, did not know you two are from Jade" Kyle mustered some strength and asked a question before he could completely went unconscious. "Is Eliza okay?"

It was Gerard who responded. "She's well, thanks to Kia" Kia was sent to that unfamiliar feeling of surprise to Gerard's reading the air, she did not want to say it out loud but she thanked Gerard for that.


Fuente Osmeña Park, Cebu 8th January 2013 - 00:00

The air was fresh in the silence of the night. Only the sounds of the chime bells that were hanged beside the bushes in a row of fully bloomed white Sampaguita flowers continued to echo as the wind continues to caress them.

In the inner most Circle of the Fuente Osmeña Park, 8 people stood illuminated by the lamps. They are the Kings of their respective kingdoms, whose Ident.i.ties are only known by their most loyal retainers.

Standing at the 2 o'clock was the 'Empress Wu Zetian', the "Forbidden Kingdom of the Solitary Will" the Kingdom of the Jade's Empire's king;

Standing at the 4 o'clock was Arthur Pendragon, the "Land Born by Magic and its Kingdom Built by its Great Swords", the Kingdom of Albion's king;

At the 5 o'clock was Gilgamesh Ashur, the "Great City of Warriors and Home to the Immortals", the Kingdom of Uruk's king;

At the 7 o o'clock was Barbarossa, the "Land of Gardens and Kingdom of Beauty", the Kingdom of Babylonia's king;

At the 8 o'clock was Kiyohime, the "Land of Solidarity and Kingdom of True Power", the Kingdom of Yamato's king;

At the 10 o'clock was joseph, the "Kingdom of Infinity and Abode to the G.o.ds", the Kingdom of Etheria's ruling king;

At the 11 o'clock was Triton, the "Land of Technology and Kingdom Advancement", the Kingdom of Atlantis' king;

And at the 1 o'clock was Alexandria Ptolemias, the "Library of Great Knowledge and Kingdom of Wisdom", the Kingdom of Alexandria's king.

"It's been a while since we have congregated like this."

"Not since the rebellion, about a year ago..."

Normally the kings who have been at constant disagreement do not converge because of the difference in ideals, but tonight's encroachment was one considered to have been a sign that Albion has finally accepted the proposition of battle against the Jade Empire.

Everyone knew that when the kingdom hailed as the strongest makes its move, the die will then be casted, and waging war was now inevitable. For some, they consider this as something good, for now they can openly attack any kingdom they wish to dominate. Some like Albion who did not wish to destroy the balance of their new found ideals considered this unfortunate.

"This might be good for us..." the tall golden haired young man wearing red full-body armor and a hannya mask haughtily sneers. "We are after all trying to dye this country with OUR color."

"Gilgamesh-ou Waging war will not change anything..." the princess of the Alexandria wearing a simple elegant white dress and with her cat mask which covered her face forced her speech "... didn't you learn anything from the IUDICIUM Rebellion..."

This must have ticked off the king of Uruk, and made the air turned sour and blood l.u.s.t was emitted, for someone who was just a second generation and did not even partic.i.p.ate in the Rebellion one year ago was telling him about it, must have really made his mood foul.

"I don't want someone who was not there to give their comments about the Rebellion." The new kings (second and third generations) could not say anything from a first generation king who values strength more than anyone.

"Gilgamesh-ou..." it was evident that the heated discussion would only benefit those who preferred the open wars. As one of the Kingdoms who prioritized peace, Albion had to intervene "It may sound strange coming from the kingdom that has led to this night's congregation, but..." Arthur Pendragon wearing only a simple vestment and a dance ballroom-mask, which clearly is an expression of no ill intent laid his apology "Albion has not and will not change its neutral stance; we are prepared to compensate for the encroachment and ask forgiveness to the Jade Empress."

Uruk, who was one considered to have been into unification by strength, could not consent to this; unification of the entire kingdom under one ideal... their ideal, was what they want. And war was the only way for them to bring about their ideals into fruition. They needed to make it so that the Albion will have no choice but to wage war.


The young girl wearing a red qipao, which clearly shows her natural curves (no one would dare say that this young lady was a child) just gave a sweet heartfelt laugh, as she hinted a small wink under her golden dragon mask as she said:

"I am willing to accept an apology from Kingdom of Albion... At any rate those that were beaten were not from our kingdom, I should be thankful to Albion to have deflected those that tried to invade our territory. And besides..." her crimson eyes threw in a powerful l.u.s.t that could seduce any man aiming for true power "We don't need any permission form the congregation to battle it out with anyone, as long we make sure that no civilian get caught up we are fine the way we are."

"It seems that war is indeed inevitable" the young lady wearing a white haori and a red hakama reminisce a look of a j.a.panese miko or a kannagi, was the first to leave even under her fox mask dismay was clearly manifested. She clearly knows that she needs to prepare for the worst.

As soon as the news was out from the inner circle, confirming jeers loudly echoed in the park...

Arthur Pendragon could not do anything as the entire kingdoms had openly declared war on each other.

So in the end, the kingdoms were not united and the congregation was nothing more but a symbol they can leave whenever they desired. If they truly wanted to make the congregation true to its core, the 8 kings must come into a consensus and live under one ideal (which is almost impossible). Because, just like any individual, the 8 kingdoms are build up with people with different dreams and ideals.

One by one the kings left the inner most circle of the Fuente Osmeña Park... the last to leave was the King of Albion... he bore an air of defeat, and after a single deep sigh together with the blue moon he disappears...

The petals of the Sampaguita fall one by one and silently fade. The park begun to bustle lively as the couples and other people happily takes strolls in this park as it begun to busy itself. The white Sampaguita flowers were no more and were replaced with the lush greens.

The 'storm' called 'war' was now drawing near.