Throne Room, Iudicium Castle 08th August 2011 – 00:35

The youthful leader glare at the papers which hold a certain report on the current battle between the PHOENIX; a gang that came down south and is currently trying to increase their influence by heading at the center of Cebu.

"This is quite a troublesome development." The leader of the gang 'IUDICIUM' honestly spoke his unrest.

"We should just be thankful that the 'Street-Born' Fraternities are not joining the fray.... Should they..." A young attendant wearing a black turtle-neck garment tried to add to the report.

"... Don't even go there." Jin stopped the young attendant on his words with dismay clearly on his voice. "They are not the most discreet people in the night after all. We might as well tell the police and simply wage battle in day."

The young leader of the IUDICIUM gang only known as Jin could only sigh as the young attendant in front of him who casted the same gloomy sigh. The reports have shown quite a major turn of events as five major gangs who debut only this year yet increased in number quite as fast, were now in a close locked battle with the other for supremacy.

It may look like a normal 'Gang War' to the onlookers, but unlike the normal gangs these five major gangs are not after just the streets of Colon, or any particular street for that matter, these five want the whole Cebu... no, you may say that they want a certain LAND for themselves.

These gangs that seem to have not met in their birth, has now known the existence of that might trample their claim to that piece of small LAND.

'IUDICIUM' gang born from the center of the metropolis leaded by their youthful 'King of Illusion', Jin; 'PHEONIX' gang born from the southern end of Cebu gathered by a half-Filipino half-French youth; 'TRIbal' born within the metropolis and leaded by a wealthy Business Tyc.o.o.n; 'JUUJIKA' a semi silent cult leaded a mysterious j.a.panese; and the 'w.a.n.g LONG' headed by the dark Chinese TRIADS.

The battle between them has been small skirmishes that escalated one day to a full blown 'Gang War' to claim the ultimate prize: The 'LAND' known as the 'PHILIPPINES'.

Battling in secret was something the five great gangs decided without formal written and or voiced agreement. They did not want their battle to be caught by the government and indefinitely have them join the fray.

In order for them to maintain that secrecy, they could not get too flashy in their battles. But as of recent developments, skirmishes are no longer enough to contest against the other. One of the reasons is that unlike normal gangs these five major gangs have been using everything and anything in their faculties to create new ways to outmatch their enemies. The PHOENIX Gang led by a teenager of half French-half Filipino descent has formulated battle techniques that you only get to see on those over-rated TV shows and animations. Their battle skills and senses are first rate in the battlefield, and there have been accounts of injuries and hospitalizations that are getting way too flashy.

On another battlefield, although the battle is limited only within the two gangs: The w.a.n.g LONG and The JUUJIKA gangs are also battling in a speed no normal humans could catch up to (later this skill will become universal skill within the Midnight Congregation and will be named as 'SENKOU'). Even the 'TRIbal' gang were getting manipulative in their methods in dealing with the police affairs and might posses enough authority to mobilize the national army.

With that in mind IUDICIUM had to increase their own prowess in dealing with these gangs.

"How are the preparations for 'that'?" Jin addressed his question towards the young attendant.

"The researches are done and the theory now solid-proof, the system has already been backed upped, as for production... not so."

"Money, is it?" It was not directed as a question it was a confirmation on their utmost concern.

IUDICIUM a gang that championed the rights of the common public rather than the actual reigning in the battlefield had a trick on their hands, a system that would create illusions as their battle prowess in the over matched battle against the others.

"A prototype is enough that is all 'I' need, make it happen." Jin stressed the word 'I', meaning he would do everything in his power to do the rest, which for the young attendant was clearly an act of rashness.

"Jin, aren't you treading a little to fast?" the young attendant voiced his concern. He could not help but to notice that their leader has been in the edge as of late. True that the battle has gone past the stage where anyone can truly relax but, Jin was getting too anxious. Just recently he had a falling-out fight with his girlfriend, one who is also considered as number 2 in the IUDICIUM, and for the couple of days has not been present in their base.

"You need not concern about my relationship issues." Jin simply pushed the issue away and almost immediately and deliberately dismissed a certain girl's image away from his mind.

"I see, is it about 'that' Elena?"

"I said, you do not need to concern yourself about my relationship issues!" this time Jin's glare change to that of a cornered beast, he intends to keep quite about it and the meeting ended with the coming up of certain finances to hasten the DDS Prototype.

Somewhere 08th August 2011 – 03:05

"Elena." The young man wearing black overall and wearing a stone mask on his face greeted the young girl. She was in her teens, although she greeted back with a certain enthusiasm, it was quite modest, it was as if she was deprived of food... well to be accurate she has refused to eat for almost 3 days now. It would seem that there was more to the 'falling-out fight' between the 'King of Illusion' and Elena.

He was about to offer her food, but he knew that she was just going to reject it, so he stopped himself. True to her nature as second-in-command, she was as stubborn as her king. The young man could only think between these lines.

"I was shock when I heard you had a fight, but I was quite at lost when you just pop out in my doorstep 3 days ago."

"I'm sorry I did not want to intrude."

"NO, of course not!" the youth surprisingly raised his voice. "You are welcome here anytime." But as soon as he noticed his close to truth enthusiasm, he immediately returned his voice to normal.

Elena smiled at his awkward confidant... but, immediately lost it as she was about to get inquisitive with a certain issue.

"Has 'THAT' been completed?"

"Yes." Although still confused, he answered the question without any hesitations, as if by doing so he would learn about the real reason for her withdrawal in the IUDICIUM base... no, to distancing herself from Jin.

"Can it be destroyed?" She was quite hopeful.

"Even if we destroyed the system, his power still remains." The youth raised his brow and clearly voiced out a skeptical tone.

"I see... the inevitable still lurks no matter what, it is only a matter of prolonging the inevitable." Elena lowers her head for a minute, and before long she returned her gaze towards the person who had chosen to listen to her.

"Will you now tell me about what's inside Jin's head?" the young confident asked Elena about her distress.

"Yes, and I will be asking you who you will side afterwards..." Elena's eyes were serious, the light that was in them seem small, but never lost.

Frankly the youth knew already who he was to side with, but, the serious tone that left the lips of this fair maiden gave him more than just the hesitation and later would become shock.

The vision of an inevitable battle against Jin and the hordes he was about to unleash. The battle that would momentarily unite the five gangs who were currently at each others throat. The battle that would last only an hour, the longest one hour that night that no one would ever know... the 'King of Illusion's' "IUDICIUM REBELLION".

War Council Room, Albion Castle, Cebu 15th January 2013 – 03:13

"... Your highness...?" Ace's voice finally reached his majesty's ears. It was for a moment but the young man in the seat of Albion had his thoughts stolen.

"I am sorry I was lost in thought." The King of Albion directs his eyes of blue towards the young border patrol knight.

"No need to apologize, I myself was lost in some distant memory." Ace placed a smile, as he also revert his own thoughts back to reality.

What prompted the recollection of the two was because the events that had transpired, with a certain information they had garnered from someone who has witnessed that dark transaction would undoubtedly increase the possibility of another IUDICIUM REBELLION.

"It is quite amazing that the current king is but someone who has listened to a king back then." The one who sat on the throne, who is named Arthur Pendragon, spoke out of certain contempt

"A bit of a cliche but, our world in itself is ruled by that cliche." Ace could only rebuke as such.

"Then... you will go?"

"Yes, your highness. She is a friend, and I owe her a great deal, I cannot refuse."

"I see, then as a task... you may say, a side trip... how about making friends with the King of ALEXANDRIA."

"Alliance... that might be good idea, with the situation as it is, it might be better to ally ourselves with ALEXANDRIA who is also one of the kingdoms who champions peace and co-existence."

"This might also be a good opportunity to try and uncover that conspiracy formulated by BABYLONIA."

"How about the border overlaying JADE...?"

"Well, we do not have to worry about that, don't we?" The king gave Ace a suspicious look and a weird smile. "I mean, you went on a date with the king of JADE Empire, right?"

"Your highness... I do not know what the SWORD of 5 and the SWORD of 8 had informed you but she only needed help to a.s.sault a certain establishment..." Ace strongly suggested his thoughts while a bit worried for his last few words.

"Yeah... right inside the belly of the Chinese TRIAD. hahahaha!" The king of Albion laughed it off, as if to satisfy himself, Ace could only show a displeased look, at the misunderstanding.

After giving off a relieved sigh, and with his new orders Ace then steels himself as he is about to enter into a new stage...


Akkashic Annals, Library of Alexandria 5th January 2013 – 00:18

Alexandria is a kingdom of knowledge. It has a library as their kingdom's castle but as of the moment that very castle has turned into a battlefield.

The deafening sounds of shouts pain and that of chorus singing verses have gone beyond the King of the "Library of Great Knowledge and Kingdom of Wisdom", Alexandria's King could ever take. Despite her capable retainers and her very own spell casting, they were overwhelmed with the strength of their midnight a.s.sailants wearing black garbs reminiscing that of those who call themselves as '' in the country of j.a.pan.

Late in the night, the a.s.sailants had, without minding the number of security that was stationed in the Library of Alexandria made its a.s.sault and vandalized the library, the plan was quite bold and barbaric, since they must have known that most of its retainers where spell casters whose offensive battle powers where beneath the a.s.sailants.

"Stop them from taking anything in this Library." Alexandria commanded her retainers who where in the deadlock battle against a stronger foe.

"I don't know what motives you have come here... but, I won't let you do as you please." She let out a voice of rage against their enemies. But she herself knew that they were at a great disadvantage.

The a.s.sailant seem to be looking for a certain book, it was evident with the shelves that they had emptied, as if to look for one specific book. The books inside the Library of Alexandria holds secrets and those that are valuable which have no connection to the DDS.

In this library, a rumour about a certain book that was supposedly special even among the ones that the king herself knows. It was of course a rumour that was spread by some unknowing Alexandrian inhabitants. And that might be the reason why they are now in a battle against these mysterious a.s.sailants.

Physical strength was something that was lacking for their kingdom that spends most of their time recording and writing books.

With the lack of that very strength and defeat of their king would be fatal to the morale of it inhabitants. The a.s.sailants who have cleared the retainers finally give their full attention to the only one remaining, Alexandria herself.

Alexandria, the king of Alexandria was only able to withstand their multiple attacks because of a strong barrier, she has erected between them, she was able to fend the other a.s.sailants by casting superior magic, but some of them were able to dodge such magic.

"What a pain?" ranted one of the a.s.sailants.

'They have the overwhelming advantage, how could I let this happen.' Alexandria thought to herself. True that with her superior magic she was able to fend them off, but even if the strength of her magic is quite strong, her mental and physical stamina would eventually diminish. Even if she buy enough time for her other retainers to take notice of the situation, they won't be able to do anything against the a.s.sailant's superior physical strength.

Just when a picture of despair was in Alexandria's head, a voice had called on to her "You seem to have lost this battle, Alexia." The voice was friendly and called the king with her real name. "What was the reason I thought you KARATE for?" The voice seemed quite endearing and at the same time mocking.

Alexandria and the 10 or so a.s.sailants look at the direction where the voice came from. A puff of cigarette smoke was blown from the lips at the tanned girl with white-bleached hair.

"Ate Rena...!" Alexandria, shouted with glee. She was not really happy that she was saved but because she was able to see the person that was quite close to her, just like family.

The girl named Rena who also considers the same endearment give of a caring smile and as soon as she put out the lighted cigarette, she performed a SENKOU and immediately sent three of the a.s.sailants unconscious.

With new vigour and taking advantage of the confusion of the remaining members, Alexandria casted a hailing storm by singing a shorter version of the 'SONG OF AVALANCHE'. Thanks to that, the a.s.sailants received tremendous damage.


Since she was quite a bookworm, and in fact the king of the kingdom that has a library as its castle, she understood that their a.s.sailants were in fact saying: 'Is this as far as we can go. We're retreating.' Their word and accent clearly distinguish them as j.a.panese.

And with a puff of smoke the a.s.sailants disappears from their sight.

"Ate Rena..." Alexandria was quite thankful for her return and also become her saving grace.

Rena could only rea.s.sure her by coming close to her and hugging Alexandria.

"I might have to train you back to zero... but, that might be futile." Alexandria was quite unsure why she would say that it wasn't like her to not pull some air of superiority, but eventually understood. By looking at the wound that Rena tried to hide with their a.s.sailants. It was not that she aimed at only three, but she could only handle three even with her SENKOU. If Alexandria did not use that opportunity to cast a very strong and superior magic, the battle would have continued and would have taken longer leading to a that result would have gone back to them being defeated.

"Even I wouldn't be able to give you power, strong enough to hold them off." Rena sat at one of the chairs.

Alexia was a bit melancholic. She needed to stay in the Midnight Congregation so that she could accomplish her own goal. And being beaten would mean that she had no right to be king, or in fact she would lose her only clue to solving the case for her search. Just when she thought that everything was out of hand.

"Well, I would do anything so that you will be able to find all the clues you can get."

"...Ate Rena?"

"I might not be able to train you, but I should be able to arrange someone who can."

"If you are thinking of 'Shin', he was one of the people who got beaten during the raid last night." Shin was one of Rena's old subordinates that she asked to aide Alexandria. He is quite strong, but definitely not someone who is strong enough to be able to ward off those kind of enemies.

"Hehe~... no, not Shin, a knight." Alexandria could only give her sceptic look, while Rena gave off a proud look. Alexia thought Rena was jut being poetic as if to point out a prince or a white knight would come... but her next words might make it real. " Albion Knight."

Alexandria was indeed lost for words...

How will her meeting with this Knight help her in her search?