Chapter 20

Zi Li wished to take a bath but both the innkeeper and his missus are too old to ask them to carry water. They too thought that they cannot neglect the needs of their guests so the couple built a small bath at the back of the inn where guests can wash.

After changing into clothes for taking bath, Zi Li then dragged the two little demons unwilling to take a bath. Facing the clear and refreshing pool of water, Zi Li immediately jumped into the pool with all his limbs spread out and swims into his heart's content.

"Feels so good! Being able to take a bath is really a wonderful thing! Hey, you two! Wash yourselves from head to toe before jumping in!"

"Tyrant!" Cun Shou kicked the water at the edge of the with a pout.

"Don't speak anymore, little brother. Come and wash fast!"

"Big brother, can you wash my hair?"

"Close your eyes." Cun Gong spooned up water and poured it over his brother's head. Then he took a Chinese honey locust and smeared it all over for a while, then he washes it off with water again.

"I'll wash big brother's back."

Zi Li scowled at the pair of brother's being all over at each other. All of a sudden, he complained with a dark look: "Don't show me incest you two!"

The response he got was a wooden ladle that flew to his face.

"Ow! You two little demons are eating my food and yet you still dare treat your boss Su this way?" ——

It was only that moment Zi Li realizes that these brothers really are naturally dark-skinned. Looking carefully at their appearance, they do look like a pair of spirited leprechaun. No wonder people always had the urge to shoo them away upon seeing them.

"Boss Su, could you please not stare at us like that? It's creeping me out!" Cun Gong wrapped his arms around himself.

"Cough, cough." Zi Li immediately popped the white bubble that says "Giver (Gong) + Receiver (Shou) = ? Money" and puts on a serious expression as he coughs: "Your looks are really eye-catching. Luckily for you guys, I'm an expert with disguises! Sit down and I'll fix you up with something."

The brothers sat properly and looked up to him with their identical baby faces. Zi Li unwrapped his cloth bundle, pondered for a moment, then said: "This time, you two will act as my sons!"

"But boss Su, you are only five years older than us!" The twins retorted at the same time.

"Don't you two know what disguise is? Didn't I just said that we will be on disguises! Don't move!" Zi Li grabbed the twins by the arm. He takes out his tools then applied two different looking human mask on them.

The twins shut their eyes close and stayed still for a long while. Out of curiosity, they opened their eyes and asked: "Boss su, can you really do it?"

"Why would I not be able to do it? Isn't it well done? Why don't you look for yourself!" Zi Li picked up the copper mirror and handed it to them.

With dark lines on their faces as they see themselves in the mirror, they replied in unison: "You call this expert disguise? We can do this too!"

Zi Li squinted at them with a hooded expression and ask: "Why? Any complaints?"


"If you don't have any then come here and help! We will be making a lot of ammunition for self-defense."

A while ago, Zi Li had poured the rice wine he got from the shopkeeper to a wooden basin. Then he takes out his stock of sheep intestine and soaked them in the liquor.

"What are these for?"

"Toxin!" Zi Li answered bluntly.

Cun Gong immediately pulled his little brother and backs away three steps from the wooden basin.

The corner of Zi Li's mouth twitches as he gave them a look: "I didn't say this was the toxin so what the h.e.l.l are you backing away for? This is only used to contain the toxic weapon!"

Cun Gong lets go of Cun Shou in embarrassment.

"This is for a toxic weapon? What kind of toxin do you use?" Cun Shou asked inquisitively. He never heard of an intestine being used as a weapon before!

Being looked upon with amazement by the twins, Zi Li laugh with complacent and explained: "It's not something you two would ever know! Hahaha! This is my secret weapon——The invincible grenade!" Zi Li carefully takes out the powder he requested from Mo Shou who pilfered it for him and add a small quantity to a bottle with water. The powder quickly causes the water to bubble up until it turned into a dark color.

"You cannot touch this, if you do, your hand will rot quickly! And if you don't stop its effect, it will continue to melt your hand until it's just a pile of as.h.!.+" Zi Li explained with trepidation. He really can't comprehend just how terrible this stuff that is much more potent than Aqua Regia! That day he got the powder, he conducted an experiment. He found out that not only it can corrode the claws of a chicken, but it can also corrode wooden fibers and even steel. However, it cannot corrode porcelains and sheep intestine that was soaked in liquor although he really couldn't make sense of the principles behind it! Looking at the filled sheep intestine, Zi Li can't help but remember those filled up water balloons in his childhood that he played like grenades. Now they are being used like a mysterious hidden weapon thrown to fend off those assassins.

As the two gazed upon the dangerous liquid, they can't refrain themselves from swallowing their saliva and saying: "The-then how do you stop the corrosion effect?"

Zi Li handed them gloves and bottles of water: "Of course with liquor, fools! Start working and melt those powders, only put a little! I'll be the one filling the sheep intestines!"

"Okay!" The two eagerly answered.

And so, the three of them turned the location into a covert factory and made thirty grenades. The twins each carried nine of the invincible grenades on their bodies. These three greenhorns have complete faith that these will give them enough protection to ensure their safety.

"Keep those gloves and remember to wear them before throwing those b.a.l.l.s. Okay then, let's go to sleep. Tomorrow we will hurry on with our journey!"

They tidied up the stuff and went to their beds. All of a sudden, they heard quick and loud clamor downstairs. The three of them jumped in surprise and soon, they heard the footsteps of the shopkeeper hastily climbing the stairs and knocking on the door while speaking with panting panicked voice: "Young lads, quickly open the door and leave! ——"

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Chapter 21

"What happened?" Zi Li immediately puts on his fake mask and urgently opened the door of the room to ask.

"Bbandits, bandits came, pack your stuff quickly and go!" The innkeeper was frightened as he pressingly drags them out.

"What? Bandits? Why are there bandits?" The trio's eyes widened.

"Aiya, there's no time to explain, follow me first lads. The cellar in the bas.e.m.e.nt has an underground tunnel that leads outside, you can escape quickly from there!"

The party quickly ran down the stairs and from there, they saw people outside the entrance door holding torches and badgering loudly on the door while shouting.

"——f.u.c.king old man, still not going to open for the great me? If you don't open this door, I'll burn this run-down shack of yours right now!" A loud fiend like voice shouted fiercely.

"Open up, open up." The bandits from the back repeatedly shouted out, "Big brother, if that d.a.m.n geezer won't open the door, let's break it down. This is just bullshit."

"You're right, knock it down and don't let the money bag get away!"——

"De-dear——"The wife of the innkeeper lurched towards her husband upon seeing them walk down the stairs and hangs onto his sleeves with trembling limbs.

"They'll soon get in so you all must leave at once!" Zi Li who has never been in such a predicament was quickly dowsed in cold sweat. Ah bandits, are they going to break in and murder? That's just great, just fended off assassins a while ago and now bandits!

"This had already happened many times before. They would break into the inn whenever guests come in, we don't know how they finds out! You all better leave fast or they'll capture you. If guests didn't have money to offer, they would capture them and sell them to slave market." The innkeeper lifted the cellar door open, "there's a hidden door behind that wine jar over there, quickly leave through there!"


The cellar door closes the same time the bandits broke down the door.

"You- you're not allowed——"

"Get away from me, smelly old man. Brothers, search around!"

The top floor was creaking as the messy footsteps busily roam about. In the pitch darkness, the trio instantaneously jumped in fright as soon as they heard the ruckus. They quietly tip-toed towards the wine jars and fumbles around as they place it aside. Sure enough, there really is a hidden passage they can crawl through to reach outside.

"Here's something we can light up." Cun Shou also found a torch as he groped around earlier on.

The sound being heard from the outside from the current chaotic circumstances was out of ordinary. The bandits continue to overturn every spot for a thorough search. However, already far from the incident, Zi Li with his gritted teeth was crawling in a burrow along with the twins.

The pale moonlight coldly shines down the motionless night scene. On the black canopy of the sky where the moon hangs way up high, a falcon quietly spreads its wings and fly around, as if it was waiting for its prey to make a move. All of a sudden, that falcon saw a gesture signal and it swoop down swiftly as if it was a drawn arrow towards a slender figure that was standing still on a tall mound. Right before the eagle was about to reach the person, it spreads its wings and flap vigorously for a short while, then its light and graceful body landed and perches on top of that person's shoulder. It shook it wings and glances down arrogantly at a man kneeling before its master.

"Master, everything is going all according to plan. The Bei Ling prince has been diverted towards the tunnel!"


That man's voice was cold as he replied, the edge of his clothes fluttering in the evening air like a raised flag for hunting. The full moon illuminated the inn from the distance burning in flames, the corner of his mouth suddenly raises into an inexplicable smile.

"Rustling, rustling" A family of small sparrows suddenly darted out like a rocket out of the bushes that it lives in upon hearing the sudden rustling noise.

"Ptoo, ptoo, so much grass!" Cun Shou keeps spewing out bits of grasses getting into his mouth while grumbling. He parted long blades of grasses and continued to crawl, following behind Cun Gong and Zi Li.

They didn't know how long they have been crawling like a cat but soon the trio finally arrived in an open field they can lie on out of exhaustion. They limply hammered their nearly rigid waist with their fist.

Currently in front of them is a bright horizon, it seems that they really have been on the move for quite a long time. They didn't even know where they got to.

After resting for a short while, Zi Li stood up and said: "Let's go and check if there's houses around!"

The trio of them walked around in silence.

Zi Li's mood turned really low, he didn't know that that inn from before would be like that!

Will those bandits make it difficult for that kind uncle for not being able to rob anything? There's also Qu Zi, was it taken by the bandits as well? I just hope they didn't kill it! Sigh!

"Look! There's a carriage over there! Ah! Someone's there!" The twins pointed in front as they shouted.

As he raises his head, he really saw a s.p.a.cious and gorgeous looking carriage by the river bank ahead of them. A young man was sitting on top of a big boulder. Black ink like hair, cream colored inner robe, water like colored outer robe, and a handsome face being illuminated by the golden rays of the rising sun from the side.

"Mo Can Jing?" Zi Li cried out in surprise.

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