The return of Hayato / New Planet Notre Dame / Irina and Kikka

The academy-city ship Little Garden.

It was the first time in a while that Kisaragi Hayato who belongs to the second year of High School Martial Arts Faculty gets off at the airport.

(At last, I came back)

While overlooking Little Garden from the transport aircraft, Hayato was immersed in deep emotion.

As for the time he was apart, it was just three months and a little.

Still, one year——.


That time felt like it was three, four years.

While he was wondering around the universe, he soon thought that maybe he wasn't going to be able to return. Still, he was able to come back like this.

(This is Little Garden… the place where I was living in…)

Right now, Little Garden is anch.o.r.ed near the s.p.a.ce Port that is built in the Sunshine State district of the United States of Liberia as it was before.

The hatch opens and what struck Hayato who was about to descend the ladder with his feet to the airport of Little Garden are the rays of the sun which are strong enough to be scorched blazingly.

Although the time of the year is November already, it is quite hot as he is close to the equator.

It's very different from Yamato which feels chilly unless one has a long-sleeved shirt like the one he is wearing now.

This is also very nostalgic for Hayato.

– Nii-san!

And then, what came and heard next was a fondly-remembered voice.

It's when he stepped forward the ramp and got his feet on the runway of concrete.

His little sister Karen came rushing over while raising her voice, jumping into his chest.

– Nii-san! - Nii-san! Nii-san! Nii-san!

The anxiety and sorrow while they were apart——and as if expressing the rejoice of their reunion, Karen repeatedly called his name, Hayato, and rubbed her head on his chest.

Karen eventually raises her face and continues.

– Nii-san, are you really Nii-san? You came back to Karen, right?

– Yeah, it's really me. I'm home, Karen.

Saying so and after he stroked her head.

Hayato kissed the forehead of Karen.

– Ah…!

Although surprised and dyeing her face red.

Karen wiped the tears floating in her eyes with her fingers and hugged Hayato again.

– Nii-san is truly Nii-san. Nii-san, You're really… really back!

– I know you're happy, Karen-chan, but it's no good to monopolize Hayato-kun by yourself all the time, you know. After all, everyone wants to talk to Hayato-kun.

Hearing that voice, Hayato became aware of her presence.

– Sakura…!

– Hey, why did you put a face like that too?

– No, I'm not putting such a face. More importantly, thank you very much.

– Wha——why so sudden? Changing like that.

– You took care of Karen, you were keeping an eye on her all this time, right?

– … no, it's nothing like that. Or rather, Karen-chan is now an important diva of my office. There's no reason to take care of her or anything. Other than that, everyone is waiting, you know.

With the words of Sakura, Hayato noticed that a lot of nostalgic faces are approaching him.

– It's been a long time, Hayato.

– I'm here too!

– Fritz and Latia! And also——

– Welcome back, Hayato!

– Kisaragi-san, welcome back.

– We were always waiting for you, Hayato!

– Shuemei! And Noah and Alphonse too!

– Welcome back, shinshishō!

– Welcome back, Hayato-han.

– Welcome back desuwayo.

– Touka, Mirai and Sango too. I'm truly thankful for everyone else who came to greet me!

The other members of Selections on Earth, including Aila and Ryuuto, as well as the nurse Kashiwagi Mihal and lots of classmates he knew are there.


– … eh, come to think of it, and the president?

– She's still inside the airport building.

Answering, Sakura continued.

– Because Karen-chan was waiting impatiently for you, we just rushed out first, right before the plane arrived.

– That's why we followed after her and got out earlier.

– Ehehe… Karen can't be patient.

Following Latia, Karen showed an embarrassed-like smile and stuck out her tongue.

– …oh, it seems the president and the others who were waiting inside have arrived.

Switching over and receiving the words of Fritz, he saw the figures of Chris, Mei Mei, Liddy, Claire and Charlotte at the lead who were coming closer.

Claire is wearing the red uniform of Lunaltia Base.

Liddy is wearing the new uniform of the president of Little Garden which is based on white.

– Welcome back, Hayato-kun.

It was Charlotte who stopped her feet at the side of Hayato and raised her voice first.

– I'm back, Dr. Charlotte.

After he replied so first.

Hayato turned his eyes to Claire.

– ——and, president. I promised to come back satisfactorily, and I could accomplish so. I'm back.

– Yes, you came back nicely. Welcome back, Kisaragi Hayato——and——

– Claire points her eyes to Liza.

– I'm back, Onee-sama.

– … Liza…

– Thanks to them, we were able to come back somehow.

To the one who Liza turned her eyes is a woman who wears glasses and has a fluffy blonde hair and wears a white robe just like Liza. Claire also turns her eyes to that woman.

– Is she Irinsan desuno?

– Yes, she's.

After she nodded.

Liza raised her voice towards Irina as she is.

– Irina, this is my older sister. She's Claire, the former captain of this ship.

– Certainly, your faces are similar.

After comparing them and after she said so.

Irina gets close to Claire and bowed her head.

– Nice to meet you, Claire-san. I am Irina Florence, a senior researcher at the National Institute of Technology——in the Central district of New Planet Notre Dame.

– Sorry for the late introduction mashitawa. As I was introduced by Liza, my little sister, I am Claire Harvey——the former captain of this maritime academy-city ship Little Garden desuwa.

Turning a glance, the next one to greet is Liddy.

– I am Liddy Steinberg, the current captain.

– Are you the current captain? Nice to meet you.

– It is I who should say so.

– I talked with Claire-san in the s.p.a.ceship. She is also serving as the representative of the satellite you call the moon, correct?

– Yes, at that time, I was much obliged to you mashitawa.

– The sentiment is ours, as we were able to successfully land on Earth like this and we have finally reached this far because of your cooperation.

First Claire.

Then Liddy exchanged a firm handshake with Irina.

After that.

– And finally…

Irina gazed at a small bespectacled woman in a white robe who stood next to Liddy——she turns her line of sight towards Charlotte Dimandius, a doctor who's licking a candy.

– Dr. Charlotte. I am very indebted for everything, from the after-treatment of the landing to the arrangements to Little Garden. I am happy to be able to meet and greet you like this.

– It is I who should say so, I'm happy to meet you directly in this way.

Charlotte does a handshake, grasping the hand that Irina stretched out.

– I didn't expect to be able to talk face to face with an extraterrestrial scientist while I was alive till a little ago. Let's talk calmly later.

– Of course. I also have many things that I want to ask.

– Since we are in this topic, there is just one thing I want to ask first——

Saying so, Charlotte looked at the girl standing at the back of Irina with a blank look on her face

She's also wearing a white robe like Liza.

– From the story that I heard, she's Serivia, right? She has become quite small though.

– Yes, she is, however….

The moment Irina turned her eyes.

– I'm sorry.

Seeming that abruptly, the Serivilike little girl muttered.

– What do you mean with "I'm sorry"?

When Charlotte asked, the girl replied looking troubled.

– I don't understand well the things related to this person named Serivia. Because I don't remember well the things of my former self.

– I see, that's what you meant.

– She is called Maria now. The reason is that is her real name.

The one who supplemented so was Irina.

– If so, I'll also call you like that. At any rate——

Charlotte said, comparing Irina and Maria with her eyes.

– You are similar to Claire and Liza, you also look like real family, don't you?

– Ufufu, blood connects us.

Smiling, Irina who's a little delighted, stroked the head of Maria.

– … stop it, Irina. It's irritating.

– Ufufu, sorry.

Charlotte and Irina.

And Maria.

Hayato had one-on-one conversations with his school friends while those three have such a talk.

There are still more things he wants to talk and more people he wants to talk with, but that's all for now.

– Now——

*Clap* *Clap*, Charlotte clapped, that decided that the time of everyone ended.

– Well then, I'm sorry, but we have borrowed Hayato-kun for a bit. We have to ask him about what happened in these three months. Let the accumulate stories after the plans are over. Please do so at night during the return celebration party.


Although he just returned to Little Garden, there were a lot of plans for Hayato.

At any rate, he's a hero who saved the world.

It should be enough to prepare up to a return interview at evening.

– … eh, a return celebration party…?

He was told about the interview, but this was something he heard for the first time.

– We set it up!

The one who said so is Shuemei.

Noah continues.

– We were thinking that it was necessary because it was the long-awaited return of Hayato-kun and Emilisan.

– We prepared lots of delicious things, so please look forward to them!

– Thank you, both of you. We'll be looking forward to them. Isn't that right, Hayato?

– Y-yeah…

He thinks that it became somehow important to them, but he's very happy to be able to talk with each other and have a good time with them.

They may not be able to do it a second time.

That's what he thought, because it's possible for that to happen.

– Well then, I'd like to tell to move to a place where we can talk first, but my laboratory is really narrow to welcome guests from another planet. Liddy, do you mind if we use the Student Council room?

– No, go ahead.

Liddy didn't refuse the request of Charlotte.

– Well then, Nii-san. See you later.

– We also look forward to the cooking prepared by Noah-san, Shuemei-san and the others.

Hayato who promised to reunite later with Karen, Sakura and everyone else, was taken to the Student Council room together with Maria, Liza and Irina by Claire, Liddy, Chris and Charlotte… or that's how it was supposed to be.

Immediately after they started walking.

Claire stopped her feet soon and turned around, then glared at Emilia who's walking next to Hayato.

– … Emilia Hermit, why are you coming here masuno?

– Now, now, take it easy. In reality, I'm sort of a member of the Student Council, no? Besides, Charlotte said it, right? I was going to go to the Student Council room by myself, but somehow, I finished going with Liza, Maria and Irina.

– Didn't you hear shitano? Liza went to recover her body desuwa.

– Yeah, it's that kind of thing.

Three months ago.

Liza who was with Hayato was only a mass of energy.

And during the battle with Serivia.

In order to lend her strength to Hayato, the vessel of Liza became something like the shed of a husk at Lunaltia Base.

It was said that when Claire returns to Little Garden, she'll take it along with her to answer the request of Liza.

In other words, in a long time, Liza can return——.

She can return to her vessel.

Besides, Maria and Irina accompanied her.

Rather, Maria obtained freedom with the condition that she's under the supervision of Liza.

Because of that, it would be the right thing to say that she's compelled to accompany her.

When it comes to Irina, it's just in order to satisfy her curiosity.

Led by Liddy, Hayato and the others arrived at the Student Council room.

It's the first time in a long time that Hayato and Emilia visit this room.

However, the memories of the interior of the Student Council room are intact.

The placement of things has changed slightly, it's a measurement error level.

During that moment, Hayato was captivated by a certain thing.

– Those are…

The line of sight of Hayato is directed to the reception s.p.a.ce at the back of the room.

What is suspending on that wall are two uniforms.

One is for a man and the other is for a woman.

Both are blue-colored and represent the Student Council Vice Presidents.

– … those are, that's right. They were prepared for the moment you returned.

– Those have been decorated there the whole time. That way, President Liddy was waiting impatiently for the day when you two returned to Little Garden.

– Interesting… it's that so, prez Liddy?

– Hey, Chris! Don't say unnecessary things!

Liddy raised her voice, turning her face that became red to Emilia who's meaningfully smiling.

– Ah, I'm sorry. I..

– Good grief… didn't I tell you to not say unnecessary things when you came here yesterday…? Nonetheless, it's true that I was waiting impatiently for your return. At any rate, you are important members of Little Garden. Naturally, I would like you to continue your vice president's duties as well.

After she scratched her cheek as if she felt embarrassed.

Liddy continued, looking at the direction of Hayato.

– Which reminds me. Since you are finally here, you should wear it at the press conference.

– Press, conference…?

The expression of Hayato became stiff.

It seems she perceived so.

Liddy asks.

– What, is there something wrong with that?

– Err, well… I don't mind wearing the uniform used for the vice presidents, but what am I going to talk about…?


Hayato was told in advance that he will hold a press conference to all the world today.

The return of the hero who saved the world.

That's the reason of the debriefing.

– What are you saying? You're the hero who saved this world. You should speak of that with a dignified attitude.

– Well, but a thing like being a hero…. In the first place, I wasn't able to do it with my strength alone…. I was able to do it thanks of the cooperation of Liza, Emilia and everyone——

– I see! If Hayato says that he's embarrassed to go to the press conference alone, then I'll also come out with you! Naturally with a pair look*!

While saying so, Emilia took the arm of Hayato.

– And there, I'll say. That Hayato took a part of me with him. And then, Hayato answered like this. That thanks to Emilia, I've won against Serivia! And our love style will be transmitted to everyone!

Emilia pulls the arm of Hayato to herself then pushes his head.

And Claire who saw that figure,

– Wait a moment, Emilia Hermit!

By rapidly coming between the two, she pulled apart their bodies.

– What are you doing, prez!?

– What? In the first place, he is not going to appear at the press conference alone masenwa. I was the one who led the operation at Lunaltia Base, so it is decided that I'm going to come out and stand next to Kisaragi Hayato at the press conference masu.

– If so, then I'll join you too.

– It's useless desuwa! That's not how the schedule is and how the release will be made public masen! Also, if you come out, it will be just problems from the get-go——

– What the prez is saying is that she wants to appear at the press conference with Hayato and n.o.body else, no?

– Wha…! What are you saying…!?

– Ah, got it. You're feeling ashamed if you had to talk that you lost fighting against me while being controlled by Serivia. That would ruin your Invincible Queen alias, isn't that right? Don't worry, I'll keep that a secret.

– S-shut your mouth! Emilia Hermit!

Claire, who realized that she shouted her name loudly, clears her throat with an *Ahem* to regain her composure and continued speaking.

– … l-let's leave this conversation behind for now. The reason I gathered Liza, Kisaragi Hayato——and Irina in this place is to listen what they have to say.

– But, Liza, Charlotte and the others haven't come yet.

– Dr. Charlotte said that it won't take long, but…

Saying so, Liddy turned her eyes to the watch, then the door of the Student Council room made a sound.

Next, a voice is heard.

– Open the door please.

It's the voice of Charlotte.

– Looks like they came.

Saying that, Liddy opens the door.

– Sorry for our tardiness.

It was Charlotte who entered the Student Council room first.

Then Liza entered the room. Unlike a while ago, she's wearing a casual dress. After her, Maria also accompanies them.

The attire of the others, including hers, haven't changed.

– Liza…

Claire said, looking at the figure of Liza.

– Is your body okay desuno?

– As you can see, I'm very well. However, there are places that are difficult to move, or rather I should say that they became a little stiff, but I should get used to it soon.

Saying that, Liza smiled sweetly towards Claire.

– This is also thanks to Onee-sama who took care of me diligently. Thank you, Claire.

– … I-I did nothing like that masenwayo.

Being humble as if she was bashful, and after she settled down on the sofa.

With a short pause, Claire continued.

– Well then, now that all the members are gathered, let's hear the reports as planned. The first is Kisaragi Hayato——can we start with you desuka?

– Understood.

After everyone sat down on the chairs and sofas in the Student Council room.

Hayato began to speak.

– I was the whole time wandering around the universe alone——no, together with Liza——

Wondering around the universe——.

It's the story of these three months until he returned to Earth.


That place is a pitch-dark world with no sense of time.

He doesn't know how much time has passed since he came to this place.

He couldn't understand whether he was awake or sleeping.

Perhaps it wasn't like that all this time, but his mind seemed that it was going to break while just feeling the s.p.a.ce on his whole body.

Still, and believing that someone will surely rescue them, Hayato kept wandering in the universe with Liza.

The Variable Suit he's wearing is tattered.

But, his body doesn't hurt.

It appears that Liza recovered it slowly.

She was protecting him with energy from the coldness and the like, so he never felt any of that.

How much time has he passed in that state?

As he learned later, it was about to be three months since he wandered continuously in the universe.

Hayato felt a faint light in the distance.

It's not the light of a planet or the sun.

It's a light that is approaching at a very fast speed.

That light is not due to a comet, it's somewhat nostalgic and unnatural——.

Then what was reflected in the eyes of Hayato was a flat, disk-shaped vehicle similar to the ones made by people.

(Is that, a s.p.a.ceship?)

The moment he noticed it, a voice sounded in his head.

It's the voice of Liza.

『Kisaragi Hayato, it seems we have been rescued』

Immediately after he received those words.

The s.p.a.ceship stopped near him, he saw people coming out of it.

(I see——I'm saved)

He can return again.

To the Earth.

He can meet again.

With everyone.

With his friends.


With Emilia.

At the same time he felt relieved.

The strength from his whole body abandons him.

The consciousness of Hayato——was interrupted.


(Where am I…?)

When the consciousness came back to his body.

What met his eyes was a ceiling that looks familiar somehow.

It's a ceiling from which he feels the illumination of a fluorescent light.

He slowly stretches his hand towards the ceiling.

With a, something touched the palm of his hand.

It's a spherical glass.

There, Hayato realized that he was inside of some sort of capsule.

Moreover, he's wearing a pair of underpants only.

Why am I in this place and looking like this?

It was slightly vague somewhere in his memories, but Hayato slowly remembered the terrorist incident done by Serivia which started at the ceremony of mankind's moon advancement that took place in Lunaltia Base.

He cooperated with Liza to defeat Serivia, but as a result of that, he ended up roaming in the s.p.a.ce.

But this is not a pitch-dark world.

(Oh, right…)

There's a dim memory where a disk-shaped s.p.a.ceship appeared in front of him.

Did that s.p.a.ceship save me?

Who are the ones who helped me?

(Now that I remember, Liza is ——)

She protected me in outer s.p.a.ce, but what happened to Liza, I wonder?

Is she… next to me?

Even though he wanted to make sure of that, the inside of the capsule was narrow, so he couldn't move.

He can't check the situation of the surroundings.

He's thinking that it would be best to tell someone that he woke up for now, so when he was about to knock the front glass with a *knock* *knock*.

The driving force sound of a machine reaches his ears.

– Ah…

Next, the glass cover opened slowly.

Then, at the same time it's completely opened.

– Good morning.

A voice reaches Hayato.

– Eh…?

Hayato raised his body slowly, and the moment he saw the appearance of a woman wearing something like a strange robe standing near the capsule.

He raised a voice with a lot of surprise.

– Seri, via…?

– Serivia?

While repeating the words of Hayato, the woman tilts her head looking curious.

She has a long, fluffy blonde hair ——.

Although she has blue eyes, when looking carefully at her, she's a bit different from Serivia.

He felt calmed, as she's also wearing glasses.

They're similar, but certainly they're different.

Because of that, Hayato rapidly apologizes.

– Oh, I'm sorry, you looked like a person I know…

– Oh my, is that so? Perhaps the name of one of the other two persons who were with you is Serivia, I wonder?

– … two persons?

The woman turned her eyes to two similar capsules that are at the sides of the capsule that contained Hayato.

Hayato also turns his eyes to those capsules.

At the same time, that resulted in Hayato grasping the whole picture of the room.

Is it around 302 meters?

The room itself is quite large, but almost nothing is placed in it.

It has just three capsules, gauges and computers.

– The capsules are side-by-side, and both are sleeping.

Hayato remembered one big question as the woman in front of him continues saying so.

– Eh, both…?

– You were also caught in there, no?

Showing a troubled-like expression on her face, the woman continued.

– … when we rescued you in outer s.p.a.ce, you were certainly just two people. But, you became three people.

– What do you——

– It might be faster to see it firsthand. Can you get off the capsule?

– Probably, I think that I'm fine.

– I will help you.

Hayato lowered his body from the bed while borrowing the shoulder of the woman, then he was able to put on the slippers that were provided.

– Thank you very much.

– I am relieved, you woke up safely and stood up properly like this. Since your physical strength dropped considerably.

After she smiled saying so.

– … ah, which reminds me, I have not introduced myself yet. I am Irina Florence. A senior researcher at the National Technology Institute in Central District——of New Planet Notre Dame.

– New, Planet… Notre Dame…?

In other words, this is not the Earth?

Moreover, he was bothered by that name, "Notre Dame".

(Ah, that's right…!)

Hayato instantly remembers.

The new is included in it, but Notre Dame is the name of the planet that she tried to return for the sake of her revenge, it's also her country of origin and is in her name as well——she's the Pope of Puritaria, Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III.

(I see, that's why our words get to each other…)

Besides, she was saying she's also a Florence.

It's there that Hayato recalled that the real name of Serivia is Maria Florence, so he asked her.

– … excuse me, Irinsan. Do you know Maria Florence?

– Maria? Why, that name…?

– You know it?

– Yes, because Maria Florence is my ancestor——the tragedy of a woman who got on a s.p.a.ceship to lookup for migration and became missing just like that——

Irina continued, appearing to have a sad expression on her face.

– Your ancestor…?

– But, to even know about Maria Florence… who are you? I judged that there is a high possibility that you are not a person of this planet, but even if I look at the analysis result, we can understand our words in this way as well——

– … now that you mention it, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Kisaragi Hayato. I'm a person who grew up on a planet called Earth. For some unspecified reasons, I ended in a disaster in outer s.p.a.ce——.

Hayato turns his eyes to the direction of the capsules.

– Earth… I have never heard of that planet…. I would like to hear about that planet and yourself calmly, but since it seems you are worried about them too, why don't we go and check both of them first? Follow me, Hayato-kun.

Irina starts to advance towards the capsules.

Following her, Hayato also approaches the capsules.

What happened to see first was the figure of Liza in underwear, it seems she's sleeping as she has her eyelids closed inside the capsule.

– The one placed here is Lizsan, correct?

– … yes, that's correct.

– If that is the case, then this one is?

Irina turns her eyes to another capsule.

Likewise, Hayato looked into the capsule.

– … is she… Serivia?

The moment he saw the little girl.

Without thinking, Hayato muttered, being amazed.

But, the size of that body is——.

… rather than that, her age is completely different.

She was a girl of the same age as Liza.

– Hayato-kun, you mentioned the name of that Serivia when you saw me a while ago, didn't you?

– Ah, yes… I did that, but…

– In other words, it is fine to say that this girl is also an acquaintance of yours, isn't she?

– Speaking of acquaintances, she's nothing like that at all…

After he turned his eyes to the girl in underwear again.

Hayato scratched his head, looking troubled.

– It's just an explanation, but it's going to take a long time…

– Ah, I am sorry. I am suddenly throwing a barrage of questions to you who have just woke up.

Looking at Hayato who keeps talking while being bewildered, the flustered Irina apologized.

– It is my first time coming into contact with intelligent life of another planet, I have a lot of things that I want to ask, so I am a little excited. It is a bad habit of mine.

– No, it's okay. Besides, the ones who received help were us, so…

– I will prepare clothes first. You are hungry, yes? I will prepare a meal, but is there anything you want to eat?

– Ah…

– Did something happen?

– Well, by noticing my appearance just now, I feel embarrassed, or rather…

Looking at the bashful Hayato, Irina giggled.

– Don't worry about it, because you will be in a similar appearance anyway when I will examine you later. I am also accustomed to working like this. More importantly, about the things that you want to eat…

– I don't know the cooking of this planet at all, so I'll leave it to you.

– Oh, I forgot that. In that case, is it possible for you to wait a minute please?

After that, Hayato decided to sit in the chair.

Irina calls somewhere with something resembling a PDA now.

After a short time, and when she separated the ear from the PDA.

Irina said towards Hayato.

– I ordered cooking. In addition, my subordinate will bring clothes immediately.

As exactly as stated, a young lady brought a change of clothes right away.

It seems she's a researcher of this institute, judging from the garments she's wearing that looked like the one of Irina.

Handing over the change of clothes to Irina, she exchanged one, two words and so on with her and glanced at Hayato.

Then, with her face dyeing red in an instant, she rushed out from the room.

(That's, expected, huh…)

At any rate now, he's only in his underpants.

That reaction is natural.

– I am sorry, it looks like there is no more than this.

The change of clothes given by Irina who said so were like a hospital gown.

– No, I don't mind. This is enough. It looks warm.

It was a bit chill because of the air conditioning from a little while ago.

Hayato wears the clothes he received from Irina and finishes tying up the obi belt.

There, the door opened again.

A young woman in white robe different from the one minutes ago came in with a tray in her hands.

In the middle of passing the tray to Irina.

Hayato noticed that the woman was staring at him with a sidelong glance.

(Even with this, it's the same, huh…)

Although he's wearing clothes properly now, from the perspective of the Notre Damians, he's an alien.

It can't be helped to be seen with strange eyes.

It seems that Irina also noticed that gaze.

After the girl left the room.

Irina said, looking towards Hayato.

– I am sorry, that girl was staring at you the whole time, didn't she?

– It's fine, I'll probably do the same in her situation. Rather, they don't come often to where an unidentified alien is. If I was them, I would be scared of entering the same room.

– Ahaha, in that case, why is it that I am talking face-to-face with you like this?

– Ah, umm…

At that time, what passed through the mind of Hayato was the figure of Charlotte who held a candy on a stick in her mouth as usual.

– It's because there is a person like the head of the laboratory of the organization I belong who's the type that has interest in everything, so Irinsan is the same as the head, or at least that's what I think…

– … the type who has an interest in everything? Certainly I am like that, and such attitude, as a researcher, I think it is very wonderful. I would definitely like to meet that person. I think we can have a valuable conversation. Incidentally, Hayato-kun. Sit there, it is time for the meal.

Irina indicated with her line of sight the nearby chair and table.

Hayato sits in the chair as he was told, then Irina puts the tray that she received from the woman moments ago on the table in front of him.

What was on top of it was a PET bottle with water and food like flakes and dried fruits soaked in milk.

– The inside of your stomach was empty, so I brought something that seemed easy to eat for the time being. I wonder if these foods are on your planet too?

– Yes, there are similar things there.

– It would be great if it suits your taste. Try to eat for now.

– Well then, thanks for the food.

It's a long-time meal and moreover, the first meal on this planet.

He timidly tastes the food, but when speaking of the concerning results of the anxiety of Hayato and the anxiety of Irina, those were unnecessary.

Hayato makes his body shiver, remembering the feeling of the taste and nutrition spreading in his whole body.

– It's good.

That's what Hayato said after he ate a mouthful, then noticed he was smiling. It seems she was relieved, seeing that smile. Irina said while smiling.

– I am happy to hear that. You can eat without hurrying. We will talk calmly afterwards.

– Yes.

After he scooped it with a spoon, brought it to his mouth then poured it into his throat, he's actually feeling what is that thing called "being alive" and how springs out.

It's delicious.

His hands don't stop.

In the blink of an eye, Hayato ended up eating it all.

– Thank you for the meal.

– You are welcome.

– Well then, umm, about what to talk…

– What do you want to talk about? Maybe start talking about the third girl?

– In that case, shall we do that? In this story I think I'll touch various things regarding the Earth and the story of Maria Florence, the ancestor of Irinsan. If there's something you don't understand, please ask me anything.

– Yes, of course.

Hayato started talking after listening to the reply of Irina.

Maria Florence——.

It's the story of the woman who called herself Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III on Earth.

It must be remembered that this is no more than the story he heard from Charlotte so it's just the general picture of it.

But, by speaking of that, it may help the thinking of Irina.

Thinking so, and one-by-one, the things about the Earth, about the Slayers——.

While interweaving and the like with the ones of Little Garden where he belongs to, he came across with Serivia——he told Irina from the confrontation till the conclusion of that event.

– And so, we pushed the rampaging Serivia——Maria Florence into the s.p.a.ce-time crack and defeated her.

Hayato, who consumed almost all his energy, was swallowed up by the explosion that occurred at that time, and by receiving a shock on his whole body, he ended up losing consciousness.

– How long has it been… after that, after I regained my senses? The date, I didn't know anything about it…. But I was told from Liza who was with me that we might have been saved——

He was in this place when he noticed it. Hayato tells Irina so.

– … in short, due to the energy of Lizsan, you survived even in outer s.p.a.ce. Despite all that, we noticed you due to the energy of Lizsan.  That is what I get.

– There are things that I don't know unless I ask Liza for detailed information, but I think that's probably how it went.

– In this connection, however, we caught your voices on planet Notre Dame.

– … our voices?

– Yes, we heard voices saying 『Please save us』

To begin with, the devices installed for Savage's detection reacted to energy.

However, Irina noticed that that energy is a bit different from the Savage's——it was being sent regularly.

What she noticed while analyzing the energy is that its waveform was constant.

Perhaps she ascertained that the waveform was similar to sound waves when they issued the words『Save us』.

『Save us』

『We are here』

Although there are several patterns, the energy that was mainly caught was divided into two.

– And so, I pinned down the location together with my colleagues and decided to investigate.

The result is that they discovered Hayato floating in the s.p.a.ce.

– Then we headed towards you with the s.p.a.ceship and when we were about to rescue you. Your body glowed, then a girl——Lizsan appeared from that light. She said this to us. "Thank you for coming to rescue us"——

– Is that so?

– Yes, as soon as she finished saying so, Lizsan hugged me. Then I continued collecting the things scattered around you for reference.

After that, it was said that Irina along with her colleagues laid Hayato and Liza on the bunk which was prepared in the s.p.a.ceship.

– By the way, this is what we collected.

Irina who stood up moved her feet to the place where a computer was set and brought a box from there.

– Is this the thing you were talking about before, the "Hundred"?

– Yes, it is.

Hayato nodded.

However, two items where in the box.

One is a Hundred with a pale blue color that was given by Emilia just before going to settle the fight with Serivia.

And the other is——.

It looked like a white Hundred shaped like a cross, composed of four diamonds he had never seen.

Holding the Hundred of Emilia with white gloves, Irina said.

– Incredible. By transforming this into weapons and armaments, you are able to fight with the Savages——

Apparently, on this planet the weapons like Hundred aren't being developed.

Irina says that they are fighting the Savages by riding things similar to robots on Earth.

– If I grasp it tightly and shout "Hundred On", then I will deploy it, correct?

– Yes——


Irina shouts, but the Hundred doesn't react.

– Hmm, it's useless. I knew it, but still.

Perhaps she thought that she could deploy it when she said so, but it wasn't like that.

By the way, the ore——the Variable Stone which is the source of the Hundred, seems to exist on this planet too. However, there is just a few people who react to it when touching it. He was told that almost n.o.body can handle that feature.

In other words, it may be due to the difference in the resistance regarding the Variant Virus.

Hayato told that to Irina.

– I won't know until I investigate it well, but limiting it to what we talked, it seems that what was usable by the earthlings was some kind of influence exerted by my ancestor, Maria Florence——and a strong one, as expected. Whatever the outcome may be, it is worthy of an investigation.

After she smiled like a child who just got a new toy, she returned the Hundred of Emilia into the box.

Irina continues speaking, while taking out something like a white Hundred that was shaped like a cross and was composed of four diamonds.

– Incidentally though, another girl appeared from the light that suddenly shined out. Does the Hundred have such a capability as well?

The moment he heard those words of Irina.

It seems that Hayato who noticed so was taken aback.

– Is there something you are worried about as well?

Irina asked to Hayato.

– No, well, this is no more than my imagination, but…

Prefacing so, Hayato begins to explain.

Originally, that's not the ability of the Hundred.

However, the Hundred responds to the feelings, which causes miracles.

She doesn't want to end this way.

She wants to return to planet Notre Dame.

Then, the Hundred reacts to that feeling——.

The Hundred of Serivia absorbs a part of her energy into it, and after a while it materialized her or something like that.

Of course he doesn't know whether such a thing is possible or not, and he doesn't know well why Serivia is like a child whose appearance isn't different from Liza.

He was said that Liza still has the body of a child because it's the best energy efficiency.

So, there might be a reason close to that one.

After Hayato informed Irina so.

– That is truly a thing full of mysteries, don't you think so?

Saying so with a wry smile, Irina turned her eyes again towards the capsule.

– If it is normal, then it is not something so easy to believe. In the first place, it is not normally believable that the girl in that capsule is my ancestor——is that Maria Florence, the very person herself. But, judging from the situation, there is consistency.

– Even I couldn't believe it when I heard the story. But, since planet Notre Dame does exist, it turns out that what she was talking about wasn't a lie. Besides, it's the Variant Virus, after all. So I think it's definitely the real thing.

– There is one thing you misunderstood, Hayato-kun.

– Misunderstood? What would that be?

– This is not planet Notre Dame. I said that this is New Planet Notre Dame a while ago, didn't I?

– Ah…

Hayato remembers with those words.

– Now that you mention it, you certainly mentioned so. This is New Planet Notre Dame.

– Exactly as stated, Maria Florence didn't take off from this planet. She is from Planet Notre Damek, a place several millions of light years away from here, it is the planet from we migrated first.

– That's why this is "New"?

– Yes.

Irina starts explaining to Hayato after that.

The sudden mass invasion of the Savages.

The civilization that collapses as it doesn't create countermeasures.

The people of Notre Dame launched a migration plan from Planet Notre Dame and thought of migrating to another planet several million years ago.

At that time, she was in cryostasis and even though a million days have passed, it's said that only five generations or so have passed since the time of Maria Florence.

– … however, and unfortunately, Maria Florence couldn't return to the place she wanted to return, and there is no opponent to take revenge either.

– So that is how the outcome is.

– But when judging it only from the story I heard from Hayato-kun minutes ago, what is not improbable to say is that she came to the past of Hayato-kun and the others and that may be a blessing in disguise.

– Certainly, that may be.

He is told that if the same millions of years have passed since Maria began the trip, then he doesn't have to do a time leap.

It is not a time leap but a《warp》and if It's only that, then the possibility of returning to the Earth is high.

– … in any case, isn't Maria——no, isn't Serivia, my ancestor, a dangerous character? If that is the case, then you must deal with her properly. There is a possibility that in her condition she has lost her ego, but once she has regained her consciousness, then you will have to deal with her as anything can happen, don't you agree?

When Irina finished saying so, an electronic sound reverberated in the room.

It seems to be an incoming call.

– I wonder if the preparations are ready. Excuse me for a minute.

After she apologized to Hayato.

Irina touches the device she took out from the pocket and started talking with someone on the other side. And simultaneously when that finished.

– Hayato-kun. The preparations of your room seem to be finally in good order.

– … my room?

– I am really sorry, but you are not a person of this planet. For the moment, I have confirmed that you don't possess virus or anything that may cause harm to this planet, and vice versa. A part of the government higher-ups is still worried though. Your freedom will be restricted for a while until we get more detailed test results.

– … that's not an issue to me. Rather, that you helped us like this is already more than enough. However, I have something I want to ask though…

– What is it?

– I——no, is it possible for us to return to Earth?

– … come to think of it, we have not talked about that yet.

Casting down her eyes, Irina who was looking down continued her words, although hesitating a little.

– Currently, almost everything related to the location of the Earth——of the planet that is your native place, is unknown to us. That is why it may be impossible to return immediately. But, we will look and search a lot from now on. So, please have some patience——

And then, after she smiled at Hayato as if encouraging him.

– But, don't worry. I promise as one of the scientists of New Planet Notre Dame. That Lizsan and you will definitely return to the Earth. This is my atonement for the troubles caused by my ancestor.

Irina declared so as if she was speaking to herself.

Then Hayato was guided to the prepared room.

It's a room similar to a hospital room with pure-white walls.

It's s.p.a.cious in its own way and devices are installed in it.

It feels that it resembles the guest rooms that were also in Little Garden.

– This is your room.

After having guided Hayato to that room.

Irina said, turning her eyes to the top of the table.

– There is a lot of books that have various things written about this planet in the Tablet Pad that is placed there. If you are curious about Notre Dame, try reading them. There are lots of other books in it, and more of them in the bookcase, so you may want to read them to kill time. Since the Tablet Pad also contains a voice reading system, even though you can't read the characters, if you can talk to it like you do it with me, then you should be able to manage somehow or another.

– Got it.

– Finally, oh right. If there is something you want, please say it. Since there is also an online shopping site in it, you can choose from there. Do you know about computing network?

– Yes, I think so.

– It doesn't register cards, so it is natural that you can't shop directly, but if you can buy them, then I will purchase them and provide them to you. Naturally if there is anything you don't understand, or if there is an errand, please press the b.u.t.ton near the entrance door or at the side of the bed at any time. They are made so you can get in touch with me.

After she showed the b.u.t.tons with her eyes, Irina walks towards the exit of the room.

– Well then, see you later. I want to examine the condition of your body, so I will come and call you if I can prepare so.

Leaving those words with him, Irina left the room.

(And now…)

Hayato picked up the Tablet Pad and sat down on the chair just like that for the time being.

As Irina said, there is a lot of books with various things of this planet written in them, so he thought of reading them.

(Supposing that there's a voice guide even if I can't read it like she said)

Maybe it had better this way than a paper book.

Thinking so, Hayato boots up the Pad.

『Welcome     Would you like to launch the voice guide?』

What he heard is a mechanical sound.

The same characters of the words are displayed on the screen.

And below them,

〇  OK

X   NG

There was also an indication of that.

(… I was surprised at the fact that the language can be comprehended, but I can read the characters as well)

Taking that too much into consideration, he didn't feel any discomfort on his way till this room.

He doesn't feel the difference with Little Garden.

It is more or less different to a certain extent because the writing system is almost the same.

The languages are identical, that it's probable because of Maria Florence aka Serivia Notre Dame Paulo III who brought to the Earth the language system and writing system.

If that's the case, then there's nothing wrong.

(… I mean, this planet is the same as the Earth, the days last 24 hours)

Looking at the displayed time, he casually thinks so.

It seems it's 14:00.

Without using the voice guidance, Hayato boots up the reading application.

Selecting the book in which the history of Planet Notre Dame is written, he begins to read.

That book was composed of the origin of the planet.

The course of events isn't much different from the Earth.

However, over a longer period of time than the Earth, the people of Notre Dame evolved from something close to a monkey to a human, and slowly built a civilization.

It seems the Earth abbreviated the process of evolution considerably due to Serivia aka Maria.

That doesn't mean that the subsequent processes were completely the same as the Earth.

It's because there are big differences in the resources deposited in the planet.

In the near planets, there were large amounts of materials similar to Variable Stones, so the evolution to human beings and the speed after the development of the civilization was much faster than the earthlings to a certain extent.

Hayato who further advanced into the pages from it discovers the name of Maria Florence.

She was written as an unfortunate scientist.

The gist of it is as Hayato knows.

The history beyond that was a supplement to what he heard from Irina a while ago.

The large attack of the Savages.

The countermeasures against it. The development of mobile soldiers.

However, the migration plan of Planet Notre Dame proposed by the pressure of the attack of the Savages.

After about a million years of sleep, the people of Planet Notre Dame finally arrived at this New Planet Notre Dame.

However, the fight with the Savages never ended, and in a couple of years after the migration, the Savages assaulted them again.

The contents of the book came there, but the door of the room opened suddenly.

He thought it was Irina, but it wasn't the case.

The one who entered the room is a woman wearing an outfit like the ones used by the nurses on Earth.

– Umm, who are you?

Standing up while being confused, Hayato asked.

Then by slipping out a giggle, the woman replied.

– I'm Kikka Kastlen. I'm a nurse who works for this institute. I was told by Irina to take care of your everyday necessities. It's a pleasure to meet you ❤.

Saying so, and at the same time Kikka sat up and bowed her head.

The two big fruits that emphasized her breast shook like jelly.

(S-so big…)

Moreover, her age is great, her hair style is great, her appearance is great, she's similar to Kashiwagi Mihal who is the nurse in charge of his little sister Karen.

Their job is the same, the only difference is that her hair is light purple, and honestly, that doesn't matter. Frankly speaking, she's to the liking of Hayato.

– Hey, Hayato-kun.

– Y-yes?

The nurse named Kikka suddenly approached his private s.p.a.ce in one go.

Then, by taking the hand of Hayato, she grasps it tightly with both hands, and asks.

– Does Hayato-kun have a girlfriend now?

– Huh?

– Since Hayato-kun is very cool, I think that maybe there is one?

– Well, that's…

When he notices it, Kikka approached her body even more until the distance practically ends up making him touch the highlighted big b.r.e.a.s.t.s if he moves his hand a bit.

Being surprised, Hayato draws back instinctively.

– That reaction, then you do have one, yes? But, it's natural that you can't meet her now, isn't it?

– Well yeah, since this is not the Earth…

– If so, Hayato-kun… what do you think of me?

– What do I think of you…?

– You decided, don't you? Does your heart race if you get close to me like this? Or do you feel excited about your companion being a Notre Damian?

– Well, if you get near me like this, then I'll get excited, but…

At any rate, Kikka is fixedly glaring at him with upturned eyes.

A good smell hangs in the air, there's no reason to not be excited.

– You are excited! That makes me happy!

– Uwaah!?

Being suddenly hugged by Kikka, Hayato was pushed down to the ground.

Kikka gets on top of the body of Hayato in such a way that it seemed she was straddling him, then continues her words while showing an impure smile.

– If it's fine with Hayato-kun, can you make me your local wife?

– Err, local wife…?

– You know, to leave a proof that you came to this planet, to leave something behind here in me. What I'm saying is that It's fine to use me as a vent of a man's desires ❤.

While saying "here"; she rubbed her abdomen with her palm.

Kikka licks her lips as if doing a jururi* due the delicious food that is in front of her then approaches her face to Hayato with a completely sensual look.

*TN: sound effect for slurping back up excess saliva. Not sure how to represent this :c

– Say, Hayato-kun… will you take me?

Kikka closes her eyes.

(This is bad…!)

At this rate, they'll end up kissing.

– Well, Kikksan. We just met, so doing this kind of thing is——

Hayato tries to keep back the approaching face of Kikka with both hands.

*Slam!*, that sound resounded there.

– Hyaaaaaa!*

*TN: The scream was pugyuru!

What reached the ears of Hayato is the scream of Kikka.

(What was that?)

At the same time Hayato holds back the body of Kikka that collapsed onto his body as if it was continuously falling forward.

What met the eyes of Hayato was the figure of Irina who had a very thick book in her hand.

– When I come to let you know that the preparations of the examinations are ready, Kikka results to be here…

– Eh?

– What is it, Hayato-kun?

Irina asks to Hayato who has a flabbergasted look on his face.

– Well, Kikksan came to tell me something like helping Irinsan——

– Good grief…

Sighing as if being amazed, Irina continued.

– That's a lie.

– A lie——?

– Come on, get up!

Irina helped to lift the body of the fainted Kikka then hit her cheeks with an open hand.

Kikka recovers her mind with that.

– Hmm, mm… Irina…? Why are you in this place?

– I came to pick up Hayato-kun since the preparations of the examinations are ready. I am glad the timing was perfect.

– Nevertheless, how cruel of you, suddenly doing a violent attack from the back…

– You are the cruel one, no? You tried to assault Hayato by pretending to be a nurse.

– Eh, Kikksan isn't a nurse?

– Although she is wearing nurse clothes now, that is a cosplay——she is a researcher, just like me——rather than that, Kikka is the deputy director of this laboratory.

– Ahahaha, you got me. Actually, that's me. I'm Kikka Kastlen, a researcher of New Planet Notre Dame's Central District. I'm a coworker of Irina Florence. That's why I'm interested in you.

– Interested in me…?

– It means that Kikka is interested in your power——in the power to defeat the Savages.

– In other words, the difference between the man on the planet called "Earth" and the men of this planet, what factors are acting on what you call "Hundred" and how we can create men with those powers; that's why I want to investigate all sorts of things.

Saying so, Kikka approached Hayato again.

She smiled sweetly, clapping both hands in front of him.

– … anyway, won't you give me a little of your sperm? Naturally, I won't get pregnant under my own accord. I'm not going to make a designer baby either*. It's just for analysis ❤.

*TN: A designer baby is a human embryo which has been genetically modified, usually following guidelines set by the parent or scientist, to produce desirable traits. (extracted from Wikipedia)

-Well, analysis, you say …

The personality of Kikka is a bit different.

It appears that when she approached him first, she was creating a character.

– Good grief…

It was Irina who sighed as if she was amazed.

– Or rather, even if you get the body fluids of Hayato-kun in the first place, it is not like you particularly need to help him to collect it, don't you!?

– But since I'm the only one receiving, isn't this just a natural service as a woman to make him feel good? If I'm no good then——how about if you give him a hand, Irina?

– What!?

Irina, who didn't antic.i.p.ate to be shaken like that, rounded the eyes on the other side of the glasses and started showing a flustered look after she dyed her face red.

– Kikka… what, are you saying….! In the first place, that kind of experience I still…!

– It doesn't mean that I was telling you to have s.e.x, you know? Even your mouth is ok, isn't it?

– My mouth!?

– Yes, you hold Hayato-kun's thing in your mouth——

Saying so, and seeing Kikka putting her index finger in her mouth, Irina who dyed her face bright red shouted with a desperate look.

– STOP! This is such a vulgar conversation!

Hayato who was watching the situation of such two people was frankly bewildered.

(What should I do in this situation…?)

Is it the best to say that I'll give it and submit it by myself?

(No, I feel that's completely wrong!)

While being confused like that, the emergency alarm suddenly sounded in the room.

– What does——.

– The attack of the Savages.

Before Hayato continued his words with "this mean?", Irina said so.

That's the same answer that passed the mind of Hayato.

Knitting the part of the eyebrows closes to the nose, Irina continues.

– … It's been a bit too much these days, no? The other day we just had one and the ground forces received a lot of damage. Are they alright, I wonder?

– I'll go and check the situation. Kikka, you come with me. Hayato-kun, please stay here. This room is safe because it was turned into a shelter——

– I'll go too.

– … Hayato-kun?

– There's nothing for me to do if I stay here anyways, and I want to check with my own eyes how the people of this planet are fighting against the Savages. Besides, when it's time——.

He has the power to fight with the Savages and there's also the Hundred of Emilia.

Although it's the Hundred of another person, the experience of deploying it is there, so he surely should be able to do it.

The Hundred should be able to respond to his feelings.

Believing so, Hayato declared.

– ——I'll fight.

Regardless of whether he's coming out to the battlefield or not, Irina and Kikka allowed the accompany of Hayato.

Since Hayato said that his experience fighting with the Savages is abundant, they think that they may be able to obtain knowledge regarding to the subjugation.

The three of them immediately moved to the laboratory of Irina which was originally on the side of the room with the capsules where Hayato was sleeping.

Irina sits on the chair and operates the keyboard as soon as she enters.

Then, on the huge monitor on the wall, several images of the surface were displayed side by side.

Irina selects the image in which the most frequent Savages are shown among them, and displays it on full screen.

Coincident with that, Hayato muttered.

– … normal type…

There are no special ones displayed on the giant monitor.

They were ordinary form of Savages which he has defeated many times on the Earth.

– Normal type…? That is how the Earth——the planet of Hayato-kun call them?

– Yes, that's the type that attacks the most, it doesn't have any special characteristics, it generally has a certain size so that's why we call them normal type. And maybe should I add that they are three meters high?

– In other words, if they are normal, then Hayato-kun can easily defeat them?

– It's not to the level of "easy", but…

– But, you can defeat them, right? You're fantastic!

– Wwait, Kikksan!

While being flustered as he's embraced by Kikka, Hayato continued talking as if making excuses.

– … no, err, it's not only me, if it's the level of a Slayer who can enroll in Little Garden, or a year or so of accumulated Hundred training, then almost anyone…

– That may be true on the planet of Hayato-kun and the others, but unfortunately there is no one on this planet who can transform it into a weapon or the like, or even make the Variable Stone react. Look at this——.

– That's…!

What was reflected there was the figure of three man who wore a thick armor and arms on their bodies.

They look like armaments based on Hundred, but they aren't.

If anything, those are close to the s.p.a.ce Ride worn by Hayato and the other Slayers——. Or rather, it would be better to say that their bodies are exposed and that they are riding a robot, or so it seems.

*TN:Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut/Infinite Stratos crossover anyone?

– Energy stone… speaking of the world of Hayato-kun, the powered suits are powered by the Variable Stones——

Saying so, Irina continued.

– The weapons we created to fight the Savages.

– I read what was written in the books that I heard from Irinsan a while ago. The soldiers who equipped those are called mobile soldiers, correct? I understood the main point of that because there were photos of it.

– If that is the case, then a detailed explanation may not be necessary.

Hayato knows that.

Those mobile suits use something similar to a reserve stone where the energy and the Variable Stone can be stored, so not only the fuselage but also the weapons and so forth are moved by borrowing the strength of the Variable Stone; then by using that power, they can oppose the Savages.

In this connection, in the palms of the powered suits worn by the mobile soldiers, as it was written in the book, there is a conductor that transmits the energy received from the body of the pilot to the weapons.

Certainly, the weapons also have a conductor.

If it's a sword, then it's the hilt.

If it's a gun, then it's the grip.

Then by touching them, they manipulate the energy and borrow the power of the Variable Stone.

Although he has knowledge about the specs that he got in the books in this way, he didn't get to see how they fight because the books didn't have videos.

As was expected, how do the mobile soldiers fight against the Savages?

As a Slayer, he was thrilled about that.

– What's the number of the invading Savages?

– Four in total. If it's Hayato-kun's speaking style, then all of them are declared normal type by the Army of Notre Dame.

– … is that so.

3 vs 4.

The number of opponents is 1 above.

– It seems our number is fewer than the opponents', but…

– There are only three mobile soldier pilots who can fight at the base now. Everyone else is hurt.

– There are only five mobile soldiers from the start. As I said earlier, there have been too many attacks recently.

Following Irina, Kikka said.

– Honestly, I think it will be a tough fight.

Immediately after Irina muttered so.

– It seems they're about to start.

As Kikka said, the mobile soldiers began to move.

Hayato focuses on the monitor.

Each of the three mobile soldiers accelerates using a propulsion device.

They started approaching the nearest Savage.

『Let's go, guys! Let's show those Savages our pride as the men of Notre Dame!』

Cheering on them like that, the first one who jumped out was a mobile soldier whose armor has a different pattern color