"There is a difference between inner city and outer city in Purgatory City." Luo Qingyun glanced at Su Luo contemptuously. "After this, I can enter the inner gate, but you, ha ha."
    She would like to say that you can't even enter the outer city, but she was not that stupid, she still remembered that these people were tricked by her to escort her back, so in the end she stopped her words.
    Don't know if the reason was that Su Luo's luck was too good, as they walked on the way, they were so lucky that they didn't provoke any magical beast.
    In front of them, they could see the edge of the Blood Mist Forest.
    "Let's go. The exit is just ahead." Luo Qingyun was in a hurry, but the moment she lowered her head, there was a strange smile on the corner of her mouth.
    However, it was caught by Su Luo.
    What the h.e.l.l is this girl doing? Su Luo was secretly on guard, but she was calm and her face still smiling as before.
    Coming out of the Blood Mist Forest, there was  heavy fog ahead.
    The white fog in front lingered in the air, the visibility was very low.
    Su Luo only saw layer upon layer of stone steps in front of them, extending all the way through.
    The steps were long, stretched from side to side, they seemed almost endless.
    Each step was paved with fine white stone, st.u.r.dy, tough, and beautiful.
    "Let's go." Luo Qingyun smiled strangely at the people, "From here on, it's the scope of Purgatory City, but if you want to enter the Purgatory City, first you must pa.s.s this Angel Castle."
    "Angel castle?" Su Luo's eyes fell on Zi Yan.
    Zi Yan nodded her head imperceptibly.
    Angel Castle was indeed a way to enter Purgatory City, but it was not the only way. But Luo Qingyun obviously had other plans, so she led them directly to this castle.
    Luo Qingyun didn't know that the Holy Maiden Zi Yan was standing one meter in front of her, so she was still stood there seriously fabricating lies, insufferably bossy and ordering people around as if it should be by right: "What are you waiting for? Don't you want to go to Purgatory City? This is the only way to enter Purgatory City! Come on, hurry up! "
    With that, she took the lead and walked on the steps.
    The only way? Zi Yan's smile became more profound.
    So, she leaned over to Su Luo and muttered a few words.
    The voice was so low, so that young girl Luo, who took the lead and walk up the steps, apparently didn't hear it.
    After hearing Zi Yan's words, Su Luo raised an evil smile on the corner of her mouth.
    "Hey, why haven't you come up yet? Don't you want to go to Purgatory City? " The girl coldly warned.
    "We've come all the way here, we can't give up halfway. Okay, let's just go, who's afraid of whom?" Su Luo seemed to throw caution to the wind, went up the steps and lead her team towards Luo Qingyun.
    Hearing this, Luo Qingyun turned her head and the smile on the corner of her mouth became cold and even more proud of herself.
    Come on, come on, these stupid commoners, let them know what it meant to be sold and still help them count the money! Thinking of this, the girl's proud smile was almost overflowing. She couldn't understand why ordinary people in the outside world were so stupid.
    Su Luo and the others, who was regarded as a fool, followed her lead to go forward.
    Originally, Su Luo thought that the steps were supposed to be like the one she'd gone through before, the higher they went, the more resistance it would have. But to Su Luo's surprise, the stone steps seemed to be ordinary ones, although they were shrouded in dense fog as if it was high in the clouds, however they had no resistance.