For the audience who paid using the heavenly stone, it was a personal experience to watch the battle within the Heavenly PaGoda.

They could feel the opponents' Mystic Profound grade and Qi and could even hear their conversation.

But because they were in a separated s.p.a.ce hence their profound Qi would not cause any harm toward the public nor would the battle be distracted by their voices.

Just like Ye Qing Luo now as she stood by watching streaks of profound Qi streamed through the sky, some even directed at her and passed through her body.

She was part of an illusory connection.

Within the zone was a huge battle arena.

And she was positioned right by the ring.

In the same s.p.a.ce was a pavilion meant for other paid users and she could clearly make out two figures nearby.

As the saying goes, 'when it rains it pours'…

Ye Feng Yu's first match was against Ye Qing Ling.

Both had similar comprehensive calibre and were allocated into the same group.

The two figures at the pavilion were Ye Qing Qian and Leng Feng Hua.

By the look of mild shock on his face, the crown prince did not expect to face Ye Qing Luo in the same place.

During this period, his self-esteem had been bruised badly even since she left him in the lurch.

Yet Ye Qing Qian had made used of her good looks to ingratiate to him, boosting his masculine ego.

Even though his relationship was complicated with Ye Qing Qian, his heart remained fixated towards Ye Qing Luo.

Despite being embarrassed he decided to step forward and explained himself to her.

But before he could speak, she had already shifted her attention to the ring.

Her look was indifferent with no undulation in the face, which was not supposed to be the reaction if you had seen your fiancé with another woman.

Her behaviour was like with b.u.mping into someone who wasn't important.

Leng Feng Hua felt a a heartache, as if his heart was wrung out.

"Eighth Brother, you have been worthless for so many years, why not continue to rot! Why do you have to compete with your fourth sister for this opportunity?"

Ye Qing Ling's eyes glared at him ferociously as she spitted out the words out in a hissy fit.

Ye Feng Ru had no intention of retreating nor did he behaved timidly liked he did in the past.

He clenched his fingers tightly to his sword and replied in a determined voice: "Fourth Sister, I can compromise anything you ask for but this!"

"Well, very well, since you want to die so badly, I shall fulfil your wis.h.!.+" She narrowed her eyes and emitted an ice cold Qi, churned into a flash of blue ray into her long sword.

A dark ominous Qi immediately transformed and enveloped the sword.

With a leap, Ye Qing Ling discharged that strong current of air from the weapon.

A gloomy revolting chill air clouded the arena rapidly.

The cold steel blade reflected a taint of evilness within.

Something was amiss with the sword!

When Ye Qing Luo first set her eyes on the sword that Ye Qing Ling held, she was keenly aware that the coldness of the sword was too strange.

That stance that her sword released was powerful yet swift and unforgiving as an axe, felling anything or anyone in the path with no hesitation.

"Since when did Ling'er become so skilful?" Leng Feng Hua could help but gasped.

He had knew the martial abilities of the Ye's family background inside out.

What he didn't expect was how much she had improved over this period of time.

Clinging onto his elbows, Ye Qing Qian giggled softly: "Fourth sister has always been sharp witted, I merely give her a few pointers and she had grasp the essence of it. I am confident she will make it through the assessment."

The crown prince was initially ill at ease with her touches only to realise that Ye Qing Luo didn't even bother to take a glance at him.

He knew that she had flaunted her conjugal love deliberately and wanted to push her away, but a thought came to his mind. Maybe her blowing hot and cold towards him was just to put up a front?

If he got too lovey-dovey with Ye Qing Qian, perhaps it might ignite her jealousness?

Ye Qing Luo would then come crawling back to him?