Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 62

Lady Jin sat down her tea cup and sighed. This time, there might not be any surprises.

After another cup of tea, the Provincial Governor’s wife happily arrived. The moment she entered the room, she said, “I must thank you, this clothing is absolutely perfect.”

Lady Jin froze. She saw that the Provincial Governor’s wife’s smile was not fake. She was confused as she studied her dress.

The dress was not very colourful, but the effect on her body was extremely good. The dark green patterns brought out the Provincial Governor’s wife’s slender waist. She looked very light and free. Just this simple design was actually more eye-catching then those more heavily decorated clothing.

“If Lady likes it, then it is that girl’s good fortune. I will reward her heavily when I see her again.”

The Provincial Governor’s wife caressed her clothing, the expression in her eyes was incredibly warm and friendly. “The next time you come, bring the girl along with you. I want to see just what type of girl she is to have such a great talent.”

“Alright, in a few days, I will definitely bring her here.”

Even till she left, Lady Jin was still extremely confused. When she got into the carriage, she could not help but turn to Yin Hong, “Were you able to see anything special in that clothing?”

“Replying to Lady, this servant is also very curious. Although it looked good on her, it just looked good. There was nothing there that would make the Provincial Governor’s wife that happy.” For the whole of the four hours after, the Provincial Governor’s wife did not stop smiling.

Lady Jin smiled, “Looks like we will have to find a time to ask her.”

She had initially thought that the Provincial Governor’s wife only asked to see Mu Yunyao for the sake of politeness. She never would have guessed that in just two days, letters of invitation arrived at her residence. One of them was for Mu Yunyao.

After thinking for a moment, Lady Jin called Yin Hong over. “Go and personally give this letter to Mu Yunyao.”

“As you wish, Lady.”

When Yin Hong arrived at the Su residence, Mu Yunyao was explaining to the ten girls embroidery techniques. When she saw Yin Hong, she immediately got up. “Sister Yin Hong, what brings you here? Quick, come and take a seat.”

Yin Hong studied the beautifully decorated garden. “I admire these girls for being able to do their learning in this garden. It is such a peaceful place.”

Mu Yunyao poured her some tea. “Sister is the one that we should all admire. We all want to be by Lady’s side, yet we do not have the chance. Sister, does Lady have any orders?”

“Take a look at this,” Yin Hong said as she took out the letter. “The Provincial Governor’s wife is extremely satisfied with your clothing and specially gave an invitation to you to attend her flower banquet.”

Mu Yunyao appropriately put on a slight expression of terror on her face. “This……how could I dare?”

“Oh, and these silver notes are also from the Provincial Governor’s wife.”

All the notes were of value one hundred. There were about five to six of them. Mu Yunyao, however, only took out one note. “Sister Yin Hong should take the rest.”

Yin Hong froze, the jealousy in her eyes immediately changed to excitement. “What……but why?”

Mu Yunyao smiled as she pointedly glanced over to the ten girls at the side.

Yin Hong bit her lip slightly. She put the notes back into her sleeve with lightning speed. “You should hurry back to your work, I won’t disturb you further. I will chat with you again another day.”

After sending Yin Hong away, Mu Yunyao calmly set the invitation aside and returned back to her sewing. Su Qing brought out the snacks and glanced at the invitation worriedly.

“Yao Er, stop making clothes. You should hurry and think about what you are going to wear on that day. Everyone attending the Provincial Governor’s wife’s banquet have high statuses. Do you want to get laughed at?”