The car turned its wheel and entered a private road, then it drove deeper until a large villa could be seen.

Every time the car drove here, Mu Rulan couldn't help but to always stretch her head out and look at that piece of land, as if she could see her past self with her head tilted, laying on the road, and n.o.body even cared. Her smile got deeper, just to look warmer to herself. It's alright, we can give ourselves warmth, I will bring some of the people down to accompany you, we won't be lonely, okay?

The car door opened, and as Mu Rulan just came down from the car she heard voices at the balcony on the third floor. It was Mu Rusen happily waving his hands with a cute smile revealing his little canine teeth.

"Sister! Sister!" He raised his phone with a finger pointing to the screen excitedly, but talked in a soft tone: "Phone number! I got Zhou Yaya's phone number from someone else!" He gave out a cute face of "I'm so smart right, sister please praise me."

Mu Rulan couldn't help but put up her gentle smile and waved back to him, asked him to be careful not to jump around the balustrade, and then she went inside the house.

In the living room, Mu Zhenyang was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper while Ke Wanqing was watching the television. Mu Rulan gently called: "Dad, mom, I'm home."

Both of them raised their heads and smiled at her. Ke Wanqing stood up and walked to her to help her take the books she was carrying, her gaze filled with pride. "Next time I should complain to the old men, they don't even manage the school themselves, why must my baby girl have to work overtime every day, how is that fair!"

Mu Rulan grasped the arms of Ke Wanqing and hugged her at her waist. Ke Wanqing was wearing high heels and she was 1.7 meters tall, so Mu Rulan buried her head inside Ke Wanqing's arms and said: "Mom, then you must remember to tell them to pay me a monthly salary."

Mu Zhenyang heard her words and laughed: "I've never heard of any school paying the students for giving them authority."

Mu Rulan winked with a naughty hint to her smile: "Then ask the uncles to increase the scholarship amount for me. My result has improved drastically over these few years, but their scholarship is still stingy as usual only a few pennies. If there are penalties there should also be rewards at the same time, Mom, don't you think so?"

This conversation filled Mu Zhenyang and Ke Wanqing up with pride, their daughter has always made them feel so proud since she was young, and others would only be envious of her. Every time they were chatting with others, just mentioning Mu Rulan's name would garner the admiration of many, with exclamations like……

"Ah! Wasn't she the one from Liu Silan University who set the record of achieving first rank in the national for every single examination and continued for as long as 11 years?"

Mu Rulan has studied at Liu Silan starting from primary school, junior high school up until senior high school. Her result always maintained the first position from her primary school first grade until today. For 11 years it never changed once, this wasn't possible for just anyone to achieve.

"I couldn't imagine that young girl is actually your child, absolutely impressive, your education must be perfect!" It's normal to hear these compliments from the prestigious families, people coming from overseas or even outside the city. Most of them know very well about Mu Rulan but didn't know her parents were Ke Wanqing and Mu Zhenyang.

"I suppose both of you must be talented to be able to raise such a splendid child, and I believe you can finish the project perfectly, let's look forward to good cooperation!" Sometimes her name could even bring a cascade of fortune for their business.

"Oh my God! Please tell us how you managed to educate your child into such a wonderful adult, our child here is so naughty and doesn't really listen to us, if only he had 10% of Mu Rulan's behavior I would be so happy that I don't even need to sleep."

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This is how the story goes, Ke Wanqing and Mu Zhenyang had never been so gratified by their vanity. At least within the range of G state of K city, almost everyone knew about Mu Rulan.

The recognition of the people towards Mu Rulan shocked many academies within the education industry, especially when it continued for 11 years without interruption. Even though no one really cared about primary school results, but after she entered high school and still managed to keep her grades at the top, how could she not get attention from others?

With those grades, although the national examination was the next semester, many of the from popular universities had visited the parents of the Mu Family personally. Even the famous top universities like Harvard and the Ivy Leagues tried to stretch their branches to reach Mu Rulan. All of this was kept silent by Mu Rulan, but Ke Wanqing and Mu Zhenyang had already dispersed the news all over the place.

Since Mu Rulan's personality was twisted because of what happened in her past life, sometimes she would act abnormally, but mostly it was accepted because of her fame and her angelic appearance. But Ke Wanqing and Mu Zhenyang had not known that the reason she was still being gentle with them by fulfilling their vanity and gaining them honor was merely because she was repaying them for giving her birth the second time.

Once she has shown an acceptable amount of gratitude, then she would start making them into dolls, what would they think of that?

Would they rather to continue leech off her to gain fame and popularity until they enter the coffin, or would they rather to face the disgrace of being her parents and prolong their one last gasp to live on?

Hmm…… She bet they would choose the first option. That's why she continued letting them to indulge in their fame.

Ke Wanqing smiled like a flower blooming in the spring, giving out a bright aura. She rubbed Mu Rulan's head, "Yes yes, my baby has gone through a lot, not only must the scholarship increase, your pocket money should rise too! But don't push yourself too much, okay? It doesn't matter if you don't want to continue working as the president, that position wasn't really important, understand?"

Mu Rulan smiled happily with her eyes like a crescent moon, so pretty! As expected, the next second she heard Ke Wanqing saying: "After the school festival is your mid-term exam right? We should focus on your studies instead, don't let the student council work delay your studies, if you keep staying overnight, your mom's heart will feel achy."

As her popularity increased, she gained more attention over the last few years, especially from the educators that had been riding the fence to see whether anyone could beat this cancerous genius who had dominated the first rank for 11 years, and whether she was able to continue down her successful path. But even if someone manage to take her down, her glory had already carved in people's hearts for a long time.

How long was 11 years? Within that time, combining all her mid-terms, final exams, and International Mathematical Olympiad, the total was over 100 exams!

But n.o.body could stop Ke Wanqing's greed, she loved the feeling of being fawned over after ever examination. Some would even think that their child could take the chance to score higher than Mu Rulan but failed each time.

She wanted Mu Rulan to continue winning. Just winning one or two fights didn't count for much, so Mu Rulan must win until the end. She must become the champion for the coming national exam, so this legend would continue for at least 30 years without anyone overtaking it. Everyone would remember the existence of Mu Rulan, and everyone would also know she was the daughter of Ke Wanqing and Mu Zhenyang!

Mu Rulan smiled while nodding her head: "Mom, I understand, I will find a replacement if I ever feel tired."
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