Starlight Has No Past

Chapter 17 Part 3

Autumn had already arrived at G City after a few rain showers.

Ye Qiao raised her head and saw a man walking towards her, wearing a
light tan colored trench coat.

Gu Jin grabbed a folding stool and sat down right in front of her. He was
straight forward: “Qiaoqiao, you aren’t at your best condition this morning.”

Shen Ting glanced at Ye Qiao then Gu Jin. Whenever these two faced each
other, she could feel the tension between them and found an excuse to leave
them alone.

Gu Jin never mixed personal feeling with business. He would be strict with her
during filming when it was necessary to be strict, but he wouldn’t make any
excessive demands. Ye Qiao agreed: “I’m a little tired today. It’s hard to get
into character ‘Lu Zhiyao.’”

“Do you have the script with you?”

“I do.” Ye Qiao handed him the script.

Gu Jin flipped through it and looked at the notes that Ye Qiao had put down at
the edges. He nodded and pointed to the scene they shot in the morning: “Here,
Lu Zhiyao becomes a crook because she was violated and treated unjustly. Her
psychological transformation is very complicated, it shouldn’t be concluded as
simple as she hates people therefore she hurts others in return. There should be
more complex emotions involved.”

He acted like any other director, trying to help her get into the character she was
playing. Ye Qiao, however, still couldn’t put her mind into it. She looked at his
eyelashes while he was focused on the script: “The reason? She resents those
who had hurt her, so she becomes a human trafficker to harm innocent people.
In the end, she is still a villain.”

Gu Jin shook his head: “You can’t make a judgement on whether she’s good or
evil just by that. You haven’t understood this character. She’s only 18 and turns
evil under extreme and unusual circumstances. It isn’t just her own choice.”

Ye Qiao chuckled: “So you think anyone who has been hurt can harm others at
will if they have a good excuse like her?”

“It’s not what I feel……” Ge Jin then realized that she wasn’t talking about how
to act in that scene.

He slowly closed the script and frowned. Ye Qiao sneered inside, it looked like
he was going to give her a lecture again. But she became more serious when
she saw the look on Gu Jin’s face.

There was disappointment in Gu Jin’s eyes: “I hope you don’t treat this movie
lightly just because I’m the director.” He moved his eyes from her chin to the
neck where there were still a few pinkish love bites: “And don’t treat your own
life lightly.”

Ye Qiao couldn’t say anything in response.

She truly didn’t long for him anymore, not even harboring any resentment. She
didn’t want an ounce of revenge. However, the love affair from her much younger
days had inevitably changed her. She couldn’t erase the markings that he had
existed in her life. She couldn’t interact with him with ease like he did. She just
couldn’t help from being a little difficult after the setback of breaking up with him.

He was older than her by 7 years and that was the gap between their life experience.

Ye Qiao went back and shot late into the night when everyone else had finished
their work for the day. All of her takes had been rejected.  They were filming the
scene where Lu Zhiyao cried after she learned that her mother had died. She
walked by herself along a dark and wet street in the dead of night, going through
conflicting emotions from suppressing her sadness to suddenly wailing. Afterwards,
she walked into the darkness, transforming from a simple, witty teenage girl into a
cunning criminal.

Gu Jin was doing the filming himself and his face was in a constant frown. It was
already midnight and Ye Qiao’s emotion still wasn’t there in the last shot. He informed
the crew: “Let’s do it tomorrow.”

Ye Qiao was stubborn. She put on the jacket that her assistant had handed to her
and said to Gu Jin: “Let’s try it one more time.”

“It’s very late, Qiaoqiao. The whole crew is waiting for you to finish.”

His tone was the usual, like a father lecturing his daughter; his voice gentle but
strict nonetheless.

Ye Qiao didn’t give in like all the previous times before. She shook her head: “One
last take, if it’s still no good then we’ll stop.”