Lin Qiao had only said three words slowly, but the other two zombies in the room had both figured out the whole sentence.

She was asking Xie Dong about how many human beings he had eaten.

Hearing her question, Junjun automatically turned to shield Tongtong from Xie Dong with her own body. The latter's eyes darkened a little when he heard the question, but he didn't respond.

Lin Qiao sniffed at him, then glanced at him blandly and continued, "You…can…eat…humans…But…don't…get…addicted…"

She wasn't against man-eating. If Xie Dong only ate bad people, she would be okay with it. However, getting addicted to man-eating was unacceptable.

Xie Dong nodded at her in response.

"Choose…the…targets…" Lin Qiao continued. She wanted to tell him that he needed to know how to choose his targets. He could eat the bad ones like the post-apocalyptic robbers, but not the good ones.

She didn't want him to be addicted to man-eating, then slowly lose his humanity and become a cold-blooded zombie with human memories.

"Roar…em…" Xie Dong gave her a gentle roar.

'Don't worry. I don't eat humans unless I have to. I understand,' he said. He wanted Lin Qiao to know that he wouldn't eat human beings unless he was left with no other choice, and that he knew how badly man-eating could affect him.

Lin Qiao nodded and didn't continue this topic, but glanced at Junjun and said, "From…now…you…follow…me…"

Xie Dong understood that Lin Qiao wanted him to follow her instead of getting close to the female zombie who was carrying a child, in case he lost control and hurt the little boy.

'But without you, can she protect the child on her own?' He wondered. He looked at Junjun with confusion, then turned toward Lin Qiao, who sensed his thoughts and then abruptly pointed outside the window.

Xie Dong turned to that direction confusedly, then saw a white figure quietly standing on the roof of another building, staring at him with a pair of red eyes.

He was startled at the sight of those eyes, and his fine hair all stood straight up.

The white figure was only about two-hundred-meters away from him, yet he hadn't sensed it at all. Only after Lin Qiao pointed at it did he discover that it had been watching him. 

Once he saw the white figure, he somehow felt oppressed.

Before he figured out who it was, the white figure disappeared without a trace.

Xie Dong turned to Lin Qiao with a questioning look in his eyes. She didn't tell him the story of Qiu Lili, but turned to walk toward the door and signaled to tell him that she needed to leave now. As she didn't answer his question, Xie Dong glanced back at where the white figure had disappeared, then followed her to the door. Then, Lin Qiao opened the door and they walked out.

Lin Qiao walked toward Lin Feng's room with Xie Dong. She asked someone about where Long Qingying was, then walked to another door and knocked on it.

Wei Jingchen, who guarded by Lin Feng's door, turned to look at Lin Qiao and the strange man beside her. Xie Dong looked like a human being, so Wei Jingchen thought that it was a man following behind Lin Qiao. He only gave Xie Dong a quick glance before turning his eyes away.

The door was soon answered.

It was Lin Wenwen who opened the door. Seeing Lin Qiao, she asked with surprise, "Eh? Lu Tianyu? How can I help you?"

When she called Lin Qiao Lu Tianyu, Xie Dong gave a start at first, then stared at Lin Qiao's bald head from behind in shock.

Lin Qiao was at a close distance from him, so she quickly sensed his feelings. However, she didn't turn back, pretending like nothing had happened while asking Lin Wenwen, "Find…Long…"

She was using Lu Tianyu's body, so it was normal for Xie Dong to react a little on hearing that name. After all, he and Lu Tianyu were both from the Sea City Base. Lu Tianyu might not know Xie Dong, but everyone in the Sea City Base had heard her name.

Lin Qiao was now bald, with black eyes and without any makeup. As she looked nothing like the original Lu Tianyu, it was reasonable for him to be unable to recognize her.

Hearing someone call Lin Qiao Lu Tianyu, Xie Dong was astounded at first, then started to have all sorts of puzzles in his head.

Lin Wenwen heard the two words from Lin Qiao. The zombie's voice was a little unpleasant, but still, she figured out her meaning. She gazed at the latter with surprise, as it was the first time for her to hear a zombie talk! It was so interesting!

While looking at Lin Qiao curiously, she yelled, "Qingying, Lu Tianyu wants to talk to you!" Then, she opened the door entirely while giving Xie Dong a glance, and asked Lin Qiao, "You can really talk! Don't zombies all have broken throats and stiff tongues? I heard that when zombies eat, they'll bite the flesh off with their teeth and then swallow it directly, so they don't even need tongues!"

Lin Qiao walked into the room after Lin Wenwen had opened the door. Xie Dong didn't follow her, but stood by the door and watched her.

He knew that he couldn't enter girls' room without their permission; that was a basic manners.

Just now, on hearing Lin Wenwen call Lin Qiao Lu Tianyu, Xie Dong was utterly stunned. 'Isn't her name Lin Qiao? Why Lu Tianyu now? Does she have the same name as the woman in our base? Or…is she Lu Tianyu? But that's impossible, because they look nothing alike!'

'That woman always wore thick makeup, and cared so much about her hair and dressing style. How could she possibly end up like this? Bald? She would never wear these clothes…And…has she become a zombie?'

However, when he pictured Lin Qiao's face together with Lu Tianyu's, he suddenly felt that they were similar indeed. Their eyes, noses, and mouths were almost the same. But still, those two faces looked way too different, so he couldn't tell for sure.

'If she's Lu Tianyu, why did she tell me that her name was Lin Qiao?'

'Lin Qiao…Lin Qiao…This name is a little familiar…' He felt that he had heard this name before. 'And, if she's Lu Tianyu, how did she become a zombie? How did she die before turning into a zombie? Would Chief Yang ever let her die?'

'Yang Chao let her do anything she wanted in the base. He really liked her, so how could he let her die?'

'I remember how she looked like when I saw her the first time. She was in a much worse shape than now. Her face was covered with scars, and maybe her body was too, though I couldn't possibly see it as she was wearing clothes.'

'And, how could her personality change so suddenly after she turned into a zombie? She has many combat skills which are from the special forces, but Lu Tianyu was never a soldier.'