Chapter 327 - Make Your Choice: Big Sister or Little Sister?

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Vampirecat

The situation changed too fast. n.o.body had regained their senses yet even though Su Ming had left.

Hadn’t they decided to confront the Su family’s sisters together and divide the property of the Su family? Why did this person leave without saying anything?

“Dear uncles and aunties, it’s gotten late now. Let’s leave the rest for tomorrow… Uncle Li, help me to see the visitors out!” Su Qiu Yue regained her composure soon after. Indeed, she had the finesse to head the Su family. She’d recovered her usual indifferent and strong aura!

The folks from the Su family had lost. Uncle Li returned to Su Qiu Yue’s side and looked at them with a smile, indicating they could leave now!

The clamor to vie for the leaders.h.i.+p of Su family had been led by Su Ming. Since he’d already gone, the rest of people didn’t persist. This was because everybody was afraid of that powerful Qin Feng!

More than 50 core and collateral family members shook their heads and sighed as they left. The packed lobby suddenly became cold and cheerless.

It was early autumn and the breeze was chilly. Su Qiu Yue felt cold in her flimsy dress and she coughed. Her burdens were too heavy; she was afraid she would collapse at anytime and not wake up anymore!

“Miss Qiu Yue, please pardon me for visiting so late!” Qin Feng went to Su Qiu Yue’s side and hugged her lightly in his arms before she realized he was there.

She was sheltered by Qin Feng’s strong and tall body from the cold bite of the breeze. Su Qiu Yue felt a warm sensation surge through her body as she stood in his arms!

“Ah! How could you hug my sister? Get your grubby paws off my sister, you rascal!” Su Xia Tian didn’t know when Qin Feng arrived or where he came from. She was so angry that she started hammering Qin Feng.

Ignoring Su Xia Tian’s little pink fists, Qin Feng placed his hands on the small of Su Qiu Yue’s back, and transferred some qi into Su Qiu Yue’s body, warming her.

“Who should I hug if I release your sister, Little Wife? Should I hug you instead?” Qin Feng was healing Su Qiu Yue’s body and at the same time teasing Su Xia Tian.

Su Xia Tian felt an urge to kill Qin Feng. She delivered punch after punch, kick after kick at Qin Feng. However, Qin Feng was rather unaffected even though she wore herself out!

“You sweated a lot, Little Wife. Hurry up and go to take a bath now. It’ll be bad if you catch a cold!” Su Qiu Yue’s face had become ruddy after Qin Feng helped her body recuperate for some time.

He then released Su Qiu Yue and hugged Su Xia Tian in his arms. With a beaming smile, he sniffed Su Xia Tian’s body fragrance and said, “Let’s go. Your good hubby will send you back!”

Su Xia Tian wanted to break free of Qin Feng’s embrace. However, she realized Qin Feng’s hug was warm. The wind was breezy at night and she felt cold after she’d sweated. In the end, she decided not to struggle anymore and remained quiet in Qin Feng’s arms. They then went to her room together.

“Please take a good bath, Little Wife. I’ll excuse myself now!” Qin Feng spun around and left as soon as he saw Su Xia Tian to her room!

Su Xia Tian was dumbstruck by Qin Feng’s unusual action; she even felt a little bit lost in her heart! Am I not beautiful and s.e.xy enough?

Why did this man leave without asking to enter my room after walking me back? Is he still the vulgar, perverted Qin Feng?

Qin Feng returned to the main building’s lobby after he’d departed from Su Xia Tian’s room!

The night was gloomy and the wind was chilly and restless!

With a chiffon skirt and a snow-white mink coat draped over her shoulders, Su Qiu Yue stood in front of the main building’s door!

She raised her head and stared blankly at the moon. Her body was curvaceous and graceful and she could easily stir Qin Feng with merely the sight of her back. Her face was as exquisite as the moon, ethereal and unreal!

Qin Feng hugged Su Qiu Yue lightly from behind. Su Qiu Yue’s delicate body trembled slightly, but she didn’t struggle for her freedom.

A handsome man and a beauty embracing while admiring the moon—it was such a magnificent sight!

“How did you know Second Auntie and Third Uncle have an affair?” Su Qiu Yue’s indifferent voice wafted over!

“Because I’m a genius in external strength and inner qi! I’m very sensitive to everybody’s qi. Your second auntie is heavily clad with your third uncle’s qi. So I’m certain that the two of them are having an affair!” answered Qin Feng while enjoying himself sniffing Su Qiu Yie’s body fragrance!

“Did you really see them having an affair in secret, then?”

“How could that be? I came back with Xia Tian, and when we arrived, everybody was already gathered in the lobby!” Qin Feng scoffed, “I’m pretty sure both of them did something before they came here. It’s because there was more of your third uncle’s qi on your second auntie’s body than that of your second uncle. So, I pulled a trick on them and bingo! I got it right.”

“And then Third Uncle’s mind thrown into confusion. He couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore and blurted everything out!” Su Qiu Yue nodded her head lightly.

She’d been worried that she was wrong about Qin Feng. But now, it seemed that this candidate wasn’t that bad at all!

“Qin Feng, did you bring the Hundred Year Blood Lotus that I gave to you?” asked Su Qiu Yue all of a sudden.

“Hundred Year Blood Lotus? What is that? When did you give it to me?” Qin Feng queried with a puzzled face!

Su Qiu Yue wasn’t surprised by Qin Feng’s reaction. She then spoke with a calm demeanor, “The Hundred Year Blood Lotus is the treasure of the Su family, and it’s pa.s.sed down to the next leader of Su family. Before Grandpa was sick, he had handed it over to me and asked me to take care of it!”

“So, Miss Qiu Yue must protect it at all costs since it’s such an important item! You must buy a few more safes and hide it inside some deep hidden pa.s.sage!” Qin Feng nodded his head seriously.

“Yeah, I need to keep it safe. The Su family will be a chaos if it falls into the hands of Second Uncle!” Su Qiu Yue then added, “It’s now kept in a very safe place!”

“Is it true? I'm relieved, then!” Qin Feng smiled.

Su Qiu Yue didn’t pursue the discussion about the Hundred Year Blood Lotus. She abruptly spun around and looked fixedly into Qin Feng’s eyes with her pair of beautiful eyes. “Qin Feng, do you love me?”

Qin Feng wasn’t surprised. He nodded his head lightly and said, “Qiu Yue is a beauty that could topple a city and a nation, dignified and virtuous. Of course I like you!”

Su Qiu Yue’s countenance became extremely grave. “Then stay away from my little sister. Help me suppress the Su family’s wild schemes until my grandpa wakes up. After that, I’ll marry you!”

Qin Feng never expected this felicity to come so soon. He was slightly thrilled and said, “Can I get some reward first?”

“No, you can’t!” Su Qiu Yue shook her head and rejected his demand.

“Of course, I’ll give my blessing too if you favor my little sister more. After everything is done, I’ll personally hold a wedding for both of you!”

“You’re willing to sacrifice your little sister for the sake of the Su family’s business?” Qin Feng looked at Su Qiu Yue, astounded.

“Don’t you worry. I won’t betray my little sister. It’s just that I can tell from what I’ve seen that she likes you… She has never allowed any guy to hug her nor brought any guy out with her. Moreover, she won’t allow a guy to casually call her “Little Wife.” Maybe she hasn’t realized yet, but I think she’s quite fond of you. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to you two if you really like my little sister!”

Su Qiu Yue didn’t fail her t.i.tle as Sky City’s most talented woman. She was highly intelligent, quick-witted, and agile with her mind. Even though she remained silent most of the time, she had seen through it all. She just didn’t want to speak out!

“I like Little Sister Xia Tian. But I like Miss Qiu Yue as well. What if…”

With a grin on his face, Qin Feng looked at Su Qiu Yue. However, before he could finish his words, he was halted by a cold Su Qiu Yue. “Impossible!

“What do you think of my Su family? What do you think of my little sister and me? How could both of us marry you at the same time? Then wouldn’t be both of us become your mistress and concubine… Sorry! I can’t do that!”

Qin Feng felt awkward. What a quick-witted woman! How can she see through my intentions before I could finish speaking?

“It’s not because I’m intelligent. It’s because your vulgarity is too obvious!” Su Qiu Yue’s indifferent voice wafted over again when Qin Feng was reflecting.

Faced with this intelligent, beautiful and hot woman, Qin Feng suddenly had the urge to run away!

“Okay, enough talking! Let’s go into the room to visit Grandpa!”

Both of them arrived at a suite under Su Qiu Yue’s lead.

It was a 1,080-square-foot room, tidy and clean. The room was decorated with antique woods and the room was filled with a faint woody fragrance.

A large bed was placed in the innermost chamber; a white-haired old man was lying on top of it!

The old man looked pale and yellow, extremely skinny. He seemed malnourished and to lack exercise.

“Grandpa!” Su Qiu Yue rushed over to her grandpa’s bedside and cried!

This queen who’d retained her calm composure and refused to step down when facing the Su family shed her disguise, revealing the softest part of her inner heart before her grandpa and Qin Feng.

At this moment, she was neither the female leader of Su family nor the Sky City’s Number One n.o.ble Beauty!

She was merely a 23-year-old young girl, a little girl that hadn’t grown up in her grandpa’s eyes!

“Qiu Yue, the elder has been like this for three months?” Qin Feng walked over and squatted beside Su Qiu Yue. He patted her back, comforting her.

“He’s been in a coma for three months and eight days. Both his body and his breathing are weakening day by day. I’m afraid he doesn’t have much time left!” Realizing Qin Feng was still around, Su Qiu Yue hastily wiped away her tears and resumed her usual n.o.ble and dignified demeanor.

Qin Feng extended two fingers and pressed on the elder’s wrist. He noticed the elder’s pulse was extremely weak and he almost thought the elder was dead!

“Master, the elder might be poisoned!” Little Pig’s voice suddenly resounded in Qin Feng’s mind.

“Poisoned? What kind of poison?” Qin Feng hastily communicated with Little Pig using telepathy.

“I’m unsure which poison it is. But I see his face is pale white, and his lips are dark purple. On top of that, he fell into a coma for a long time and no one knows why… I’m pretty sure these are symptoms of poisoning!” a.n.a.lyzed Little Pig!