Chapter 880: Found!

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The other mecha operators from the G.o.d-Killers all agreed with what their team member had said. Another mecha operator replied, "If they want to escape from us, all of their mechas must install the chameleon system in them."

"But, how's that possible? Acquiring the chameleon system comes at a very high cost. Only the top echelon of ace mecha masters have the right and financial capabilities to get this system. Since they have destroyed Base Ailan, they must have more than 10 thousand mecha operators partic.i.p.ating in this mission. If there is really a mecha clan that had chameleon systems installed in all their mechas, we wouldn't be able to control Planet Haijiao so easily," the mecha operator denied this possibility.

The team leader suddenly had another thought. "Do you think that a small team within that 10 thousand mecha operators have the chameleon system installed in their mechas, so that they could scout the area ahead of them to evade us?" 'Could it be that the scouts found out our patrol routes so they guided the main army and evaded us?'

"Team leader, what you said is very likely."

"d.a.m.n it, if that's the case, we might have missed them just now." The members of G.o.d-Killers started cursing out loud.

"Team leader, can the vibration detection system in your mecha see through the chameleon system?" This was the newest invention of the Hailiyan R&D department, created specifically to counter the chameleon system. However, this was the first time they used it so no one knew how good its effect was.

"I've already activated it…" The team leader looked at his screen and prayed that they would find some traces.

"There is nothing… there are probably no enemies here." The team leader observed his screen carefully and confirmed that there were no anomalies.

"Looks like we were too paranoid," one of the team members mocked himself.

"What's wrong with being paranoid? If the regiment commander knew we let them escape because of our negligence, you all will be punished. Since there's no one here, let's go look at other places," the team leader laughed as he scolded them.

"Yes, team leader."

The members of the G.o.d-Killers flew towards the direction where Ling Lan and her team were at.

Just as they were about to fly out of the range where Ling Lan was, the team leader vibration detection system started beeping.

"What happened?" The team leader got a shock. 'We didn't see anything just now, right? Why was my alarm sounding now?' He searched in front of him but there was nothing. He was confused. Suddenly, he thought of something and quickly searched behind him.

Around 3km behind him, many red dots started appearing on the screen. Enemy mechas appeared in the area they just flew by.

The team leader reacted quickly. He knew that these mechas must have the chameleon system on them. The vibration detection system took some time to process the feedback it got, so he almost missed Ling Lan and her team.

"Prepare for battle. These thieving rats finally appeared." The team leader licked his lips in excitement. After he killed them, he would be able to gain some merits to enjoy back home.

"Yes, team leader." His team members shouted in excitement. They turned their mechas and moved towards the position where Ling Lan and her team were hiding.

Ling Lan thought that she escaped this time too, but when their opponent started flying back towards their direction quickly, Ling Lan knew they were probably exposed.

She ordered calmly, "Everyone, prepare for long-range attack."

"Yes!" The mecha operators from team 03 silently took their beam guns and aimed it at their opponents. They waited for their opponents to enter their guns' range.

Ling Lan watched them as they got nearer and nearer. She suddenly hesitated. If their opponents didn't discover them and just wanted to lure them out, they would be exposing themselves if they start firing. However, if their opponents discovered them and they didn't do anything, they would lose their advantage of using long-range attacks. Ling Lan really didn't want her team to fight against imperial operators using close-range attacks.

Within a few seconds, their opponents entered their guns' range.

She never left her fate to luck. Ling Lan made a decision in an instant. Her gaze turned cold and she shouted, "Shoot!"

The mecha operators were already well-prepared so they all pulled the trigger of their guns. More than 20 beams shot towards the members of the G.o.d-Killers.

In the face of this sudden attack, the members of the G.o.d-Killers moved elegantly in the air and successfully evaded the first round of attack.

The mecha operators of team 03 had expected this, so they weren't fl.u.s.tered at all. If they were so easy to deal with, they wouldn't be imperial operators anymore.

The mecha operators of 250 Ace Mecha Clan, besides the people from Ling Lan's battle team, were all experienced soldiers who had been through countless battles. Thus, each of them had their own specialized shooting skills. They knew that if they didn't kill their opponents, they wouldn't be able to go back alive. Hence, they had no choice but to use their most powerful shooting skills.

Bang! One of the mechas of the G.o.d-Killers was shot. Thereafter, other mechas got continuously shot too, but the mechas seemed to be not affected by any of the shots.

The reason for that was because these mechas were special mechas with strong defensive systems. The normal ace mechas couldn't be compared with these mechas. Hence, even though they were shot, it didn't affect their combat abilities. On the other hand, these proud members of the G.o.d-Killers felt humiliated when they got shot. It ignited the viciousness in their hearts. They wanted to kill everyone in team 03 to vent their anger.

"Why are these mechas as hard as a tortoise sh.e.l.l?" One of the members of team 03 started complaining. Normally, after a few rounds of shooting, they should be able to destroy one or two mechas. Yet, none of the mechas were destroyed.

"Their mechas had been modified." Ling Lan replied calmly, "Prepare for close combat. Remember to attack their weak spots."

At Ling Lan's order, all the mecha operators took their cold weapons. Then, a vicious fight with the mechas of the G.o.d-Killers had started.

Ling Lan's target was the team leader of this group. It was obvious who the team leader was, as Ling Lan managed to find him with just one look.

The team leader was one of the strongest among his team, so only Ling Lan had the ability to fight with him. The mecha operators from team 03 knew this so they evaded the team leader to find a suitable opponent for themselves.

When the team leader saw a normal ace mecha attacking him, he sneered in derision. He planned to use his ability to tell his opponent that his sacrifice was not enough to stop this ma.s.sacre.

Bang! Two giant swords collided. The team leader, who was confident that this attack was enough to knock his opponent back, was the one moving back.

"What is happening?" The team leader was flabbergasted. He moved his fingers quickly as he tried to stabilize his mecha.

The moment his mecha managed to stand up straight, he saw his opponent raising his sword and slas.h.i.+ng it at him.

'This is bad!' The team leader exclaimed in his heart. He raised his sword hurriedly to block the attack.