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Chapter 71.2: Don't you know pregnancy is such a big thing?

When Liang Xi Cheng heard her deny so eagerly, he simply frowned subconsciously and glanced at her.

Yan Liang's face was as white as a corpse. Her hands were tightly holding her handbag, and her whole body was ice-cold. Even her voice was shaking uncontrollably. “Thank you, doctor. I know. I'll go first.”

She turned and walked towards the door. She stopped as she got to the door, thinking of Liang Xi Cheng. She was afraid of what the doctor would say to Liang Xi Cheng. Nevertheless, she still turned back.

This time, she walked out of the doctor's office while holding Liang Xi Cheng's hand.

She just grasped his wrist, and her face was ugly. It seemed that she didn't pay attention to her behavior at all. That shouldn't be the behavior that a secretary should have towards his boss.

Liang Xi Cheng didn't push away. The two of them walked towards the hospital gate together, he cooperated and let her grasp him. The feeling of his heart brushed by feathers came again.

“Chairman Liang, I'm sorry…”

As soon as she arrived at the hospital gate, she let go of his hand without notice. Her tone was urgent, “I… I just didn't mean to hold you, but; I'm okay now. Thank you for your concern. I'll go home first.”

Liang Xi Cheng looked at her clearly as if she was out of her wits. She pretended to be composed, which resulted in being counterproductive.

All the expressions on her face were proving that her so-called “I'm okay” was just to fool herself!

There was an unknown fire rising in Liang Xi Cheng's heart. He strode forward to hold her shoulder, and sincerely asked, “What did the doctor say just now? What is the reason for your surgery? Is it very serious? ”

Yan Liang's heart became very restless and more irritable.

She didn't know that she was pregnant. She didn't understand why she was so careless. She was two months late for her period. She didn't even notice; until she was pregnant. Two months. Yes, two months.

She remembered that day two months ago. She was getting up in the hotel bed. At that time, she knew what she had lost…

She never once thought that it was just some kind of a nightmare because the real horror was only here.

Liang Xi Cheng, who waited for a long time for her response, only saw her staring at his pair of dark eyes. Then, she looked straight at his chest, but the light in her eyes seemed to have no focal length. He didn't know what she thought.

“Secretary Bai, I'm talking to you.” The more she looked like this, the surer he became, that she must be certain of her state of health, although he was a little unhappy that she was absent-minded towards him. It was hard for him to control his temper. He asked again, “Secretary Bai, what's the matter with you? Is it serious? Tell me. I can…”

“It's nothing!” Yan Liang suddenly raised her head and interrupted him. She looked at him for a moment. She then said slowly, “No, my health is perfect. No problem. Chairman Liang, thank you for sending me to the hospital today, but it's too late now. If there's nothing else, I'll go home first. ”

She reached out, trying to push away the hand that was holding on to her shoulder.

Liang Xi Cheng had no intention of letting go of her. It meant two people on the opposite standing, cold, and trying to restrain their restlessness. Liang Xi Cheng's head was slightly drooping and looking down at her. The benevolent, deep light in her eyes also changed.

As the night grew darker, the street lamp at the entrance of the hospital lit on both of them as they were getting colder and chilly.

“I just heard that she said you were going to have surgery. And, you want to keep it from me?” Liang Xi Cheng's tone increased a bit unconsciously. “You should know that if I want to know what disease you have. I just need to turn around and ask about it. What is there to hide?”

Yan Liang became much more anxious. She had no way to straighten out her thoughts at all. How in the world would she still be in the mood to deal with Chairman Liang?

What's more, it's all her own business. She can't freely tell everything to a man who was just her boss.

Yes, he was just her boss. She only needed to cooperate with him at work, but in her private life, he had no position to pry into her life. Didn't he?

“Chairman Liang…”

“Don't try to keep me off!” As soon as Liang Xi Cheng heard that she called him Chairman Liang, he knew that she was going to take care of him again. Gradually, his eyes filled with a wave of intense anger, “Or if you don't say it now, I'll go back and ask about it myself!”

Yan Liang saw that he really turned around and was ready to go back to the hospital. She was so shocked that she trotted after him and stopped in front of him.

He didn't know if she was forced by him to jump off the wall. She had always been respectful in front of him. At this moment, she talked with thorn, “Chairman Liang, this is my own business. Why do you need to ask clearly?”

Liang Xi Cheng was stunned. The handsome face that always calm and elegant was now a little unnatural.

Yan Liang's switch seemed to turn on at once, but it was too late to turn it off. Later, it kept popping out. “This is my own thing. I'm just your secretary. Chairman Liang, you don't need to go back and ask what happened to a small secretary like me. After all, I know my body best. I said, I'm ok. I'm fine. I hope you don't ask about my personal affairs anymore, Chairman Liang. Everyone has that f*****g right, don't they? I'm just your secretary. I'm not obliged to tell you everything. ”

After all, she spoke, Yan Liang herself was stunned at first.

What was she saying?

How could she talk to Liang Xi Cheng like this?

What she just said meant that Liang Xi Cheng was a meddlesome dog catching rats?[1]

Yan Liang suddenly felt embarra.s.sed. She bit her lips and regretted it in her heart, but what she said was like water splas.h.i.+ng out, which made it hard to recover — looking at Liang Xi Cheng's expression again, although his face was still the same, it was clear that he was livid.

“Chairman Liang, I'm sorry…” She lowered her eyes a little bit. Everything was terrible tonight, as well as her mood, “I'm just saying… I didn't mean that, Chairman Liang. I was trying to say that…”

“No need for an explanation.” The silent man suddenly spoke in a calm voice. “I know what you mean. Secretary Bai, don't worry. I won't spy on you. It's just that this ‘Chairman Liang' is being abrupt. Well, you can go back at ease. I won't go back to the doctor to inquire about your situation in private. ”

After saying that, he left walking towards the direction of the parked car without sparing a second glance at her.

Yan Liang's feet moved, and her hands extended out. She subconsciously wanted to hold Liang Xi Cheng.

But when the hand just reached mid-air, it fell powerlessly.

——Bai Yan Liang, what were you thinking? What qualifications do you have to go to Liang Xi Cheng? What do you mean by pulling him?

As you just said, your relations.h.i.+p is merely a boss and his subordinate. He was not qualified to ask about your personal affairs. Then, were you not adequate to have any affiliation with him except for work, right?

Her eyes were dim. She looked at Liang Xi Cheng's distant back, which went further and further away. Her heart originally was restless and anxious. She didn't know why it became empty and firm as if it was missing a piece.

⊙—⊙☆◎Shui Nan Ya ⊙—⊙.☆◎

Twenty-five years of Yan Liang's life was peaceful, apart from Liang Jingshan and Ning Zhiyuan's betrayal.

But now…

Her hands consciously stroked her lower abdomen. For only two months, she didn't feel anything, but there was already a small embryo here. It was absorbing her nutrition in her body, and gradually growing up.

It won't be long before her belly slightly bulges. Then…

No, she can't think about it anymore!

The blow of pregnancy was too big for her. She didn't even know who the father was. What should she do now?

That night two months ago, she didn't know who got into bed with her. She didn't know whether he was fat or thin or tall or short. She didn't even know where to find the father of the child?

Was she going to be a single mother?

Did she want her child to be an illegitimate child who didn't even know his father?

Or, should she go to the hospital decisively and get rid of the child? Then act as if nothing had happened, continue to live her everyday life?

What was she going to do?

“Secretary Bai? Secretary Bai? Well, Secretary Bai, did you hear me talking to you? “a.s.sistant Guan put out his hand and knocked on the table for the fifth time, reminding her that she had been wandering into s.p.a.ce all morning, “What do you think of what I just said?”

“Ah?” She hurriedly went back to her right mind. Her eyes were a little confused. Of course, she didn't hear anything. She was embarra.s.sed, “That… a.s.sistant Guan, excuse me. I was just thinking about something else. ”

Although a.s.sistant Guan didn't sneer, he had a good temper and didn't get angry. Instead, he patiently asked her, “Secretary Bai, you've been rattled for a long time this morning. I think your face also looks terrible. Are you not feeling well? If you are not comfortable, would you like to ask for leave and go to the hospital? ”

“No! I'm fine! “Now when she heard the word “hospital,” the nerves of her whole body could not help tensing up. After a while, she felt that she seemed to be making a

fuss. She felt even sorrier, “…I mean, I'm ok. Thank you for your consideration, but I just haven't had a good rest recently. There are no other problems. ”

a.s.sistant Guan didn't ask for more. He nodded, “Today Chairman Liang is not in the company. Before he left, he told me to take you to the design department on his behalf. There are still ten days left for the bidding on the Party Committee building. So, he said that in these ten days, you could discuss the design drawings of the bidding with those employees in the design department too.” He reached out and took out a gold stamping business card from his pocket and handed it to Yan Liang. “This is what Chairman Liang asked me to give you. He said that Rex asked him to see your work after seeing you last night. Afterward, Chairman Liang asked someone to show Rex your winning work in the school design compet.i.tion. Rex thought you were very talented and wanted to accept you as an apprentice. If you like, you can contact him. Here is his business card. There is a phone number on it. ”

The recent news was so shocking that Yan Liang could hardly believe it.

She blinked and looked at the card in a.s.sistant Guan's hand. She didn't come back to her senses for a long time. “…a.s.sistant Guan, you mean, Rex? ”

She didn't hear me wrong, did she?

Rex! It's Rex! He said he wanted to take her as an apprentice?

She was not dreaming, was she?!

How is that possible?

“Secretary Bai, you didn't hear me wrong.” a.s.sistant Guan had doubts in his mind.

He has been following with Liang Xi Cheng for many years. Of course, he was lucky to meet Rex, the mysterious man of architectural design. Rex had a lonesome personality and a higher vision than most. However, Rex had a lot to do for Chairman Liang. Although he also knew what Yan Liang's capabilities were, nevertheless, he was astonished. Rex felt that the woman in front of him (AG) had talent…

However, he was just a subordinate. Even if there were more doubts, he would not show any.

He will do as Liang always tells him.

“I can't believe it! Rex would take me as an apprentice!” Yan Liang wanted to know where Rex made such a grand speech when he made a stroke to Liang Xi Cheng? The joyful news broke the gloomy mood caused by her pregnancy in the morning, at this moment. After all, Rex was her idol. She can learn her dream design from her hero, which was like a pie falling from the sky! ”

She didn't expect that Chairman Liang would arrange such an excellent opportunity for herself!

Yan Liang remembered what she said to Liang Xi Cheng at the gate of the hospital last night. She felt even more guilty.

When she came back home last night, she thought, “Would Liang Xi Cheng fired her for her reckless words? ”

In the end, she used the villain's heart to measure the gentleman's belly. He was not such a person at all; instead, he gave her such an excellent opportunity!

“a.s.sistant Guan, where is Chairman Liang now? I want to say thank you to him personally!” Today, Liang Xi Cheng didn't come to the company. Yan Liang didn't know where he went.

a.s.sistant Guan raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, “Secretary Bai, don't you know? I thought you knew very well that today was the day when Miss Ye Qing came back from England. Chairman Liang should have gone to pick her up at the airport. ”

“Ye Qing?” It seems that she has never heard of the name. a.s.sistant Guan even called her “Miss.” So, she should be a woman.

Liang Xi Cheng put down his work and went to pick up at the airport in person. It seemed this Ye Qing was not some kind of n.o.body.

“a.s.sistant Guan, who is Ye Qing?” She asked as soon as the thought flashed through her head.

Guan, not being vague, told her directly, “Miss Ye Qing is a significant and exceptional person to Chairman Liang in general. Miss Ye Qing has been in England for the past two years. Oh, by the way, she also studies design. I don't think she will leave this time. She studied at the Royal College of Art before. It was about time; she came back from graduation. She might also join the EC to help Chairman Liang. ”

Reference Note:

[1]狗拿耗子Gǒu ná hàozi means minding business that don't concern you. It is the common sense that only cat catch rats not the dog.  Basically, the dog was doing cat's job to catch rats.

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