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Chapter 75: Old Acquaintance 

Lei Yufeng also smiled . He wasn’t concerned about a tiny nation like this .

If he wanted someone, he would definitely obtain her .

Of course, Hua Ruxue also understood this . It was just that she didn’t want to reveal the cards in her hands so fast . She wanted to see Xiao Susu’s full value .

If all she had was talent at the arts, she could bear with the pain of giving her away .

The Jasper Flower Banquet has already become Xiao Susu’s personal banquet . Everyone present waited eagerly for her performances and the surprises she would bring . The moment she left the stage, everyone else that stepped onto the stage seemed colorless .

That’s why, although Xiao Susu won the interest of the male aristocracy—including the interest of the three princes of the three different nations—all the other partic.i.p.ants in the banquet resented her .

However, Xiao Susu didn’t care about any of this .

Since things have already gotten to this point, there was no choice but to continue on .

She didn’t regret standing out . In this lifetime, she vowed to live grandly and freely .

This was only just beginning .

That day, the Xiao residence had a huge feast in order to celebrate Xiao Susu’s rise to fame .

Xiao Susu happily celebrated with her family without being modest or proud .

The fourth compet.i.tion was painting .

“This prince really looks forward to her performance today . ” Xu Weiran was still in a flawlessly white attire that made him seem untainted by the mortal realm .

However, the light in his eyes revealed his intentions .

His attention was fully focused on Xiao Susu and he had even sent people to investigate her .

He wanted to know how she had managed to gain so many shocking talents after just waking up?

“I heard that someone’s challenging her . ” The man in black next to Xu Weiran spoke with a slight smile, “She’s been standing out too much these past few days . ”

“Brother He must not be aware of the fact that it has always been the south boundary’s custom to be very open . This is completely normal,” replied Xu Weiran while shaking his head .

The person standing next to him was He Yitian, the master of Shadow Blade House .

Back then, he had slipped into the Marquis of Nord’s Residence with a large group of, but was forced to retreat .

Ever since that battle, his reputation in great Yan had plunged so he had no choice but to move Shadow Blade House to the south boundary .

The moment he got to the south boundary, he obtained the recognition of the crown prince of Serene Chaste Nation and was taken as a subordinate .

Of course, no one on the surface knew of He Yitian’s true ident.i.ty . His status was the crown prince’s personal bodyguard .

And his Shadow Blade House carried out Xu Weiran’s orders only in the shadows .

As the two were talking, about a dozen young girls had walked onstage together, including Xiao Susu .

Regardless of how simply she dressed, everyone could pick her out with one glance due to her unique aura .

“Hua Qianzi…” He Yitian cried out softly in shock .

The people next to him rolled their eyes .

Xu Weiran glanced towards the woman He Yitian was looking at and his eyes lit up . Although Hua Qianzi’s aura wasn’t as impressive as Xiao Susu’s and her looks weren’t as flawless either, she was still a beauty capable of toppling a city .

“Hua Qianzi… This surname of ‘Hua’ belongs to the nation,” remarked Xu Weiran while glancing over at He Yitian .

“Indeed . ” Something seemed to occur to He Yitian and he rubbed his chin . “Then that means… she’s the female emperor’s daughter… But, why was she in the Marquis of Nord’s residence for so many years…”

That sentence caused Xu Weiran’s eyes to glow . “You’re saying that the emperor has a relations.h.i.+p with the Marquis of Nord?”

This was quite a shock .

Everyone was aware of the Marquis of Nord’s power . Even in the south boundary, he was a G.o.d-like existence on the battlefield .

As they were talking, onstage, the beauties had already started grinding the ink to paint .

It was very quiet below the stage . Of course, their focus was still on Xiao Susu .

Xiao Susu didn’t seize full attention like in the previous three compet.i.tions and just stood like a peony next to Hua Qianzi .

Hua Qianzi’s appearance surprised Xiao Susu, but she didn’t let it show .

When she was walking onto the stage, she had looked up and found that Hua Qianzi was standing next to her, dressed in red and arrogant as always .

However, her eyes now contained a bit of hurt .

Xiao Susu really wanted to know how her wedding went .

And since she was here, Mo Wenchen would probably appear too .

When her thoughts reached this point, her hand involuntarily trembled and the peony she was painting became flawed . Hence, she wasn’t able to seize unconditional victory this time .

However, it still won over the hearts of everyone present . This drawing showed clear skill . Wind seemed to be contained in the strokes of the brush and the drawn peony looked as if it was truly blooming in a garden .

Meanwhile, Hua Qianzi had painted a young girl playing in the water . The painting was also vivid and lifelike with extremely fine detail .

The beautiful talented lady that the south boundary had been exclaiming praises about these past four days suddenly had a compet.i.tor, Hua Qianzi, so the people present couldn’t help but become curious about who this woman was .

She actually sat next to the emperor, Hua Ruxue, and her looks were very similar to Hundred Flowers Nation’s only prince .

Of course, ever since Hua Qianzi had appeared, Hua Qianye became very low-key and now sat slightly further away from the emperor’s side .

He emitted a cold gloomy aura that distanced everyone .

Xiao Susu had already known about Hua Qianzi’s ident.i.ty, but her appearance still made her fl.u.s.tered and reminded her of her hatred .

Of course, the person she hated more was Mo Wenchen .

Perhaps it was because she had loved him too much, which made her hatred even stronger .

“Hua Qianzi . ”

Baili Mo also lightly repeated these three words . Everyone was aware that ‘Hua’ was Hundred Flowers Nation’s surname, so they were also aware of what Hua Qianzi’s sudden appearance meant .

These past years, there were ceaseless conflicts in the palace because Hua Ruxue didn’t have a daughter .

However, now Hua Qianzi was standing here in such a high-profile manner .

It was a public announcement that there had always been a successor to Hundred Flowers Nation’s throne .

So a lot of people immediately looked over at Hua Qianye .

Although he was a man, Serene Chaste Nation and Unyielding Clouds Nation had always had high hopes for him because he was very skilled in tactics and schemes .

His existence caused the two nations apprehension .

However, everything had changed in the blink of an eye .

“It seemed that there’s about to be a good show to watch . ” Nangong Mo also laughed in slight contempt . They’ve always disliked this nation whose women were in power .

If it weren’t for the firm foundations that their ancestors had laid down in addition to Lunar Waters Palace’s control, there was no way Hundred Flowers Nation would’ve been able to survive a thousand years .

“En . This Hua Qianzi also isn’t someone easy to deal with either . ” However, Baili Mo was looking at Xiao Susu . When he saw that she looked unperturbed regardless whether she won or lost, he couldn’t help but feel admiration .

These past four days, he had been confident in his own beliefs . He felt that the only reason Xiao Susu was able to gain so much fame was because of her sudden change from being a fool to being someone with so much talent .

However, it was only now that he had the feeling that a woman like this would be able to s.h.i.+ne brilliantly no matter where she went .

It was like she was born to be raised up and wors.h.i.+pped .

Nangong Mo narrowed his eyes slightly . “However, we should investigate into her background . ”

Of everyone present, the people that understood Hua Qianzi the most was Lei Yufeng and Xiao Susu, which was why they were the most calm .

Of course, Xiao Susu was still a little puzzled . Hua Qianzi’s attire didn’t seem like that of a newly wed woman . In that case…

She shook her head, then laughed scornfully at herself . What was she thinking? So what if Hua Qianzi hadn’t been able to marry Mo Wenchen? None of it had anything to do with her anymore .

“Susu… Are you not feeling well?” Old Madame Xiao had walked over at some point and was now gently patting Xiao Susu’s shoulder .

Xiao Susu was a little off today . Other people may not have noticed, but her abnormality couldn’t escape Old Madame Xiao’s eyes .

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira