Chapter 1276: Patriarch Gu

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The patriarchs left. That handsome young man Long Yunhai waved his hand and said, “Please, come with me.”

Yun Longhai, together with a dozen other disciples, showed Lu Li to a hall. Inside, Yun Longhai took out many pamphlets to distribute. “On this are the rules of the Chamber of Relics. You must commit the rules to memory. Remember, if you violate the first 10 rules, you will be executed with no chance of leniency. n.o.body can save you. You will be evicted from Chamber of Relics if you violate the following 10 rules and the Hall of Regulations will convict you when you break the last 30 rules.”

Lu Li browsed the pamphlet. The first rule was not to deceive and betray teachers and the seniors. Violators would be punished with death. That was understandable. To any sect and force, deception and betrayal would be considered a felony. Someone deserved to be executed when they gained knowledge from a sect only to betray and destroy it.

The second rule was not to commit fratricide. That was within reason, of course. If fellow disciples of the same sect were to murder each other, that would bring about a negative review and affect the unity within a sect. Besides, that would shake the foundation of a sect.

The third rule was not to leak the knowledge learned from the sect. The fourth rule was not to do anything that would tarnish the reputation of the sect and the fifth rule…

The first 10 rules were all on grave matters. Chamber of Relics appeared to be a sect with integrity and principles, which could be told from the rules.

Lu Li took a look and remembered all the rules. Since he had joined the Chamber of Relics and had offended Lady Dan and Long Yunhai, he must behave himself. On the off chance that he broke any rules, Lady Dan and Long Yunhai could take advantage and make a scene.

“Okay. Familiarize yourself with the rules. I will learn about openings in our departments.”

Long Yunhai waved his hand and a dozen disciples stayed here. He turned into a smaller hall as soon as he came out. Lady Dan and a bunch of other young ladies were here.

“Brother Hai!”

Many young ladies called him intimately. Lady Dan threw a look at Long Yunhai but said nothing. She just pouted in anger.

“Sister Dan!”

Long Yunhai nodded to others in a charming manner and said to Lady Dan with a smile, “There, there. That punk has come to the Chamber of Relics but I will take it out on him for you. Now, I am in charge of distributing the new disciples. What do you say if I send him to guard the cemetery? How about one thousand years?”


Several young ladies were excited to hear this. They could not stop chatting over this idea. Someone proposed to make Lu Li cook for a hundred years. Some said Lu Li should be sent to horse breeding business while others stated Lu Li should be made to clean bathrooms for a thousand years…

Those young ladies here were granddaughters of the patriarchs and had grown to be fiends in human shapes. Naturally, they would want to vent their anger since they were provoked. They were not actually bad people. Rather, they were just spoiled.

Lady Dan felt happier to hear all this. She rolled her eyes and all of a sudden, had an idea. “I don't like your ideas. I say, let's send him to that weirdo Gu. Lu Li will have so much fun being tortured by Gu…”

“Weirdo Gu!”

Everyone was as mute as fish when they heard the name. It was as if the name carried some magical power that had caused the young ladies to turn pale from fright. They trembled with fear.

A young lady in an emerald dress said, “Patriarch Gu? Isn't that too cruel given Patriarch Gu's temper? The last disciple sent to him had lost his mind…”


Lady Dan said, hopping mad, “Well, then he should not have provoked me. From young, I haven't been scolded in public for once. That punk humiliated me. I will not focus on forging artifacts if I cannot vent my anger.”


Long Yunhai nodded, “I will a.s.sign him to Patriarch Gu as long as it can make you happy. He is proud that his study on Inhibition Formation is good, right? Patriarch Gu is one of the best patriarchs here. That punk can learn something from Patriarch Gu. Lady Dan, relax. I will get it done now.”

“Ha, ha, Brother Hai, that is mighty nice of you!”

Lady Dan's sweet smile made Long Yunhai feel smitten. The other young ladies were frustrated to notice the expressions on Long Yunhai's face. As far as they were concerned, Long Yunhai was the man of their dreams. However, Long Yunhai was obsessed with Lady Dan. It was not surprising since Lady Dan was a talent on forging artifacts rarely seen in a million years, and she was stunning and her status in the sect was high.

Long Yunhai left to collect information about the openings. Afterward, he returned to the hall. The dozen disciples had readied the roster of the registered new disciples and some brief information of Lu Li and others were noted down.


Long Yunhai threw a look to the group, solemnly, and began to call the names, “Liu Yihe, Fang Yang, Chen Qi, Li Tianyyi… Qi Guanyue, the 10 of you will go to Hall of Artifacts. Long Yunhe, you take them there.”

“Hall of Artifacts?”

The 10 people were delighted. Hall of Artifacts was very important at the Chamber of Relics. A large number of Relics were manufactured by Hall of Artifacts which had tons of resources.

It was possible that the 10 would only run errands but they still had a lot to learn. In a few years, they could become official disciples and by then, they could engage in forging artifacts.

“Hu Xili, Ji Feng, Yue Ming, Huang Hu… Liu Xi, the 20 of you will go to Hall of Vessels. Long Yunshan, take them there!”

Long Yunhai called another 20 people's name. They did not look happy. Hall of Vessels had a large population but it was less important than Hall of Artifacts. The Hall of Vessels was in charge of managing materials and vessels and odds and ends such alike. The disciples sent there would only engage in such trivial business…

As registered disciples, they could only take on the heaviest and toughest jobs when they first joined the Chamber of Relics. It would be years before they could welcome the day to hold up their heads. The 20 people understood this perfectly but they were still disappointed.

“Zhao Diming, Cao Qucheng…”

“Tang Tao, w.a.n.g Huatian…”

The registered disciples were a.s.signed to different halls. Someone may have some connections to the Chamber of Relics because they would be a.s.signed to a certain patriarch directly. Some were a.s.signed to the Hall of Warfare. Since the Hall of Warfare rarely had the chance to go to battle because n.o.body had the courage to offend Chamber of Relics, positions in Hall of Warfare were not quite crucial.

Only seven people were still here. They were all nervous. All the positions in the more important halls were taken. Where would the rest of them go? n.o.body knew.


Lu Li sighed. Long Yunhai had not looked at him. He acted as if he was reasonable but Lu Li knew that Long Yunhai must have a plan to make him suffer.

“Lu Li!”

A moment later, Long Yunhai said. Lu Li looked into Long Yunhai's eyes, knowing that he must face the result now.

Long Yunhai paused for a bit and then looked at the few people around Lu Li. Pointing to a person, Long Yunhai said, “Qian Huanhan, you and Lu Li will go to Patriarch Gu and act as he tells you.”

“Patriarch Gu?”

Lu Li was surprised. Long Yunhai did not send him to clean bathrooms or guard graveyard. He told Lu Li to go to a patriarch. How come Long Yunhai was being so nice? That was not right.

“Patriarch Gu?”

The disciples next to Long Yunhai were taken aback. Three of the seven people were shocked as well. They all looked at Lu Li and Qian Hunhan with pity.

Qian Huanhan seemed to be slow. He was still confused. Lu Li's heart skipped a beat. This Patriarch Gu must be difficult to be around. Lu Li supposed that he would live in misery, not to mention learn anything…