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In a great bustle, Wu Qi destroyed all the traces around him that could possibly expose the fact that he was different than others. At this point in time, he couldn't care less that everything here, every blade of gra.s.s and every tree, was personally planted by Patriarch Yuan Hua.

However, when he raised his head and looked at the tribulation cloud above, he could not help but feel a headache. How was he going to explain this heavenly tribulation? Could he just tell them that the Heavens sent it down for no apparent reason? But, this did not make sense at all! Furthermore, the heavenly tribulation was overly powerful. Although the power of each thunderbolt was only equal to a minor tribulation faced by an ordinary cultivator when he had his Nascent Soul transformed into Nascent Divinity, they came in a great number. From the first thunderbolt until now, at least three hundred of them had already smashed down.

Even those unlucky Long Bo people would not have to face such insane thunder tribulation.

What excuse could he use to blind them? Wu Qi was clueless for the moment.

Princess Zhang Le was still hovering midair, and her Nascent Soul was absorbing thunderbolt after thunderbolt happily and excitedly. In the meanwhile, many clouds and sword beams were approaching from all directions. Patriarch Yuan Hua, all thirty-three Yuan Hua Sect's Heaven Immortals, as well as several tens of Nascent Divinity cultivators who were in charge of the affairs of the sect, were arriving one after another. When they saw Princess Zhang Le's Nascent Soul absorbing thunderbolts as if it were just a fun game, they were all flabbergasted.

With a blink, Patriarch Yuan Hua brought Daoist Chi, Daoist Min, and all the other Elders, and came next to Wu Qi. He grabbed Wu Qi and asked, "What is happening? Why are these thunderbolts here? Is anyone of you transcending the Nascent Divinity tribulation? Or is it because of other reason? But... this thunder tribulation doesn't look right! How many sins does one have to do in order to attract so many thunderbolts?"

Patriarch Yuan Hua stared at Wu Qi with a bright gleam flickering in his eyes, showing a look of not going to rest until he got to the root of the issue.

Wu Qi spread his arms helplessly and said with a wry smile, "I've no idea at all!"

He really had no idea why the thing would have turned into the current state. The shadowy figure who gave him the Scroll of Stealing never mentioned this before. He never told him that when innate Spirit Embryos transformed into innate Nascent Souls, he would be greeted with an awe-inspiring thunder tribulation such as this. How could one face several hundred heavenly thunders that smashed down continuously? If an ordinary cultivator were to face it, he would have long smitten to ashes! It was not something that anyone could deal with happily as if it were just a game like Princess Zhang Le!

All the Elders of Yuan Hua Sect looked at the tribulation cloud in the sky in utter confusion, then at Princess Zhang Le, who kept absorbing thunderbolts underneath it in a carefree manner. 'What incredible latent potential does she possess to turn a thunder tribulation into a game?' All these Elders thought as they narrowed their eyes, their minds filled with various ideas.

Suddenly, Wu Qi felt a rather hostile glance peeking at him. After forming his innate five elements Nascent Souls, his six senses had become several tens of times sharper. Even when an ordinary mortal was glancing at him, it would cause a subtle ripple that he could sense, just like a dragonfly touching the surface of water. Wu Qi turned to look where the glance was coming from, and saw White Sparrow turning a darkened face away.

'Uh, so at the end, this guy still has doubts on me? Is he suspecting that I am the one who robbed his Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag?'

Wu Qi's finger moved a little unnaturally, as he knew that the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag was laying quietly inside the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. He winked at Daoist White Sparrow, and could not help himself but laugh under his sleeve. 'What can you do to me even if you know I am the one who robbed your Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag? Where is the evidence? You are a grand and mighty Heaven Immortal, but your immortal item was robbed by a Nascent Soul junior! Despite how shameless you can be, would you have the courage to tell everyone about this?'

Wu Qi knew that Daoist White Sparrow would eventually suspect him, and there was nothing he could do to change that. During the incident, there were too many witnesses in Green Cliff Immortal Market. So, it was impossible for him to kill every one of them just to prevent the leak of information. Nevertheless, this was how Wu Qi's thought process worked, 'Yes, I've robbed you, but what can you do to me? Inside Yuan Hua Sect, I'm sure you will never swallow your pride and tell people that you've been robbed by me. And, if we are outside, why should I be scared of you?'

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi bared his row of white teeth and showed it to Daoist White Sparrow. The latter's face turned even uglier, darker, and colder, as if one could easily away a layer of frost from it.

The tribulation cloud in the sky was dissipating slowly. The fact that Wu Qi formed his innate Nascent Souls was something that even the Heaven and Earth envied and hated. Innate Nascent Soul was extremely magical. Although it was also part of the orthodox path of cultivating the Dao, it was not something that could be comparable to ordinary Nascent Souls, Nascent Divinities, and even immortal souls. An innate Nascent Soul matched perfectly with the Dao of Heaven and Earth. Once it was formed, it would behave like a cancerous cell, absorbing all sorts of profound principles in the Heaven and Earth, and harvesting the essence of the Heaven and earth to further strengthen itself at all times.

As a matter of fact, sending a thunder tribulation this powerful to attack Wu Qi was just a precautionary measure initiated instinctively by the Heavenly Dao.

Since Wu Qi's innate Nascent Souls had taken their final shape, the Scroll of Stealing had automatically concealed his aura. The tribulation cloud could no longer sense his existence, so they began to dissipate.

Right when everybody thought this was the end, the tribulation cloud suddenly began to gather in the sky again. But this time, the color of the cloud turned dark-green. Amidst the green thunderclouds that came rolling from all directions, countless silvery thunderbolts flickered and blinked soundlessly. A frightening, suffocating pressure came pressing down from above. Patriarch Yuan Hua and all the Elders were struck dumb once again.

"This... The legendary 'Green Immortal Destruction Thunder'?" said Patriarch Yuan Hua uncertainly as he tilted his head sideways.

"I think so? The Green Immortal Destruction Thunder that the Heaven sends when a Heaven Immortal attains the grand Dao of Gold Immortal!" Daoist Chi murmured under his breath.

"This doesn't make sense! Did someone on Green Cliff Planet just become a Gold Immortal? Hahaha, could that be one of our disciples?" Daoist Min felt like he was losing his mind. He forced an emotionless laugh, then kept laughing foolishly.

The rest of the Elders simply shut their mouth. They flew up into the air instinctively, fleeing as far as they could. This was the legendary Green Immortal Destruction Thunder which appeared only when a Heaven Immortal broke through the Gold Immortal realm. Rumors had it that among every ten existences of peak Heaven Immortal realm, only one or two could be lucky enough to transcend this unimaginably powerful tribulation and step into the realm of Gold Immortal. Even existences of peak Heaven Immortal realm could not withstand this thunder tribulation, let alone them, some low-lower grade Heaven Immortals?

Grabbing Wu Qi with one quick movement, Patriarch Yuan Hua was about to flee as well. But Wu Qi flicked his sleeve and freed himself from Patriarch Yuan Hua. "Something is not right! This thunder tribulation is targeting Zhang Le!" He said in a deep voice. "Also, although it is a Green Immortal Destruction Tribulation, its power seems weak!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua was taken aback. He raised his head quickly and sensed the target of the tribulation cloud. Indeed, it was targeting Princess Zhang Le. But, why did the Heaven send a thunder tribulation to attack her? Patriarch Yuan Hua gave the surroundings a quick glance as he cried out sternly, "Elders, listen to my order! Cordon off the entire back mountain, and disallow any disciple from entering. Everything that happened today will be the top secret of the sect. n.o.body is allowed to leak it!"

Daoist Chi and Daoist Min cupped their fists and answered. After that, they spread out into different directions with all the Heaven Immortal Elders and the several tens of Nascent Divinity cultivators, and began to cast out numerous restrictive spells which completely cordoned off the back mountain, preventing any disciples from entering.

The little sparrow perching on Princess Zhang Le's shoulder gave a long screech as it suddenly flapped its wings, flying up and wheeling around her. In the next moment, Princess Zhang Le's Nascent Soul exploded, transforming into a clump of five-colored mist that swirled in the air. It stunned everyone present. With her Nascent Soul exploded, didn't that mean her three spiritual and seven physical souls were all disintegrated? This was a sign that she was dying!

However, right after her Nascent Soul exploded, the green tribulation cloud in the sky sunk down abruptly, as if a bull was being provoked. A deafening thunderclap rang out from within the cloud, which sounded like the rolling of drums.


The tremendous boom shook everyone, causing their blood and energy to rock violently. Wu Qi felt dizzy and his eyesight dimmed as well, as he was pushed tens of miles back.

Surprisingly, Princess Zhang Le was seen hovering midair with a faint smile on her face, quietly staring at the approaching tribulation cloud.

The five-colored mist that came from the explosion of her Nascent Soul turned into streams of light and flowed into her forehead. All of a sudden, the surrounding natural energies fluctuated violently. Like soldiers who had heard a command, all the natural energies in the entire Green Cliff Mountain, regardless of their distance and elemental nature, all of them turned into brilliant airflows that one could see with naked eyes, rus.h.i.+ng into Princess Zhang Le's body. More and more natural energies were being absorbed by her, but the aura emanating from her was getting weaker and weaker. Eventually, she blended with the natural energies, and could no longer be sensed by anyone.

Wu Qi looked at her thoughtfully. The method she used to hide her aura amidst the natural energies was somewhat similar to a few aura concealing techniques found in the Scroll of Stealing. As many of the techniques in the Scroll of Stealing were stolen from somewhere or someone, could the root of these few techniques be traced back to Princess Zhang Le's bloodline?

Abruptly, a blinding light lit the void. A green thunderbolt smashed down from the sky together with a loud, bloodcurdling boom. The entire Green Cliff Mountain trembled, and all the underground energy veins were nearly shattered by the sudden thunderbolt. Even though it was a weaker version of the Green Immortal Destruction Thunder, just the tiny bit of destruction aura containing in it had already made all the Heaven Immortals present feel extremely awful, causing them to fall down to the ground on their backs.

With a wave of her hand, a figure emitting faint five-colored gleam flew out of Princess Zhang Le's body. The figure sang softly, and all the mountain ridges within one hundred miles trembled immediately. Countless tiny wisterias grew out from the lofty old trees on the back mountain, transforming into layers upon layers of wooden s.h.i.+elds which greeted upon the falling thunderbolt.

The mighty and powerful thunderbolt smashed the wooden s.h.i.+elds to pieces, layer after layer. However, no matter how many layers of wooden s.h.i.+elds were smashed, there were always more of them that greeted up. Initially, the thunderbolt was only less than thirty feet away from her, but when the three-thousandth layer of wooden s.h.i.+eld was destroyed, the distance between the thunderbolt and her had increased to ten thousand feet. Not only had the three thousand layers of wooden s.h.i.+elds neutralized the thunderbolt, they also pushed the accompanied thunder-flame three thousand feet back.

Since ancient times, the methods of dealing with thunder tribulation were either to avoid it, or to fight it head-on. n.o.body had ever seen or heard that it could be forced back like this. All the Heaven Immortals who witnessed this were struck dumb. Only Patriarch Yuan Hua was looking at Princess Zhang Le thoughtfully. His face filled with a joyful look that could not be concealed.

"She is not forming a Nascent Divinity, but an Innate Divine Soul! This little girl actually possesses the bloodline of an ancient G.o.d! This is amazing! Now, there is hope of prosperity for our Yuan Hua Sect!" Patriarch Yuan Hua murmured under his breath with a big smile on his face, and Wu Qi heard him loud and clear.

Innate Divine Soul? Ancient G.o.d? The information relating to these words surfaced from Lady Dark Gold Water's memory.

Mm, the barbarian tribes on Myriad Immortals Planet were really... a thoughtful arrangement!