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「Well then, let's immediately get the match that everyone's been waiting for started──Is what I would like to say, but first, let's review the rules!」
When Usagi-chan said that into the mic, the loud cheering that was going on until just a little earlier changed into a great booing.
「Now, now, everyone, the rule review is important!」
Usagi-chan tried to pacify the spectators, but the spectators didn't stop.
Boo! Boo!
「I, I mean, I was told to do this by management.」
Boo! Boo!

Finally, Usagi turned her face down, and started trembling.
Rather, what the heck is this, how all of the spectators became one and started bullying her.
If she recieves something like this, she'll absolutely……Ahーah, she'll cry, she'll immediately cry, she will definitely cry, look she's cry──
「──Shhhhhaddduuuupppp, ya d.a.m.ned s.h.i.+tty ○○'s ! When I say I'm gonna explain the rules, I'm gonna do it, you pieces of sc.u.m!! Do ya want me to murdalize ya'll, aaahh!!」
*DON!!* (BANG!!)
Together with her dreadfully foul harsh words, Usagi-chan fired Explosion Magic towards the spectators.
Eh, wh, what? What's this?
An explosion happened right in front of the audience seating, all of whom were unable to anything about the attack, and cheers were made.
And, why were cheers being made from having magic shot at them?

「Fuー, fuー!!……A, as you can see, a super powerful magic barrier has been put up in between the arena and the audience seating by several tens of Magicians, and will protect all of you in the audience!」
When the explosion cleared up, the appearance of an uninjured and excited audience was there.

「A barrier huh……In other words……!!」
Pulling out a kunai, Kuon threw that high towards the sky.
When the vigorously thrown kunai flew up about 30-40 meters,
*gin*, it was repelled together with a high-pitched sound and then fell.
「I see.」
Seeming to have grasped something with that action just now, Kuon grabbed the kunai that fell and chuckled.
「Hou, Jou-chan, did you grasp it with that just now?」
Zappa asked that to Kuon while folding his arms.
「Pretty much. I've got it for the most part.」
Kuon closed one of her eyes and grinned.
Zappa also grinned at the words that were returned to him.
「Looks like I can look forward to things this time. It can't be helped that the excitement had withered after winning four times.」
「Well that's great. Your record of consecutive victories will come to a stop this time as well.」
The giant red haired man, Iibsal showed a smile reminiscent of a tiger.
「Fuーhahah! Correct! For I! Montelugi Bran Belhouchet the Third am here!! The champions.h.i.+p is mine -de aーru!!」[1]
The man clad in golden helmet and armor opened the front of his full face helmet and showed his face.
He was an ossan with a conspicuous handlebar mustache that protruded out from his helmet.

「Gururu, in that case, I will crush that confidence of yours along with that armor.」[2]
The Dragonnewt carried his mace on his shoulder while hitting his tail on the ground.


Without joining in with those guys that were frivolously talking with each other together with their bloodl.u.s.t, the black full face helmet woman and the white overcoat man kept quiet while standing there doing nothing.
In term's of character, I'll go along with them and keep quiet.

「And that's all. Those were the rules! Next up is the announcement for the tournament's pairings! Everyone, bring your attention to the sky of the arena~!」
Before I knew it, the rule explanation was finished.
Well, other than not falling into the sea that filled the s.p.a.ce between the ring and the audience seats, the rules were pretty much almost anything is allowed.
I can agree with how the audience booed her. (I only learned of this afterwards but it seems that Usagi-chan snapping from the booing was a promised event of this town's arena. One of those snapping performances)

「This is……They're using another rare magic.」
Looking up at the sky, I reflexively muttered that.
What was suspended in the sky was a tournament chart that looked like a ghost leg lottery that was spread out in a fan shape.
They really went and used a spell that was considered tricky even amongst magic.
The twelve person tournament chart slowly rotated so that everyone in the audience could see it.

「For the tournament pairings, we will first start with deciding who gets the four seeding rights. Partic.i.p.ants, please take a card from here.」
In Usagi-chan's hands were several tens of cards that she pulled out from who knows where.
They were cards that were long in length like tarot cards.

「Now then, go ahead.」
Being prompted by Usagi, I pulled a card from the stack. What came out was a white card.
「Ah, too bad.」
Usagi-chan looked at the card and said that.
So it really was a miss.
Dammit, I don't really want to fight too much.
「Hyuu! As expected of my great self! Even luck is on my side.」
What Iibsal pulled was also a white card.
Huh, wasn't that a miss?
……Ahー, no, I guess to this guy, being able to fight is a win. He has a way of thinking that I envy.
「Gururu…Therianthrope, this is?」
「Ohh! It's a super win! The first one to obtain seeding rights was Partic.i.p.ant Do Ijun!」
Going *don don pafu pafu*, the venue got excited, but the Dragonnewt called Do Ijun crossed his arms looking sulky. So this guy was also a muscles for brains type.
After that, Zappa, the white coat man, and the man said to be a knight from some country drew the winning cards and obtained the seeding rights.

「Well then, now that the seeding rights have been decided……The partic.i.p.ants' compet.i.tion pairings have also concludedー! The pairing numbers were actually allocated on the cards that were handed out to the partic.i.p.ants!」
At almost the same time Usagi-chan said those words, the number 10 became visible on my once plain card.
「Here is the first match! The Knight of Shootvania Narante versus the Fist Saint Iibsal!!」[3]
The faces of the two people whose names were called out emerged int the sky of the arena, and letters were carved into the tournament chart.
I see, so the turn order matches the pairing chart.
In that case, I'm closer to the end.
「Second match, the Fox Tribe's Kuon Heleott versus the Golden Armored Montelugi the Third!!」
Oh, Kuon was called. ……However, her opponent is that full bodied orichalc.u.m jerk huh. How would she fight against orichalc.u.m that defends against not only regular attacks but even against magic.……Uーn, I wonder if I should have gone all out and taught her Zantetsu?
「Third match, the Mysterious Female Knight Ryuune Lenfe, and the one facing her is Adventurer Amda Jester!!」
So she's here, the Mysterious Female Knight.
Since I don't know how she'll fight either, I need to pay careful attention.
Still, she really has a great body. Even though both her breast and b.u.t.t are big, she has a small waist, and her legs are long and slender.
If even her face was that of a beauty, she'd be perfe……Nn?
The one that was looking at the mysterious female knight called Ryuune as if licking her up was me, but somehow……yeah, somehow I harbored a feeling of discomfort.
I don't know what it was that made me feel that way though.
「Fourth match, the black coated man, 『Black』 versus, the Aloof Martial Artist Yan Lian! 」
Ah, it's me, it's me.
I almost didn't hear her.
So my opponent was the man wearing the clothes that looked like Chinese clothing……Ah, c.r.a.p, his name escaped me.
「And with that, we have finished announcing the pairings for the tournament's first round. The first match of the first round will commence in ten minutes. Everyone, give all twelve of our partic.i.p.ants a big round of applause~!!」
While engulfed in the thunderous excited cheering and applause, the final selection of the Magic Clad Martial Arts Demonstration finally started.

「Kikiki, I had heard that the strongest or something would be here, but they are not worth mentioning! With riffraff of this level, my master's hold on the champions.h.i.+p would not even shake.」

In a section of the audience seating, there was a young lady holding a parasol.
She had beautiful long golden hair and golden eyes.
She was a beautiful young lady who did not suit this arena where b.l.o.o.d.y battles were going to unfold from here on out.
This blond haired young lady gazed at the partic.i.p.ants that stood in the arena's ring and laughed.

「That is in the event that Yuu uses the power of the Sacred Sword. Although he's strong even in his current state, right now, there are few opponents that he can think optimistically about.」
At her side, there was another youthful young lady.
The young lady with bright green hair and emerald eyes interjected the words of the young lady next to her.
When she did, the blond young lady made a face that went *mu*.
「Hmph, you saw the 『future』, didn't you? Honestly, both the current and previous 『Witches of Time』 are boorish -jya.」
The blond young lady, Paimon, said that looking annoyed.
「I did not see it. However, if you know about Yuu's capabilities, that much is easy to imagine. Since I am Yuu's partner, I know him very well.」
The bright green haired young lady, Lililuri, crossed her arms and proudly replied.
「To begin with, if you are his partner, you should be having faith in Master's absolute victory -jyaro ga.」
「Mm-mn. Properly watching at those kinds of places and following up is what a partner does. That is what I want to become, that kind of partner. Not like you who completely depends on him.」

「What was that -jya to?」

The two young ladies glared at each other, and sparks scattered.
……That was not a figurative expression, as crakling sparks scattered in between them.
Their respective Maryoku was clas.h.i.+ng agaisnt each other.
「Both of you, come off it. Even if Silence and Recognition Obstruction have been casted, there is no changing the fact that you are bothering the surrounding guests.」
The tan skinned woman that was sitting in the audience seat next to Lililuri, Tre, gulped down a sake bottle that she held in her hand while making a wry smile.
「Kikiki, it looks like the attendant understands things better.」
「You didn't understand it either. ……Honestly, that d.a.m.ned Yuu, was he trying to make me a babysitter?」
「「Who are you calling a baby!!」」

「The both of you.」

Not knowing how many she had already made today, Tre breathed another sigh.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Refers to himself with "wagahai"
[2] His speech uses katakana and kanji.
[3] Not sure if it should be Fist Saint or Fist Emperor or what. Original: 拳聖