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A+ A- Chapter 152
152. Queen's expectationn

TL: Dragox

"Well, isn't the day about to end?"
"Looks like it. I guess this room is near so we can pa.s.s the night."

Beginning with the "foolish youngsters" as opponents, the day with the murder-like schedule has finished at last.
After the first half of the day, my memory gets hazy.

"Papa, this is a sleeping room. You can get comfortable and restore your physical strength."

Kachua in her underwear says this while lying on a gorgeous chaise lounge. 1
I'm not sure if it is fortunate or unfortunate... but she doesn't have any s.e.x appeal.

"I'm relieved that i won't have to pa.s.s a sleepless night... What about the bride and the groom?"

On the other side of the room, Tsubaki and prince Mars were lying each on a chaise lounge with dead eyes.

"Master? Since it would be troublesome for them to sleep together before the ceremony is over, this is a matter of course. Also, isn't it rude to see so much of single women?"

Suu says so, but she is also lying down.
... As expected, we already feel like dying.

"Even if you tell me not to see, it will be in line of sight if they are sleeping nearby. And since Kachua is my daughter, she probably doesn't mind."
"If one doesn't want to be seen, one should wear something. Right now, I rather be as comfortable as possible."

Even then, don't just spread your legs.
You are a girl, are not you? At least that's what you say.

"So, what's the schedule for tomorrow?"
"Yes. Tomorrow is the correspondence of the soldiers and influential people in the city by the queen in turn. There is planned to be an information exchange with the queen whom will come soon..."

When that was said, the door opened.
Because this room is off limits except for relatives, those who can come in are limited.

"Haa ... well, at this age a wedding ceremony is harsh. Oh, you do not have to rise like that. If courtesy was held during a wedding ceremony, elves would not last."

A s.e.xy elf with silver hair says that as she starts to take of her luxurious dress.
After she's left on her underwear, she lies down on a chaise lounge opposite from me.

"Surprised? This is an elven introduction. Formality is unneeded in the relatives lounge. I guess one can see a person's true heart in such extreme conditions. Well, this is a really ancient custom though."
"... Lets proceed, then. I am Tsubaki's foster father, Zest. I'm also acting as Kachua's foster father."

"Fufu, still using that kind of tone. Well I guess I have to get used to it. I'm the mother of that idiot son over there. Elisha 2is the name... also known as the queen."
"Is it... normal? So, can I call you Elisia?"

"No need to be so stiff.3 Since this place is for one to act as in home... won't it be strange if one is too serious?"

She starts laughing while covering her mouth.
Her height is about 170 cm4 and has the body of a model.
I see... I can easily see the Prime minister falling for her.

"No way Kachua will be anyones daughter. This must means you can be trusted."
"Oh, Elisha? He can be trusted. You can speak with papa."

Kachua says this as she rolls on her belly to face us.
You... you should at least close your legs, you granny.

"Really. Hey, Zest. The prime minister's faction changed the former king's policies. that foolish prince thought that i succ.u.mbed t

o their plot, while in truth I just played the role."
"I see. You worked hard."

"Fufu, i won't tell you to trust me all of a sudden. Please decide during this wedding. Just remember this, I will cooperate with you. We want to keep watch on Mars."
"I will take your word for now. For the time being, I want to focus on getting through the wedding ceremony."

"You really are cautious. Oh well. That's right, about the inheriting meeting..."
"Suu, I entrust it to you."
"Please leave it to me, master."

Well... How much of what this queen said was true.
Will the intelligence unit need to make its move?... While having such thought our interview continues.
Needless to say that I had to heal Suu in the middle, I might as well act as medical staff for everyone.
If I leave it to Suu, there won't be any problems.

'Are you the steward steward!? You are really capable! would you work for my country? Are not you interested in being a second lady?'
While refusing the scouting of such queen, the meeting continues.
Mars who was staring at Suu, groaned when Tsubaki used an iron claw on him after i resurrected her with healing magic.
You still don't understand...

"... That's all there is to it. You truly possess a good judgment."
"Thank you very much. But my lord is my only master.
"Elisha5, if you ask too much you will become papa enemy. Lets leave it at that."

Does Kachua have the higher position in their relations.h.i.+p?6
I wish i hadn't asked, but I was defeated by curiosity.

"What kind of relations.h.i.+p does Kachua have with Elisha?"
"Oh, Kachua was my tutor. I can't get to change our relations.h.i.+p since I was a child."
"There's also the thing of me changing Elisha's diapers. It's nostalgic... at that time there were few female high elves. I was appointed to make Elisha a fine queen who was decided to become the King's fiancee from the time she was born..."

The stories of old people sure are long... Now Kachua can't be stopped.
Thus her story lasted all night, and the second day of the wedding ceremony began...

"It's a pleasure."
"May the spirits guide you."
"Let's give a prayer of grat.i.tude to G.o.d."

It's basically a simple job to talk to these three.
What? Is it really easy?
... It is  if you can do it with a tired mind, putting a smile while listening to a boring story.

"Suu, Aren't your facial muscles twitching?"
"Master, it's a smile. A laugh with fighting spirit."

What kind of reasoning is that... There's a limit to psychology tricks as well.
When I look over my shoulder, I don't see an unreasonable Albert, in his place there's Suu.
She's quite tired as well.

"Suu, extend your hand."

I forcibly hold her hand a apply a healing spell.
I can treat almost any kind of fatigue myself.
But she can't.

"If you collapse, the dragons might as well cause an accident. Please hang in there a little longer."
"Thank you very much, master. But doing this here might cause an accident... It could be misunderstood as you having fun."

Rather, wouldn't this country disappear?
While having such dangerous thoughts, it happened.

"Hah! Are you telling me that this man that's just flirting around is the strongest in the empire? Then, I must be the strongest warrior of the continent!"

The man comes near while pus.h.i.+ng around the soldiers that are trying to stop him.
He's a muscle Daruma that has a height of 190cm 7

"Hick... Hey, great Mr. 'Sword of the Empire'. Are you strong? I'm also the one called to be the strongest in the country of elves... Stronger than Caris8 who's a follower of the prime minister.

Ho, addressing general Caris like that.9
And this magical power and intimidation aura... they are the ral thing.

"P-please stop it! Masui10, how much have you been drinking?"
"General, stop him!!"
"Such a bad drunk..."

The surrounding soldiers can do nothing but watch from a distance.
Well, it's probably impossible for them... The difference in their powers is so big that there's no way to win normally.

"I will not seek retribution for your sins. This is a party after all... this tiny bit of merry making is fine, such a nice guy."
"Master, you have a wonderful smile on your face."

It can't be helped.
I finally have an event to vent.
Lets take plenty of time and let the rest of the schedule go away.

"This is probably not known in the country of elves... I was originally adopted by the captain of a certain territory. In the past, there was such a fuss everyday, so i don't mind, be relieved."

While talking with a smile, the surroundings fills with an air of relief.
At least that's what I think.
The punishment for fighting against a key figure from another country is often death penalty.
At worst, all people concerned plus the family of the offender might receive capital punishment.

"However... What will happen if such a man says such things? Do you understand what happens next?"

Showing such a magical power all of a sudden, I can't just go and nervously say 'stop it'.
Let me show you a bit of my own magical power.

"Now as we are in the middle of a party, there will not be any crime charges. I Zest, swear it in this place. So be at ease..."

*Boom*11 a roaring sound makes me stop my speech.
There was smoke rising in the place where the man earlier was doing his intimidation.

The war maidens gather around me with tightened expressions.
They seem to have noticed... There is a monstrous presence lurking inside the smoke.
Even though they were working attending the drunk guests just now, they easily enter in working mode.

"You guys make some distance. Take Suu with you."

They silently nod, while making a circular formation around Suu, they begin to fall back.
Confirming that, I Start to fully use strengthening magic.

"Fuhahahaha, what a wonderful magic power! If you claim to be the strongest, this much is a must!"

It came out of the smoke, with long deep blue hair carrying a giant axe on its shoulder.
A female kemon.o.bito... a dog kemon.o.bito.
Wearing a leather armor with lots of scratches, she can't be seen as anything but a warrior.

"Won't this be a good side show for the party? Now, play with me! Zest!"

Saying it with such a belligerent smile, this person with her hair tied with a cord is so unreasonable.
... such a big world... for there to be such a strong warrior.

"Well, fine by me. Let me hear your name."12

I pull out my sword that was brought by one of the war maidens and take my stance.
The evacuation was done while we were having the exchange, and we were able to secure enough s.p.a.ce.
Even if it gets somewhat heated, the damage will be small.

"Oh, didn't I name myself? Hey, this isn't a duel to death. Isn't this just like a sport for kemon.o.bito? Lets take it easy."

She says while swaying lightly such a big axe with just one hand.
Well, it seems she isn't here with the intention of killing... is that really true?
Somehow, she gives the image of a child that really wants to play.

"Are you just a fool who really wants to fight... well alright. Either way it won't be good if I don't crush that pride of yours."

It has been decided.
My sword pointed at the other party, words weren't needed anymore.
Even if I say so myself, it's been a while since I felt like this.

Being soaked in the words... my mood was at its peak.

"Beast king, what are you doing in such a place!? Isn't the marriage celebration is until tomorrow?"
"If we can take this person I promise I will go obediently..."
"Hey! Her Majesty the Beast King is here! Over here!"

I guess we have to stop.

The kemon.o.bito kingdom's... Beast King is a woman.
I called her Majesty a fool, but please pardon me since this is a party.
She seems to sparkle, I thought from the bottom of my heart.

"Please wipe your tears, master. They really stand out."

Stop, Suu, you are just stabbing deeper... 


1. My furniture vocabulary is really lacking, i had to try 3 translating times this word to finally understand what they were lying on
2. First name I have to translate from katakana, so i will do what any other respected TL does and ask for suggestions :p (エリーシア)
3. He first called her Elisha-dono, and she said that -dono was uneeded
4. 5'7"
5. Kachua calls Elisha without honorifics.
6. I'm not sure if the grammar in this one is correct.
7. 6'4"
8. I hate all these minor characters that I forget about, and have to search around to remember who they are, and what's their name's spelling 
9. without honorifics.
10. マズイ
11. I kinda like that j.a.panese has such a wide variety of sound effects until I'm the one that's supposed to translate them.
12. I really don't understand why he whines about his monstrous muscleheads of subordinates when he's one of them.