After a few seconds of awkward silence, a loud thrumming of the helicopter drew nearer.

Jiang Yue immediately got up from her seat and instructed w.a.n.g Bolin to support w.a.n.g Minghua. Then w.a.n.g Huo will carry Natalie. "Let's go." She said without looking back at Antonio. In less than two minutes, the lake would explode. Though it was not that close to this place, she was sure that they would still feel the tremor. After all, the s.p.a.ce weapon is armed with antimatter that could cause big damages to its surrounding areas as well.

"Don't worry… I would fulfill my promise." Jiang Yue turned to look at everyone before she started to walk out of the hall.

In response, everyone also got up from their seat and followed her. But, before Jiang Yue could take a step out of the door, one of Antonio's men informed them that the helicopter that landed was not their own but someone else's. It was an armored chopper, equipped with guns and missile launchers.

This made everyone nervous, another enemy? The threat that Jiang Yue brought with her is not yet done. Yet now, another crisis arrived! Just what is happening?

"Jiang Yue… is that your men?" Peter asked as he followed Jiang Yue. Next to him was Mia who was clinging at her soon to be ex-husband.

"No." she answered. "But we will know soon…" she said before she strode out of the place. Her guts were telling her that the people who just arrived should be Fu Jin. And Jiang Yue could not deny the fact that this immediately changed her mood.

She took big steps out of the place, seemingly forgetting that their enemy is actually following her. In just a few seconds, Jiang Yue already arrived at the landing area and was surprised to see three helicopters in front of her. All of which were military grade choppers equipped with what Jiang Yue thought as bulletproof walls and complete armaments.

These were helicopter guns.h.i.+ps!

These helicopters were open doors, so it was easy for Jiang Yue to see the people inside. And the first person who she saw instantly made her shocked.

It was Li Qiang! NO. To be more accurate, it was someone who looked like Li Qiang. The man was the first person to get off the helicopter. His hair was short and slick. His cold domineering presence instantly made Jiang Yue froze. This… this man looked just like her!

She continued to watch the man, flabbergasted. She watched as the man shoved his hands on his pocket and narrowed his eyes at the military uniformed men who were getting down on the other helicopters. Then his eyes met Jiang Yue's

Jiang Yue stared at the man who was more than ten meters' away from her. Fl.u.s.tered, she looked away. Should she smile at the man? Maybe hug him? Say something nice? Jiang Yue remembered how she had always thought about meeting his father. She always thought that she could stand her ground and maybe pretend that they knew each other for years.

During the party last night. Jiang Yue was so excited to meet this man. Yet, she really did not think about the words that she would say to him. Should they just talk about the weather? Killing people? Blowing up the Vercello's?

This situation is just so awkward.

However, she quickly composed herself and turned her attention to the man who followed her father.

Fu Jin.

He was wearing an all-black tactical gear. His hair a little unruly. A small smile immediately escaped his lips when her eyes met his.

He was alive.

Jiang Yue was staring at Fu Jin intently. Apparently, her man was not even injured. She then breathe a sigh of relief and started to walk towards him. Jiang Yue was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she did not notice the sudden change in Fu Jin's expression. A look of horror was seen in his face as he strode towards Jiang Yue.

Deafened by the roar of the helicopter, Jiang Yue did not even notice that someone was stealthily walking behind her.


'What is happening?' Jiang Yue asked herself as her gaze started to blur, her hearing seemed to diminish and all she could see was Fu Jin running towards her. She then felt a throbbing pain on her chest and unconsciously looked down and clutched it.


'Was she stabbed?'


Jiang Yue sank on her knees as she lifted her chin to look at Fu Jin, her eyes full of disbelief.

She tried to extend her senses… Tried to hear what everyone was saying…

Jiang Yue heard m.u.f.fled gunshots erupt as Fu Jin held her in his arms.

She trembled as her eyes started to water. "Jin…" she whispered. "Save our baby."

Then a loud explosion coupled with Fu Jin's red eyes was the last thing that Jiang Yue saw before her consciousness ebbed away.