"Lu Jinnan! My dad is bound to call the cops once he discovers we've gone missing! You'll get nothing out of killing us! Young Master w.a.n.g knows of the conflict between us, so once we're dead, you won't be able to escape either!"

The elder brother's voice was trembling really hard, his cowardice of shrinking behind his sister long betraying the false show of strength he was putting up. It was a laughable scene indeed.

"I'm afraid the w.a.n.gs are looking for you this very moment too. The vice-director of the Province Department of Public Security has some ties with the w.a.n.gs, and he has already come to learn of how the ex-young boss of Guangxia Pharmaceuticals tried to cling onto Young Master w.a.n.g by using his sister. He was enraged after failing to extort money from Young Master w.a.n.g, so he viciously thrashed the fellow. While they were entangled in a fight, Young Master w.a.n.g accidentally lost his footing and fell off the building. The pair of siblings were afraid they might get into trouble if the police were to check the surveillance cameras, so they dared not send Young Master w.a.n.g to the hospital. Instead, they drove Young Master w.a.n.g's car to the city and dumped him in a bustling area. By the time he was discovered and sent to the hospital, the siblings had already escaped Haicheng, their whereabouts unknown…"

Upon hearing this, the brother was stunned. He suddenly wet in his pants, his legs trembling very hard.

The pair of them knew very well what the words "whereabouts unknown" implied. Lu Jinnan even dared to mess with Young Master w.a.n.g, so the two of them… had no way to live!

Lu Jinnan spoke as if he didn't care a bit and didn't mind wasting that bit of time with them. He felt immensely pleased looking at their frightened and disheveled states.

"We didn't! It's you… you framed us!" The sister was the first to come to this realization.

Lu Jinnan looked at the trembling pair of siblings, his voice totally unconcerned. "Framed or not, it doesn't matter. Anyway, it's already destined that you two won't live to see tomorrow's sun…"

"How did we offend you?" The sister couldn't resist crying out. "It's you who robbed my father of his pharmaceutical factory in the first place, causing us to lead lives worse off than dogs! We merely wanted to take a little revenge, and it's not like you even got injured or anything, why do you have to force death upon us?"

"The Lu Jindong from 12 years ago, do you still remember?" Lu Jinnan looked sinister.

Lu Jindong was Lu Jinnan's twin brother…

Twelve years ago, Lu Jindong had fancied the precious daughter of Guangxia Pharmaceuticals, and he who had never before touched drugs in his life… was duped by the siblings to have fun at a drug party. He ended up dying from an overdose. To absolve themselves of responsibility, they had insisted it was Lu Jindong who had injected those drugs into himself. Later, when Lu Jinnan's father went to confront the boss of Guangxia Pharmaceuticals, they broke one of his legs.

This was why Lu Jinnan had broken one leg of the boss of Guangxia Pharmaceuticals and forced him to sign with a knife to his neck.

At that time, if the Guangxia Pharmaceuticals boss hadn't agreed to sign, Lu Jinnan would absolutely not have shown mercy with that knife.

The sister widened her eyes as she stared at Lu Jinnan, as if she suddenly recalled something…

Lu Jinnan and Lu Jindong were fraternal twins, and so they didn't look all that similar.

So when they looked at Lu Jinnan, the siblings didn't even think of a.s.sociating him with Lu Jindong until Lu Jinnan mentioned Lu Jindong's name a moment ago. Now that she realized what had brought everything about, her eyes widened in shock.

"You… You are…"

The corners of Lu Jinnan's thin lips turned up viciously, a look of coldness on his face. "Lu Jinnan, Lu Jindong, you should've known just hearing the names… you can die knowing the truth now!"

"No! No…" The sister was shaking her head vigorously and s.h.i.+fting backwards with all her might as she attempted to s.h.i.+rk responsibility. "It was my brother! My brother was the one who suggested duping Lu Jindong into attending the drug party! He was also the one who said he wanted to see how much we could inject into a person before they died! It's none of my business! Let me off!"

The brother blew up upon hearing this from his sister. "What nonsense are you spouting? It was obviously you who said a poor chap liked you and was willing to do anything for you. You were the one who duped him into going there! It was also you who injected all those drugs into that man! How can you push all the blame to me?"

"I didn't! You forced me to! You forced me to! I didn't wish for Lu Jindong to die at all! I did like Lu Jindong! And Lu Jindong loved me so much!" The sister's eyelashes were trembling violently in fear as she gazed at Lu Jinnan. "Let me off! Lu Jindong liked me so much, he wouldn't want to see me die!"

"You can kill her and let me off! I… I… Since that man liked my sister so much, let my sister be buried with him! Right! That man would be happy with this arrangement!" The brother frantically pushed his sister to die in his stead.

"No! You're the one who should die!" the sister shrieked.

Lu Jinnan narrowed his eyes. The smile on his lips widened as he watched things get ugly between the pair of siblings.

Lu Jinnan looked towards his subordinate, who had been guarding inside. "Free the sister…"

The brother's eyes widened upon hearing this, a look of despair appearing as if he was about to meet his maker. On the other hand, the sister's eyes suddenly lit up. She began thanking Lu Jinnan profusely. "I will definitely be grateful to you for life! I won't call the cops once I'm out! I'll say my brother went missing on his own!"

The sister's knees were still weak. She was just freed and had yet to get to her feet when she saw the baseball bat in Lu Jinnan's hands. Bending over to smile lightly at her, he asked, "You, which hand of yours… touched my woman?"

The sister couldn't straighten her body out of sheer fear, only somewhat managing to support her violently-trembling body with her hands gripping onto the plastic film on her lower body. She looked up and met Lu Jinnan's vicious gaze, suddenly feeling like she had plunged into h.e.l.l straight from heaven, not a shred of color visible on her face.

The brother, on the other hand, saw a glimpse of hope. He exclaimed in an almost shrill voice, "Left hand! Left hand! She's left-handed!"

The corners of Lu Jinnan's lips turned up, the baseball bat lightly landing on the sister's left hand. The sister didn't even have the energy to retract her hand, tears flooding down her cheeks. She meekly asked, "Then… after you break a hand of mine, can you… can you let me off?"

Lu Jinnan looked at his subordinate inside. "Bring in two knives, then free the brother!"

Lu Jinnan then removed the baseball bat from the sister's hand. The sister heaved a sigh of relief and slumped onto the ground, her face full of tears and her stomach twitching violently.

After the knives were brought in, Lu Jinnan stood by the side as he had the brother freed.

With a completely unconcerned look on his face, he said, "Weren't you pus.h.i.+ng each other to die just now? You may begin…"

The two of them stared at each other, as if they were grabbing onto the last life-saving straw, a knife tightly gripped in each of their hands.

After G.o.d knows how long, when Lu Jinnan exited from that place, there was the striking color of blood splattered across his s.h.i.+rt, giving him a creepy and sinister feel.

He casually tossed aside the baseball bat in his hands and lit up a cigarette. He took in a deep breath, then exhaled white fumes, a coldness in his unfathomably deep eyes.

After Lu Jinnan was done with his cigarette, he casually threw the cigarette b.u.t.t away, sparks bouncing off from it as he instructed the man standing guard outside in an indifferent voice, "After you're done dealing with this…"

Lu Jinnan's hands were unbelievably clean despite just coming out from that blood-splattered place…

Human nature, from what Lu Jinnan could tell, was ridiculously laughable.