An Lin was baffled momentarily upon seeing the Star Beast's reaction.

He looked down at his own hands to find that they weren't even camouflaged!

"How dare you disregard the existence of my master!" Xue Zhantian slapped the Star Beast across the face.


Xue Zhantian roared with rage. "You insolent fool, my master is standing right before you!"

The Star Beast rubbed its face with its feeler as a confused expression appeared on its face before it flared up with rage. "Bullsh*t! There's nothing there!"


Xue Zhantian rewarded the Star Beast with another slap. "You really are the epitome of insolence! How dare you refer to my master as nothing!"

An Lin: "…"

"You…" The Star Beast's eyes widened as its golden body rose and fell in rage.

It felt like it was being bullied!

"What… you wanna fight again?" Xue Zhantian threatened.

The Star Beast's expression immediately became downcast. Alright, it was definitely being bullied now.


Another slap landed on the Star Beast's face.

The Star Beast stared up with a blank expression at Xue Zhantian.

Xue Zhantian raised its two wings in the air to demonstrate its innocence. "It really wasn't me this time! It was my master!"

The Star Beast was on the brink of tears. "There's no one else here! You can't treat me like a stupid c*nt even if you derive joy from slapping me…"


Another loud slap landed on the Star Beast's face.

It stared at Xue Zhantian, who had its wings raised in the air, and it really was dumbstruck this time.

It wasn't him!

What the f*ck!

An Lin was astonished upon seeing this.

This feeling of being able to slap someone without fear of consequence… It was so wonderful!

The star's expression of shock did not seem to be an act, which meant that it really was unable to see him!

This Illusionary Star Robe was even more effective than an invisibility robe to Star Beasts! Not only could it hide him from view, but it could also conceal his presence and mute any sounds he made! In the Star Beasts' eyes, he had essentially disappeared into thin air!

Xue Zhantian also sensed that something was amiss, and it stared at An Lin with longing in its big, round eyes.

An invisibility cloak that could allow him to slap stars without fear of retaliation—he wanted it too!

An Lin made his way toward Xue Zhantian with a smile on his face. "Do you want to go in front of me or behind me?"

Blue ripples flashed through Xue Zhantian's big, round eyes while his white fur stood up on end. "What are you doing? No! I won't accept it! You can't do this to me!"

An Lin: "What the h.e.l.l are you thinking? I'm just saying you should hide under the cloak too!"

Xue Zhantian faltered slightly upon hearing this before heaving a sigh of relief. "I thought Master was some sort of sick, deranged freak."

An Lin's chest constricted, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. "So what were you thinking just then?"

"I'll go in front." Xue Zhantian skirted around An Lin's question.

An Lin pursed his lips before making s.p.a.ce for Xue Zhantian in front of him, making him appear as if he were a pregnant woman!

Meanwhile, the star looked like it had just seen a ghost. The white ball just disappeared right before its very eyes!

An Lin was just about to leave when Xue Zhantian's voice sounded again, "Wait!"

"What is it?" An Lin asked.

"Get closer to that star for a moment," Xue Zhantian instructed.

An Lin: "…"

Just as the star was rooted to the spot in shock, it was slapped across the face again.


The star's mouth gaped open in shock and pain as it stroked its red and bruised face.

The stinging pain, the sense of humiliation, the overwhelming confusion and indignation…

"Waah… What did I do to deserve this!?"

All these emotions finally pushed it over the edge as the star erupted in tears.

At the same time, Xue Zhantian was chortling gleefully in An Lin's arms. "Hahaha… That stupid star is hilarious; it's so dumb! Hahaha…"

An Lin rolled his eyes before flying toward the summit of the Huge Starry Mountain.

"Slapping little stars is so satisfying!" Xue Zhantian's laughter finally subsided as he savored the lingering feeling of his wing slapping the star.

An Lin didn't want to speak with him, in fear that his idiocy was contagious.

The Huge Starry Mountain was extremely tall, and An Lin saw many Star Beasts below as he continued toward its summit.

However, none of them detected An Lin's presence. All of them were just perplexed by the gust of spontaneous wind which blew by, but they didn't think too much of it.

Ten thousand feet, thirty thousand feet, a hundred thousand feet…

The population density of Star Beasts increased as he continued up the mountain.

An Lin also saw some cave-dwelling Star Beasts, as well as some Star Beasts who were starbathing atop steep cliffs.

Two hundred thousand feet, three hundred thousand feet, five hundred thousand feet…

This was the tallest mountain An Lin had ever scaled.

After reaching the five hundred thousand feet mark, he finally saw the summit, along with several hundred Star Beasts.

They were milling around at the summit of the mountain like a bunch of walking stars, and even the light emanating from their bodies seemed to be brighter than that of the star they had just met.

He was ecstatic upon discovering a huge tree that was over a thousand feet tall as well as the Stardust Fruit hanging off the tree!

There was no mistaking it, the Stardust Fruit was exactly the same as the one he had seen in the images!

The Stardust Fruit was around the size of Xue Zhantian, and it pulsed with an extremely dazzling light, as if it were a star hanging off the tree!

What was even more pleasing to An Lin was that there was not just one Stardust Fruit, but instead three in total!


He could give one to Emperor Ziwei and keep two for himself…

There were many Star Beasts starbathing around the Stardust Fruit tree while absorbing the star energy in the air.

There were also some Star Beasts appraising the Stardust Fruit with scorching desire as drool rolled down the corners of their mouths.

However, right at this moment, a Stardust Fruit suddenly disappeared before everyone's eyes…

All the Star Beasts faltered before rubbing their eyes and looking up at the Stardust Tree again, only to find that another Stardust Fruit had disappeared, leaving only one left.

"Tr… Tr… Tribe Leader, something's wrong!" some Star Beasts began to yell in panic.

A burly star glowing with an extremely bright golden light appeared before asking in a slow voice, "What is it?"

"Please look at the Stardust Tree; the Stardust Fruits on it have suddenly disappeared!" a Star Beast exclaimed in a panicked voice.

"Haha… Are you drunk, Gordon? How could the Stardust Fruits just disappear out of the blue…" The Tribe Leader chuckled before turning its eyes on the Stardust Tree.

The smile on its face then slowly congealed before disappearing altogether.

The Stardust Tree was completely bare with no signs of the three Stardust Fruits that had been hanging off it…

"What… what happened?"

The Tribe Leader's eyes widened with shock and disbelief.

A moment later, it began to yell in a panicked voice, "Enemy invasion! Our holy fruits have been stolen! Don't let the thieves get away!"