Five Elements spirit beast

The Heaven Realm Mountain.

Although they could be directly sent to the Heaven Realm Mountain through the transfer channel of the royal.

However, the destination of the teleportation would be different depending on the batch. Moreover, even if they were transported in the same batch, it was possible that there would be a deviation in the location. However, this deviation was not big and could be controlled within a range of tens of kilometers.

However, Lin Feng's group was completely different after entering the Heaven Realm Mountain.

"This... How could this be? "

In the Heaven Realm Mountain, Lin Feng, who had just been teleported here, did not unconsciously frown.

According to normal circ.u.mstances, Lin Feng and his group would enter the same transfer channel at the same time. Even if they were teleported to the same place in the Heaven Realm Mountain, there wouldn't be much difference.

Even if it was the furthest distance, it wouldn't exceed tens of kilometers.

But now, even though he was able to cover hundreds of kilometers of the spiritual consciousness, he was completely unable to find any trace of Bai Yu and the rest under the cover of the spiritual consciousness.

He could be sure that the distance between him and Bai Yu's group being teleported must be very, very wide.

"I wonder how Bai Yu and the rest are doing now?"

"It must be the work of that ninth prince of royal."

Lin Feng recalled the matter of the Ninth Prince whispering in front of the transfer channel s and royal powerhouse s and quickly came to a decision.

If the Ninth Prince and the Nine Prefectures weren't up to mischief, this situation would definitely not have happened. After all, the probability of the teleportation going wrong was not even one in ten thousand, it was basically impossible to have gone wrong.

"With the Ninth Prince's personality, he definitely wouldn't be in such a hurry to attack Bai Yu. The only possibility is …"

"This is great, it can save me a lot of trouble!"

Withdrawing his thoughts, Lin Feng walked forward with large strides.

As he walked, he stared at the Heaven's Expanse Mountain before him and started scrutinizing it.

It was worthy of being called the Heavenly Mystery Realm Mountain of the Four Great Sacred Grounds. When placed within it, one could very clearly feel the density of the spiritual energy.

Be it the heaven and earth spiritual energy or the five elements spiritual energy, they were both more than ten times more vast than Kun Xu. In such an environment, one would be able to see a few immortal medicine almost every so often. As for common sage herb, there were even more. In addition, the level of the beasts here was much higher than that of Kunxu, and so was their cultivation base.

Although almost all of the experts from the younger generation had already entered the Heaven Realm Mountain, compared to the vastness of the Heaven Realm Mountain, so many people didn't mean much to them.

So much so that even though Lin Feng's footsteps were fast on the road, he was only able to walk under the enveloping of the spiritual consciousness and would occasionally encounter some kunqi-deficiency that allowed him to enter the Heaven Realm Mountain.

"According to the legends of the Heaven's Realm Mountain, that sect should be located in a chain of mountains to the north."

"I'm quite curious. What kind of Immortal Cultivation Sect would be able to occupy such a large mountain range?"

Lin Feng muttered to himself as he walked towards the north.

The entire Heaven Realm Mountain range was filled with treasures, and it was said that besides the cultivation sect, there were also many other small sect ruins. Relatively speaking, there was a higher chance of treasure appearing in the ruins of the most powerful cultivation sect on such a mountain.

Not only that, if one was able to enter the Ancient Era's Immortal Pond and obtain some sort of inheritance, their cultivation would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

It was just that, unlike the other Immortal Cultivator, who still coveted the Cultivation Technique of a cultivation sect like this, all Lin Feng needed were just immortal treasure. After all, in his past life, he had truly grasped far too many Cultivation Technique s, and they were all the most powerful Cultivation Technique s in the starry sky.

To the extent that there were very few other Cultivation Technique s that could truly move it.

Unless they wanted to enter the most mysterious forbidden region in the starry sky, the Holy Ruins.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …

Lin Feng's footsteps were very fast, as he released the spiritual consciousness, covering a radius of hundreds of kilometers, he followed the process of the spiritual consciousness's enveloping as he continued to walk.

One hour, four hours.

Six hours, eight hours.

Five hours.

While searching, time pa.s.sed quickly.

Unknowingly, a full five hours had already pa.s.sed.

In this period of time, Lin Feng did not discover any immortal treasure, nor did he discover any cave left behind by the Immortals.

Along the way, they met quite a few fierce beasts, however, most of their realms were not high. Other than a few vicious beasts with extremely high Yuan baby successfully, there was also a fierce beast that had stepped into the subconscious state.

However, even though this fierce beast had already stepped into the distraction, it was only at the early stage of the distraction. It was still far from reaching the level of which Lin Feng and small success were at.

Therefore, when Lin Feng released his powerful aura, all of these fierce beasts retreated. Not only that, during the process of Lin Feng releasing his powerful aura without reservation, he did not encounter any more fierce beasts.

It was as if all the fierce beasts that were originally at Lin Feng's location had been released by this powerful aura and had all escaped before Lin Feng could even arrive.

"After coming here, although most of the Fierce Beasts that we met had low realms, there was no lack of Fierce Beasts in the fifth row."

"If their animal core s are used to refine their flesh, it can greatly increase their Body Level."

With just a thought, Lin Feng retracted all the powerful auras that he had been releasing.

Now that the aura was gone, the sense of power that he had felt suddenly vanished.

Relying solely on his realm's perception, he was completely unable to feel any difference between Lin Feng and the ordinary Immortal Cultivator.

After withdrawing his aura, Lin Feng maintained the same speed as before.

"What's going on?"

"The powerful aura has clearly been retracted, so why is there still no berserk beast appearing?"

After walking for about 10 kilometers, Lin Feng stopped in shock.

He had originally thought that after retracting his aura, he would very soon encounter berserk beasts. Unexpectedly, after an entire hour had pa.s.sed, there were still no berserk beasts wherever he went, even if there were only one.

"I wonder what is going on?"

After careful consideration, and not being able to figure out the problem, Lin Feng could only helplessly retract his train of thought and continue moving forward.

"Roar!" "Roar! Roar! Roar!"

They continued to move forward. After a distance of less than 10 kilometers, the sounds of roaring could be heard coming from close to them.


Immediately afterwards, the ground began to shake violently in such a large area. In his trance, he could still feel a kind of swaying.

It was as if thousands of horses were galloping over.

In the span of a moment, the One Heaven and Earth was like a tornado as it swept up dust that blotted out the sky, making it impossible to see one's fingers in front of him.

"No wonder after taking back the powerful aura that was emitted, there were still no berserk beasts. So there's actually such a King of Fierce Beasts here."

"Even though it's only the realm of the initial distraction, it's possible to a certain extent that it's comparable to distraction."

"But unfortunately, with my current strength and distraction, I am not afraid of any experts. Not to mention that you can only be comparable to small success to a certain extent, even if you are truly at the distraction realm, it would be useless. "

Although the fierce beasts had yet to attack, just this kind of rus.h.i.+ng aura was enough for Lin Feng to feel the strength of his realm.

At the same time as he felt the strength of the berserk beasts, Lin Feng also felt a dense aura of a five elements spiritual energy.

Its gigantic body of ferocious beasts stopped several hundred meters away from Lin Feng.

As the vicious beast's galloping footsteps came to a halt, the dust that filled the air began to slowly dissipate.

A moment later, the dust completely dissipated and a fierce beast clearly appeared in front of Lin Feng.

It was a strange looking beast. It had a golden head, a yellow body, a blue tail, four green limbs, and two wings that were entirely fiery red on both sides of its body.

The entire body of the fierce beast could not be considered to be large. It was only about the same size as an ordinary mature Northeast Tiger. However, its body had five different colors. The dangerous aura that it emitted was incomparably terrifying. He could feel the unstoppable sharpness of the beast's head, the toughness of its body, the boundless vitality in its four limbs, and the healing power in its tail. As for the fiery red wings on its body, they were as hot as fire.

In this instant, as the fierce beasts' appearances became clear, the auras of the five elements spiritual energy that were originally charging towards them became even stronger.

Following that, even the entire great One Heaven and Earth was completely flooded.

"I didn't expect that in less than a day, I would actually encounter a ferocious beast of the five elements, spirit beast!"

Lin Feng's words were filled with uncontrollable excitement.

There were many types of berserk beasts, but very few of them possessed different five elements. There were even fewer of them who possessed both of the five elements. As for those who had five different elements at the same time, it could be said that they were extremely rare. Every single one of them was as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns.

"It's a pity that the level of this Five Elements spirit beast is still too low, it's only at the level of a Superior Grade spirit beast. If it could step into the divine beast rank, then even a Inferior Grade Divine Beast would be able to refine its flesh and use it to refine its body."

Excited, Lin Feng sighed with regret.

There were not a single berserk beast with five attributes of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth at the same time. Other than the animal core being the most valuable treasure for tempering the body, flesh and blood was also a precious treasure for tempering the body. However, it required the level of a vicious beast to reach the divine beast level in order for it to be effective.

"I never thought that I would actually meet a Immortal Cultivator whose body is cultivated to the peak of the Peak Nascent Soul."

"Your body of flesh and blood is not bad at all. Once the true body absorbs and absorbs your flesh and blood, you will be able to reach the realm of and Ascendant."

When the eyes of the Five Way spirit beast fell on Lin Feng, it was filled with thick greed.

As a Five Elements spirit beast, its sense of smell was the most sensitive to five elements spiritual energy. From when Lin Feng was approaching the territory, dozens of kilometers away, it had already sensed a very strong smell of five elements spiritual energy.

Through this aura, it could clearly sniff out Lin Feng's Body Level. Even though it did not know why Lin Feng's body would have such a dense five elements spiritual energy's aura, as long as his body reached the limit of his Peak Nascent Soul, that would be enough.


The Five Way spirit beast opened its mouth wide and engulfed Lin Feng.

It only thought that, by relying on its own realm, it could easily devour Lin Feng.

But how would he know that with the support of indestructible body of five elements and Art of Creation, Lin Feng's current strength was already equivalent to that of the distraction realm?

"You overestimate yourself!"

Lin Feng laughed in disdain.

However, just as he was about to make his move and kill such a Five Elements spirit beast, a clear and melodious roar rang out like that of an oriole.

"Insolent fierce beast, don't be so presumptuous!"

Although the voice was clear, it contained a overflowing killing intent.

At the same time, a seemingly weak sword strike that contained extremely strong Heavenly Daos.