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I took my time getting us both out of the car. Zola was tall with those sexy long legs, but she had a small, curvy frame. I could lift her just right and fuck the shit out of her.

Come on. You’re supposed to be back in bodyguard mode.

I tried to tell my cock that, but he didn’t get the memo.

Baptiste stepped to my side, holding a thick file in his hand. He grabbed Zola’s purse when I left the car.

“How close do you want me to her?” Baptiste asked.

“Not that close. She shouldn’t even know you’re around half the time.”

“We’re looking into her team more too. I already have a file on them.” He held it up in one hand and held the purse in the other. “We have eyes on everyone as well.”

“Good. Keep someone in front each person’s house. Have them followed until I’m more relaxed. Also, I want someone to go back for the last three months and get me every paparazzi picture of Zola. Check for any of the same people in the background.”

Taking a look around, I entered the hotel and went straight for the elevator.

Baptiste hit the button. “She’s beautiful.”

“It’s not your job to notice.”

“You pay me to assess the situations.”

“Assessing that she’s gorgeous is too simple for your skills. Use them for larger scale things.”

The door opened.

We stepped on it.

Baptiste smirked. “You’re also a bit possessive of her.”

“What gave that away?”

“The maddening grip you have on her right now. You look like you never want to put her down.”

“I don’t need to be assessed.”

“No one can be trusted.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Not even me?”

“Not even you. I’m here to do my job.” He winked at me. “I’m suspicious of everyone.”

“Very funny.”

“We need this done quick.”

“I agree.”

“And you’ll help me with the other thing?” Baptiste asked.

I groaned.

“Have you at least read my funeral instructions?”

“I’m not killing you.”

Silence filled the elevator.

Baptiste ended the quiet. “Zola is the one you always send bright pink roses to. I just realized it.”

“You didn’t. You know that I have a small…obsession for her.”

“One that you think is dirty.”

“I’ve never said that.”

“But you do.” Baptiste shrugged. “She’s not your sister by blood.”

“I know.”

“What I’m trying to say to you is this.” Baptiste looked my way. “Have some fun, Hunter. After Nakita…” Baptiste turned back to the elevator doors. “Never mind… Just don’t hide your feelings. And never be afraid when you love. It’s the worst way to live.”

I’m trying.

I thought of Nakita and sighed. “Thank you for the advice.”

“Always.” He nodded at me. “I’m here to do anything I can. I want this completed.” Baptiste had said those last words with a sense of urgency. “I have things that you need to do, Hunter. Again, did you read my instructions?”

Unease filled my chest. “We just buried Nakita. Some guy’s stalking Zola, and you want me to spend my free time reading the death wishes of my best friend?”

“It’s all how you look at it.”

The elevator doors opened.

We left and made it to the hotel suite.

When we entered, I didn’t take Zola to her room. Instead, I took her to my suite. Baptiste eyed me as he opened the door but was smart enough to say nothing else. I lay her on my bed, happy with myself for the first time today.

Baptiste held Zola’s purse.

I gestured behind me. “Just put it over there.”

Baptiste shook his head and placed the purse on the nightstand instead. “No man, you can’t put a woman’s purse on the floor.”

“Why not?”

“She’ll go broke.” Baptiste knocked on wood and left the suite.

I followed. “How the fuck can you remember all of this stuff?”

“Because it lives in my head.”

We did a sweep of the suite and then returned to the living room to go over tomorrow’s schedule.

Baptiste had only found one problem. He spotted a mirror, turned right, saw the other mirror across from it, and cursed. “Why would someone do this?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Do what?”

Baptiste hurried and removed one of the mirrors and then lay it on the floor. “You’re not supposed to place two mirrors opposite of each other. It opens up a doorway to the devil.”

“Well, we don’t want that.”


“Can we get back to reality?” I asked. “We have a lot to discuss.”

Zola would be doing a video shoot on Trigger’s new song. I wasn’t excited about seeing the asshole again. If he didn’t behave himself, I would break more fingers.

I caught Baptiste up on this evening’s events and my suspicions of all the people around Zola. He promised to go to the site earlier and scope the place out. We’d have more men there, before the video shoot began. They’d linger to the side and keep their eyes out.

“She works with Trigger tomorrow.” I frowned. “Let’s hope he behaves.”

“I could get a bullet in his head without anyone noticing.”