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I lapped at her skin and then took her mouth. “I missed you.”

The sweet humor in her voice shifted to sensuality. “I missed you too, every inch, every part. It was like you took me with you, when you left. Don’t do it again.”

“I won’t. How did I think I could ever deny myself from loving you?” I captured her mouth, hating myself for letting so much time slip between us. “I won’t run from you again.”

Her words were breathless. “I won’t let you.”

“And what will we do about York and your mother?”

She shook her head. “I would like to handle one crazy person at a time.”

“They’re not crazy.”

“They are.”

“Hmmm.” I took in her lips again, knowing that it didn’t matter what our family thought. She would be mine forever. She’d confessed it. She’d come to me, small and strong, fragile and determined. I was big enough to push her away. I had the guns and the stubbornness to keep Zola away from my heart and cock.

But how could I keep her away from something that was hers?

In the end, I needed her. More than breath. More than water. More than the time already slipping away from us as we kissed. In that moment and every moment since, I’d needed her to take away the emptiness. The holes that had been cut out of my heart, my soul. The burns that had placed on my body. By the world. By my mother.

From the first time I met Zola until this moment now, she filled the void. She gave me love. She wrapped her heart around me, reviving my own heart, making it beat when it was ready to stay silent.

And so, I had to take her on the bed, and she’d definitely been willing to give.

Her body had me. Her soul trapped me. Once this stalker was out of our lives, there’d be no looking back for her or me. I just had to fix this mess, and it was due to pure selfishness that I hadn’t found the stalker yet. In this moment, I should’ve been out in the streets looking for the sicko. Instead, I had Zola wrapped in my arms, unable to let her go.

I knew better.

But my cock didn’t want to listen to my brain. I pulled off my big shirt she’d been wearing, revealing that milk chocolate frame underneath.

I grunted. “Damn it, Zola.”

She touched the top of my jeans and unzipped them. “I wish you were the first one that fucked me.”

“Me too.” I licked my lips as she pulled my cock out of my jeans, not even pushing the denim away.

“I wanted you to take my virginity.”

My body set on fire from the confession.

“The first time I touched myself, I thought of you.”

My cock jerked in my boxer briefs. “Goddamn it.”

“You would come back home in your military gear looking all strong and like some action hero.”

“Tell me more.” I sucked on her bottom lip and then lowered to her nipples. She moaned. I lapped at the point of the nipple. “And what did you do?”

“I would sneak and watch you in the shower. You never locked the door.”

“I never knew I had a stalker.”

“You did.” She bit her bottom lip. “Your cock was the first one I’d ever seen.”

I grunted.

“Which sucks that yours were the first one. I spent several years thinking that all men had big fat ones.”

Due to her admissions, I didn’t know if she would be able to walk by the time I was through with her today.

“Seeing your cock…the first time…as you washed in the shower…it made me so wet. I had these little panties on—”

I had my mouth on hers before she could finish. The whole time I dipped my tongue in her mouth, she stroked my cock.

I was glad she’d never stepped into that bathroom as I showered long ago. There was no doubt that I was probably in there, standing under freezing cold water and doing my best to not think of her.

She pulled away from me.

I almost roared.

She whispered, “I want to ride your cock right now.”

Pleased with the idea, my cock jerked in her hand. Pre-cum spilled out the tip.

She licked her lips. “I think that’s a yes.”

“A hell yes, if we’re being official.”

Desire glowed in those beautiful brown eyes. She moved away. I rolled over and lay on my back. And she straddled me, for once, I lost my breath. Those beautiful big breasts jiggled, and I knew I’d died and gone to heaven.

“This will be a mistake.” I rubbed my cock against her center and groaned. “If you bounce on my cock just right, I may not ever let you leave this suite. Already, I’m trying to think of ways to keep you away from everyone else.”

She slowly slipped her pussy against my length, dragging out a deep moan from me. “I might not let you leave.”