lost for you (lost 2)-Page 18

Soon enough, the train starts moving, and the rattle of metal against metal soothing as the train picks up speed and leaves the city behind. I grab Elle’s hand and entwine our fingers, placing them in her lap. My thumb starts its automatic rhythm, stroking across her knuckles, tracing circles on the soft skin, fantasizing that my hands were somewhere else, caressing her.

The dark night welcomes us as the train reaches ground level, the passing countryside whooshing past. The train remains bright, the fluorescent lights illuminating the whole car. I stand up, shrugging off my coat before taking my seat and placing the coat over Elle’s lap. She looks over at me, eyes full of confusion, until she feels the palm of my hand touch her knee under the coat, then slowly inch my way up her parted thighs. I turn towards her, leaning in to kiss her bare shoulder, raising my eyes to hers as she gasps at the first touch of my fingers to her core through her silk panties. I watch her eyes flare as the sensations take hold of her and I move her panties to the side.

I smile against her neck as I start licking and nipping her skin, unable to get enough of this gorgeous girl of mine. The vibrations of the train carriage match my fingers as they flick across her sensitive center. My fingers become slick as I move them. Elle moves her hand underneath the coat, searching for my hard length that she knows is waiting for her. She moulds the shape of it through my jeans, her simple touch enough to make me shudder. Not wasting any more time, she unclasps the top button and unzips me, pushing her hand inside my boxers and wrapping her fingers firmly around my shaft. Just feeling her grip on me is almost enough.

I feel like a god damn teenager.

Slipping one finger inside of her, I feel her grip me from inside. Her warm heat smothers my hand as my palm rubs up against her with every thrust. She speeds up her strokes on me, flicking the pad of her thumb against my tip, and sending a ripple through my whole body. Adding another finger, I feel her clench around me, and know she’s getting close. Her free hand grabs my head, pulling it towards her as our mouths clash and our tongues stroke against each other with unbridled hunger as we both soar towards the edge. I hear a man cough from the front of the train. I look over at Elle, and her eyes are full of amusement right up until I stroke her inner wall. Her eyes suddenly close, and her face is a picture of pleasure.

We’re in our own little world now, not caring that we’re in public, in a train car, with other passengers nearby. It’s just us, giving each other the release we’ve been craving all day long. I pull my mouth away slightly, murmuring against her lips, “You feel so good, baby. God, I wish I could be inside you right now.”

“Soon….baby….. ahh,” she spits out before attacking my mouth, stifling her cries as she climaxes under my touch. It gets too much for me, and I’m soon following her over, falling apart as she strokes me.

“Damn,” I say, resting my head back against the seat after attempting to tidy ourselves up, something I definitely won’t be able to do until I’m back at home and showered. Elle leans over, resting her head on my shoulder as I wrap my arm around her.

“I can’t believe we did that,” she says quietly.

“I can. Sweetheart, you astound me, every time. It just keeps getting better.”

“You’ve got the rest of your life to get used to it, Brax.”

“Damn right I do,” I growl.

Elle has agreed to be my wife, and I can’t wait to start our new life together.

With Shay and Devon working with me, nothing could be better.

I saw Elise and that boyfriend of hers leave their apartment just after nine this morning. They looked like they didn’t have a care in the world. I haven’t seen Elise that happy before; she had the biggest smile on her face. I want to make her that happy, but know that it’s impossible.

What I have to do to her will not make her happy. It will destroy her, then destroy me in the process, but it’s my life’s mission. I’ve never not finished a job. I was promised a lot of money to kill Elle’s father, but I wanted to kill the whole damn lot of them. I got trigger happy, what can I say?

The man who ordered the hit insisted that I only kill Benjamin. He said that it would be enough to drive the company’s value up. He never contacted me after the murders, not once. In fact, all he told me was that his name was Vic. He was owed a ton of money, and there was no way it was going to get repaid without the father being killed, so I took it upon myself to kill the whole damn family.

Call it killing for sport.

The next day, it was all over the papers that Elise had survived, and I knew I had to finish the job somehow. It has haunted me ever since. My head has been filled with Elise, and how I can claim her; end her life, and fulfill my mission.

How I can finally get some peace.

I grab my gun from the car’s center console, stroking the cold hard steel as I grip it tightly, my nails biting into my flesh, and my knuckles turning white. I remember what it felt like to hold the barrel against her father’s head, watching the bullet fire straight into him. The exhilaration I felt, the rush I got from ending someone’s life consuming me.

Our time has come. I’ve watched and waited for too long. It’s now or never. The next chance I get, I’m going to take it. I f**ked up my last chance. If that friend of hers hadn’t tackled me into the wall, I would have been able to take the final shot.

But I know the end is near. Elle’s time has finally come, and that boyfriend of hers can go down with her. Whatever the f**king cost, they’re going to take their last breath because of me.

And I can’t f**king wait.


We got home around 8.30 p.m. last night and immediately jumped in the shower. Brax was apparently a bit messy after our train ride. I honestly couldn’t stop giggling at him as he winced and grumbled about feeling like a ‘bloody teenager’.

I can’t stop looking at the sparking ring on my left hand. It’s gorgeous, not totally over the top, but beautiful, elegant, and totally something I would choose. I can’t believe that, at twenty years of age, I’m engaged, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing I miss is having the opportunity for my father to walk me down the aisle, and my mother and sister there with me.

Picking up the phone, I dial Aunt Sylvia’s number, having asked Brax earlier if he minded me ringing her and telling her our engagement news.

“Hello?” she answers.

“Aunt Sylvie, its Elle. How are you?” I ask happily.