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    crossing the mirage:passing through youth
    • crossing the mirage:passing through youth

    • Author :B S Murthy
    • RomanceOthers
    • Set in the dunes of Chandra's self-perceived ugliness, Prema's ailment of love and Nithya's plight by jilt, this novel unfolds the possibilities of life in the oasis of time - of self-discovery, retribution and atonement - even as poetic justice catches up Sathya and Vasu gets his just deserts.
    romancing the tree hugger
    • romancing the tree hugger

    • Author :Linda Louise Rigsbee
    • RomanceOthers
    • Mary Jo wanted to save the forest and the critters in it. Barrett Monroe was a timber man. There was only one way they could find common ground, and that was to join forces fighting the drug dealers who had set up business in Pa's forest.