brand blotters
    • brand blotters

    • Author :William MacLeod Raine
    • Romance
    • Accused of murder, a young man is pursued across the Arizona deserts, but finds refuge at the Bar Double G ranch at the invitation of the owner's daughter, Melissy. Melissy knows his secrets but vows to keep them in this romantic adventure of the Old West.
    child of storm
    • child of storm

    • Author :Henry Rider Haggard
    • Romance
    • Allen Quatermain is back, in Zululand, Africa. Attracted to Mameena, Child of the Storm, Quatermain does not trust her. And when she pleads guilty to witchcraft, who can blame him? The punishment is death, but Mameena has one last wish that Allen must contend with.
    capitolas peril
    • capitolas peril

    • Author :Mrs. E.D.E.N. Southworth
    • Romance
    • Ride horseback in a thunderstorm? Visit a haunted house? Outsmart an outlaw? Capitola Black is up to the task in this third installment of E.D.E.N. Southworth's Hidden Hand series. War, lunatics and ghosts populate her path, but Black Cap can deal with all of that. But will her spirited nature help her as much in matters of love?
    cemetery street
    • cemetery street

    • Author :John Zunski
    • Romance
    • In a world of presumptuous people, irony is alive and well, concludes James Morrison, the narrator of this touching coming of age novel. A view Shannie Ortolan - James' longtime friend, sometimes lover, and fulltime obsession - wouldn't argue. From their first encounter as teenagers until Shannie's death, experience the twists, turns and enthralling characters that populate Cemetery Street.
    • fate

    • Author :Gillian Gai Hollingsworth
    • Romance
    • Ethan Holt is literally swept off his feet when a beauty saves him from death. The next two weeks sees a hot/cold relationship develop between Ethan and his amnesiac rescuer. He feels beholden; she's fearful of her past. Facing a crisis from her past Zoe finds herself and Ethan and Zoe find each other.
    • cybercop

    • Author :Suzanne Jane Martin
    • Romance
    • A love story, with a few twists. Starke is a cop, who is mourning the loss of his wife, and has shut himself off from his job and his life - until one day, while surfing in and out of chat rooms, a message comes across his screen which not only gets his attention, but leads him to his new love.
    a daughter of fife
    • a daughter of fife

    • Author :Amelia Edith Barr
    • Romance
    • Maggie, a simple Scottish fisher-girl, finds herself pursued by a passionate young artist in this romantic story. While Maggie breaks with the family fishing tradition with Allen, her brother David also leaves the nets behind for a very different career. The next generation will be different.
    atma - a romance
    • atma - a romance

    • Author :Caroline Augusta Frazer
    • Romance
    • Soaring poetry and exotic Indian locations create a dramatic setting for this story of the Sikhs struggles in the 1840s. Atma Singh must try to regain the sapphire of fate and the honor of his people in this historical novel touched with adventure and romance.
    • confession

    • Author :William Gilmore Simms
    • Romance
    • Edward Clifford has a passionate love for his wife, Julia, yet he suspects her of entertaining the affections of a visitor, William Edgarton. Edgarton is indeed pressing himself upon Julia, but Edward's suspicions are, for Julia's part, more in his mind than in reality.
    the awakening of helena richie
    • the awakening of helena richie

    • Author :Margaret Deland
    • Romance
    • First published in serial form, The Awakening of Helena Richie features Deland's fictional 19th century village of Old Chester, Pennsylvania. Helena must fight for love amidst a tangle of marriage, divorce, and family secrets.
    the amulet
    • the amulet

    • Author :Hendrik Conscience
    • Romance
    • Ships overflowing with the riches of the world fill the ports of 16th century Antwerp, and provide endless temptation. The action includes an assassination gone wrong, crimes hidden and discovered, and the wooing of a beautiful young woman. Evildoers beware; the righteous have the upper hand in this historical romance novel.
    far from the madding crowd
    • far from the madding crowd

    • Author :Thomas Hardy
    • Romance
    • Gabriel Oak, a shepherd, falls in love with Bathsheba, a vain young beauty who refuses to give up her independence to marry him and she moves away. Years later he finds her again and becomes a victim of unrequited love as Bathsheba moves through life with several eligible suitors.
    the forest lovers
    • the forest lovers

    • Author :Maurice Henry Hewlett
    • Romance
    • A romance of medieval times told through the lens of the dreamworld, The Forest Lovers is the story of an overwhelming love. Isoult, an innocent young woman living in the faery world, tries in vain to hide her love for the worldly Prosper.
    agent for a cause
    • agent for a cause

    • Author :Guy Stanton III
    • Romance
    • Book 2 - Agents for Good Series She was amazing and he loved to touch her with his eyes, but that was as far as their relationship could ever go, because if she ever learned of what a cold blooded killer he was she would hate him.