journey into the deep
    • journey into the deep

    • Author :Guy Stanton III
    • Romance
    • Book 1 - Water Wars Series In a dusty attic there lies the means by which to access an-other world. A sunken world long unvisited by man. There is a choice to be made between good and evil, a choice that could alter the very existence of mankind, as it did once before.
    mountains of dawn
    • mountains of dawn

    • Author :Rene Natan
    • Romance
    • Pack and leave are the words that twenty-two year old Tanya Caldwell, orphaned at the age of six, heard many times as she wandered from foster home to foster home. After she narrowly escapes two murder attempts, she hides in the hills of the Italian Riviera. She has just found peace, inspiration for her paintings, and romance when those responsible for her parents’ death surface again.
    wolf wood (part one)
    • wolf wood (part one)

    • Author :Michael Edward Dixon
    • Romance
    • Alice de Lambert thought she would die an old maid then she moved from the nunnery to become matron of a local almshouse. Her caring ways brought her into contact with Harald Gascoigne, the loving son of a ferocious family, and her life was changed forever.
    the marble faun volume 1
    • the marble faun volume 1

    • Author :Nathaniel Hawthorne
    • Romance
    • Enter a fantasy world with characters of mythic proportions. Miriam is an otherworldly beauty and a painter. Donatello, the Count of Monti Beni, may be only half human. Along with sculptor Kenyon and copyist Hilda, the quartet takes us on a romantic trip through 19th century Italy.
    night reigns
    • night reigns

    • Author :Dianne Duvall
    • Romance
    • Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians #2)

      Ami isn't much for trusting strangers. She has a hard time trusting anyone. But she's no coward, and she's no pushover in the protection department either. So when she comes across a mysterious warrior taking on eight deranged vampires on his own, she doesn't hesitate to save his bacon. Of course, that was before she realized what one little rescue would get her into . . .

      Marcus Grayden has been an immortal protector of humanity for eight hundred years, and at the moment he's not interested in backup. From the moment Ami arrives in his life, he can't deny that she's strong, smart, and extremely skilled at watching his back. But she's also destroying his protective solitude and stirring desires he can't bear to awaken. After all, whatever her secrets — how can she defeat death itself?

    mademoiselle of monte carlo
    • mademoiselle of monte carlo

    • Author :William Le Queux
    • Romance
    • This thriller brings the mysterious Mademoiselle into contact with a seemingly unstoppable super criminal known only as The Sparrow. The high society world of Mademoiselle may be the unlikely undoing of the underworld operative who has eluded the best detectives in Europe.
    secrets vol. 5
    • secrets vol. 5

    • Author :H.M. Ward
    • Romance
    • Secrets Vol. 5 (Secrets #5)

      The pounding in Anna's heart rings in her ears as she sits naked in the tub. The bath water sloshes around her bare hips, even though she tries to stand without making a sound. All this time, Anna thought someone was following her, but every time she turned around no one was there. The chills that climbed up her spine those few times seemed silly, but not now. Now, they seem horrific.

      Cole is gone, Emma is at work, and Anna is completely alone. A shadow darkens the space under the door. The metallic clink of a hand touching the knob sends Anna out of her mind. Pulse pounding in her ears, Anna has no other option, but to open the bathroom door and come face to face with her stalker.

    shadow of time (a sample)
    • shadow of time (a sample)

    • Author :Jen E. Minkman
    • Romance
    • All Hannah needs is a quiet vacation in Arizona, but fate has something else in store for her. After falling in love with Josh, one of her childhood friends from the Navajo reservation, she is plagued by strange nightmares about the past of Navajo Nation. And why is Josh in those dreams too..?
    the queen of hearts
    • the queen of hearts

    • Author :Wilkie Collins
    • Romance
    • Griffith and his older brothers live a quiet life in an old country house, until Jessie, nearly 21, comes to stay. When Griffith gets word that his son will return from sea to declare his love for Jessie, the brothers spin tales to keep the heiress entertained until the sailor arrives.
    bob hampton of placer
    • bob hampton of placer

    • Author :Randall Parrish
    • Romance
    • An epic of the Old West, Bob Hampton is the story of the redemption of an army officer unjustly accused of a crime. Cornered by hostile Sioux Indians, Hampton and his army comrades must not only fight the Indians, but also defend a girl traveling with them. Bob Hampton may start as the outcast of the group, but if he can rescue the girl, he may save himself as well.
    bandit love
    • bandit love

    • Author :Juanita Savage
    • Romance
    • Savage's signature sultry style brings us a red-headed Irish horsewoman, her English gentleman lover, and a passionate, lawless Spaniard. Their adventures take many a twist and turn on the way to a surprise ending in this stirring romantic adventure story.
    the proverbial war
    • the proverbial war

    • Author :Guy Stanton III
    • Romance
    • Shaking. So much shaking. The sound of metal ripping. No air to breath. Then the fall. It never stops. Only it does. A flutter of conscious awareness followed by moments of extreme horror make it clear that I’ve just arrived in hell.
    elven roses
    • elven roses

    • Author :Brandon Michael Victorian
    • Romance
    • Mericlou, a now-obsolete Alerian model android, befriends and finds love with Aldrec, an elf with many secrets both wondrous and terrible. Meanwhile, unseen forces within Mericlou’s family stoke long dormant fires of intolerance among the respective races of the world.