the covered wagon
    • the covered wagon

    • Author :Emerson Hough
    • Romance
    • Jesse Wingate leads a caravan of covered wagons from Kansas City to Oregon, encountering all the challenges that met real-life travelers on the Oregon Trail. A big challenge is Will Banion, who will fight Jesse for the affections of his daughter and leadership of the caravan.
    brownsmiths boy - a romance in a garden
    • brownsmiths boy - a romance in a garden

    • Author :George Manville Fenn
    • Romance
    • From death new life grows in this story about the young Grant Dennison and his education in the natural world of the garden and the larger, more harrowing, world outside its bounds. When his mother dies, Grant is taken in by a skilled gardener, Old Brownsmith, whose plot of land harbors the usual fruits and vegetables as well as a wild boy Grant longs to understand.
    amanda: a daughter of the mennonites
    • amanda: a daughter of the mennonites

    • Author :Anna Balmer Myers
    • Romance
    • Love can complicate even the simplest of lifestyles. A one-room schoolhouse in early 20th century Amish country seems like a quiet setting for the young schoolteacher, Amanda. But when a friendship turns to romance, Amanda and Martin face the emotional depths that lie beneath the simple life.
    anna the adventuress
    • anna the adventuress

    • Author :E Phillips Oppenheim
    • Romance
    • It's a case of mistaken identity when Annabel Pellissier leads Sir John Ferringhall to believe that she is her sister Anna. Annabel takes on the flirtatious personality of her sister, a deception that becomes very complicated when the sisters both come to live in London.
    the man between
    • the man between

    • Author :Amelia E. Barr
    • Romance
    • The bonds of matrimony come in many forms for Ethel Rawdon and her friends. Ethel sees the future in a band of gold, hoping to be united with her beloved Tyrrel. But for Dora, the marriage ties become suffocating, a trap. Her escape takes her through tragedies and heartbreak and back home again.
    agent in the dark
    • agent in the dark

    • Author :Guy Stanton III
    • Romance
    • Book 4 - Agents for Good Series An unseen entity has risen from the debris of ancient Babel to haunt the world of today. Can it be broken or is the world doomed to the slavery and oppression of one unreasoning thought?
    the professor
    • the professor

    • Author :Charlotte Bronte
    • Romance
    • The hero of the book turns down a clerical job to take a teaching position in Belgium. He becomes entangled with a sensuous, manipulative woman but has affection for another woman who is a teacher and pupil at his school.
    the quest for paradise
    • the quest for paradise

    • Author :Guy Stanton III
    • Romance
    • Book 3 – Water Wars Series A quest for endless power becomes a race by nations to learn the secrets long since buried by the few who rule the surface of the world. Choices beckon that could destroy what has been held so long in secret.
    man up
    • man up

    • Author :Marjai Hlgh & Alm Hlgh
    • Romance
    • Ever wonder why there are some kids men take care of while not their own? Ever wonder why there are so many deadbeat fathers and why and how this cycle continues? Men don’t intentionally decide that one day I’m going to grow up and not take care of my children.
    • beulah

    • Author :Augusta J. Evans
    • Romance
    • A crisis of faith drives Beulah to seek spiritual alternatives to her Christianity. A fiery young woman, Beulah takes her spiritual search to great lengths, looking for the ultimate truth. This truth, for Beulah, cannot be found without also accepting the ultimate emotion, love.
    shades of deception
    • shades of deception

    • Author :Vivienne Diane Neal
    • Romance
    • A collection of ten fictional short stories about how ordinary citizens who are sophisticated, successful and financially smart fall prey to insightful predators that use love, romance, lust and money as embellishments to destroy lives.
    in red
    • in red

    • Author :Monica Euen
    • Romance
    • One quiet, moonlit night, two girls run away from a remote castle. They are terribly scared: they have never been anywhere but in that far-off place and, what's more, the night hides fatal specific dangers for them. So, why have they decided to risk it all... and why now?
    nell of shorne mills
    • nell of shorne mills

    • Author :Charles Garvice
    • Romance
    • The small, rural town of Shorne Mills is not used to strangers. The sudden appearance of an unknown man on horseback changes things in town, and in the life of Nell, who first encounters the man. This romantic novel's alternate title, One Heart's Burden, intimates that strong emotions surely follow the newcomer into town.
    count hannibal
    • count hannibal

    • Author :Stanley John Weyman
    • Romance
    • The ruthless Count Hannibal falls in love with a beautiful noblewoman, Clotilde de Vrillac, in this adventure-packed historical romance. Dueling lovers and escaped prisoners mark the way to the Huguenot lady, in Paris at the Court of Charles IX.